Maharana Pratap 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 19th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ajabde is stunned to know that Pratap wants to take deeksha from Tulsidas ji. Everything is ready. Goswami ji has agreed too, now I only need your permission. He notices tears in her eyes. She lies that tears come when you are happy too. there is nothing greater for me than your happiness. He gets happy. You will come with me. You will tell Goswami ji that you have no problem if I take deeksha. She agrees. How can I not listen to you? She excuses herself for a minute and cries her heart out in the kitchen. Pratap comes there too and finds her thus. Ajabde is unaware. She thinks that she can do anything for his happiness as she loves him a lot. I can even give my life for you. Pratap is in thoughts. His father’s words echo in his head. Pratap left me alone too. I am all alone today. everything is over. He thinks of how everyone is trying to take him back home. Ajabde keeps a hand on his shoulder and it all stops. Let us go.

Pratap and Ajabde head towards the temple. They can hear Ram bhajan from a distance. Pratap recalls that Ajabde too had wanted to share some news with him. He turns to Ajabde. I forgot that you too wanted to say something to me. Are you hiding something from me? Ajabde is in a fix. You have found your new path, a new aim in life. Now I have nothing to tell you. Pratap is taken aback by her words. Tulsidas ji finishes his prayers / bhajan. All people leave afterwards. Ajabde and Pratap seek his blessings. Tulsidas ji thinks of Sita Ma as he looks at Ajabde. If your husband takes deeksha from me and becomes my disciple thereby accepting sanyas, will it be ok with you? Ajabde replies that when Sita Ma left Ram ji on his one command and made Valmiki Ashram her home then how can I go against my husband’s wish. Tulsidas ji says this is only what I wanted to hear from you. Ajabde too folds her hands before him. Next she bends down to touch Pratap’s feet. Take care of yourself, eat on time and sleep well too. be careful whenever you light a diya as you always burn your finger. She takes a step back and then turns to leave with a heavy heart. She looks at him one more time but then leaves from there. Pratap continues to look after her with mixed emotions. He begins to go after her but then stops. He tells Goswami ji that he has made a mistake. She is my wife, my responsibility. Please forgive me. Tulsidas ji smiles. One learns from his mistakes only. Pratap runs out to find Ajabde.

Ajabde is sitting by the riverside as she cries. She recalls all their meetings, their love. pratap is searching for her in the jungle only. She hears him calling out for her. She runs up to meet him. They both run towards each other as soon as they come face to face. They share an emotional hug.

Next morning, Tulsidas ji talks to Pratap near Assi Ghaat. I know you are restless, upset over what happened with your mother and brother. You came here with in the very same state and decided to do something else completely, but do you only hold responsibility towards your family? You owe responsibility towards your state, it people, towards every citizen of India. Every single person is looking at you with hopes and expectations. You were born to fulfil a very big responsibility. Its not me who is saying this but it has been destined. Its written on your forehead / face. You have to fight for your motherland. But it wont be easy. Your path is not at all easy. You will have to face a very big calamity. I can see it (Akbar all set to attack on Mewar with his giant army force). I can see a very destructive defeat.

All the Rajput women do Jauhar (Jauhar (also spelled jowhar) is the burning to death of the queens and female royals of Rajput kingdoms when facing defeat at the hands of an enemy). Pratap is thinking. You will have to stand strong against this disaster. You have to fight. Rajputs and Mughals get into a massive war. A lot many people of Mewar die. Pratap looks at the dead bodies and shouts in pain.

Pratap wonders which destruction, which impending disaster and which defeat is he talking about. Tulsidas ji replies that he will understand it when it will happen but for now you have to go to Chittor asap. Your father needs you. You wanted deeksha. This is my deeksha that you return to Chittor asap. May Ram ji always bless you. Pratap too says Jai Shree Ram.

Precap: Akbar and Rukaiyya meet Ajmer’s famous Peer Baba. He tells Akbar to be soft with everyone. You will succeed then. May Allah bless you with victory.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Omg looks like the famous haldighati battle is about to commence soon… This is the part I was most dreading in this show… It’ll be terrible to see them fighting it in front of my eyes… Reading about it was painful enough 🙁

  2. When will dheerbhai enter in the show……?

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