Maharana Pratap 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap reaches secret place and rawal ji is already there and he asks, what happens, where are you going? Pratap says, i am totally fed up with these girls. Rawal ji then tell, all girls came here for your marriage proposal. JB reaches at temple and sees none of the girls present in temple then she sees ajab dehi and tells uday singh that i selected bride for pratap. Uday singh says, you have taken decision. JB says, we will ask from pratap. Pratap also reaches there and denies for marriage with ajab. Ajab heard all this and she also says that i am also not interested to marry with you. JB says to pratap, go to your room. Ajab also goes from temple. Uday singh says, you have selected bride for pratap but they are fighting with each other. But i am agree with this relation.
Soldier calls uday singh and shows mughal soldier. SOldier also show letter from mughal. Uday singh and rawal ji converse with each other and pratap also reaches there and says, i know that he will back. Maha manga waits for jalal. Jalal reaches to meet bahram khan. jalal says to bahram khan, call me akbar now and i am sorry for my mistakes. I really want you…Khan Baba!!!!!
Bahram khan says, i realy want to heard this from you. bahram khan hug jalal. Jalal says, from now onwards, everybody will calls you with respect. Bahram khan says, but what will about phool kanwar!!!!
Jalal says, dont speak her name.
Ajab talk with herself, why he fights with me. Phool reaches there and says, i am very worried about mewar and marwar relation. I will give gift to uday singh ji.
jalal reaches in his assembly and announces bahram khan as a minister. Jalal ask about his states map. Here pratap and uday singh ji discus for security. Bahram khan shows states map to jalal and jalal says, i will take victory on all india. bahram says, we will take victory to nearby states and from these states, it will easy for our victory. rawal ji says, first of all we have to make friendship with nearby states. Bahram khan says, when we will got victory to nearby states then we will attack on marwar. Jalal says, i promised to my father that i will take victory on all india.
JB reaches at temple and gives compliments on statue. Phool also reaches there and says, all rajkumari is saying wrong. Phool then goes to meet uday singh. Pratap says, father is really angry and uday singh ji allow her then he gets angry on phool and says, what do you think that i will not identify you. Uday singh says, how dare you to bring phool in this fort. pratap says, this enemy is not only from their side but we are also included in it. Uday singh gets angry on pratap and says to rawal, tell pratap that he is saying wrong. Rawal ji says, nothing!!!
Uday singh says to rawal ji, do you accept what is pratap saying?
Phool cries and says, i will not stay here. Ajab says, i will not let this happen. ajab then bring his father letter and goes to meet with uday singh. Ajab show his father’s letter. Ajab says, it will be better for rajputana and for this we have to happen this. Please allow this marriage. Uday singh then reaches to meet phool. Uday singh stops phool. Pratap gets hurted from ajab wordings and break his jewellery.
JB reaches in pratap’s room and see broken jewellery. Jb ask, do you like ajab? Pratap says, first of all you and father gets on one choice. JB says, i will chat with your father. JB reaches to meet uday singh. JB says, i will marry pratap with ajab and uday singh says, i have decided for rajputana. JB prepare ajab. Pratap also reaches there and see all this and gets confused. Then he asked from soldier about uday singh ji. Uday singh ji ordered to dassis for decorate phool.

Precap:- JB says to all ranis, if any one will shadow of person then he will become his husband. Pratap reaches there.

Update Credit to: tushar

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