Maharana Pratap 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 1st April 2014 Written Update

Ajab says to phool that please take away me from your trap and i will not help you. Phool says, i know that you have told everything to pratap. Ajab says, no i didnt tell anything to him. Phool says, i will do by anyhow to chakrapani release from pratap’s trap. Chakrapani says, i want to go to toilet, but pratap told the way of toilet inside the fort, then chakrapani says, i am hungry. Pratap says, i will arrange food for you. Phool says to ajab that go and talk to pratap. Pratap says to ajab, where will i get food right now?
Surtan singh says to gohar that i was thinking for you and me. Gohar says, will you please keep quiet, then gohar see the marwar flag and kill the dance teacher.
Phool says, i am seeing that you will do all the work that pratap said you. Phool gives something in chakrapani’s food. Ajab says, what ? you have sent the letter to chakrapani. Pratap gets the letter. Pratap says, you will sleep here in my room. Phool says, i have sent another letter for him. Chakrapani read the letter. Ajab says, phool, what are you doing? Phool says, now its final step and i will win. Phool says, i am going to fort main gate.
Phool and chakrapani waits for chakrapani at main gate. Phool and ajab see a person have wore blanket, its pratap. Pratap says, truth will always win.
Jalim singh and soldiers wait for dance teacher. Jalim singh stops the cart and lady slaps him. jalim singh says, i was waiting for dance teacher and i get slaps. Jalim then stop the cart and gohar asks for bijolia way, then she also slaps him.
Pratap gets ready to go to meet with pandit ji with chakrapani ji. then they see that phool and ajab is also going with them. Phool says to chakrapani that do what will i say. As pratap tries to say something, ajab says, dont fight before going to travel. Mamrat ji says, happy journey to all of them. Chakrapani tries to sit with phool but mamrat ji stops him. Here pratap and chakrapani goes with phool and ajab and gohar and surtan singh takes entry at fort.

Precap:- Gohar ji heard that pratap and phool reaches to fort and gohar says to herself that now i can see you pratap and prepare herself to kill pratap.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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