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Bairam Khan points out to US that he is thinking of sheltering the fugitives of Mughals. Think about the consequences of your move. I will destroy Mewar’s identity in such a manner that you will have to bow down in front of Shehanshah to ask for anything. Maybe then you will be given a chance to stay alive. US shouts at him angrily while Pratap and everyone (from Bijolia) takes out their swords. Bairam Khan and Mughal soldiers follow suit. US tells Bairam Khan that he will be pained to know that just before his arrival he had refused to let Ram Shah Tanwer and his son to stay in Chittor. They were just about to leave from here. Bairam Khan cools down. Now there is no reason of dispute amongst us then. I will arrest them and leave from here without creating any nuisance now. He takes a step forward when US tells him to stop. You dint hear me well and completely. After hearing your insults I have decided to declare Gwalior’s king and his son as Mewar’s political allies with all due respect. Bairam Khan is taken aback and so is Jagmal. Pratap too looks at his father in surprise. US says, any disrespect towards them will equal to my disrespect. Ram Shah Tanwaer thanks US. US adds (to Bairam Khan) I will forget it that you dint come here for some war but for a political discussion. If you will so much as even glance up at my friend then there will be bloodshed. I made a very big mistake by not agreeing with Pratap. Yet Rana Uday Singh still is brave enough to accept his mistakes and even to rectify them.

Bairam Khan is not interested in any of it. He refuses to leave without Gwalior’s king and prince. He starts walking towards them with his sword pointing in front but Pratap stands in front of him holding his sword in his hand, challenging him. Pratap looks at him without flinching his eyes and walks towards him. Bairam Khan is forced to retreat. He calls out for his soldiers who attack on Pratap. This makes Pratap angry yet he stands and holds their swords with all his might. US, Rawat ji, Jagmal and all the courtesans step in to help Pratap. Pratap chants Har Har Mahadev and his people repeat it after him. they start walking forward and Bairam Khan is left with no option but to retreat. Bairam Khan and his soldiers are finally pushed (thrown) out of Chittor’s palace. Bairam Khan turns to Pratap. This Chittor palace is Mewar’s pride, right? Very soon Mughal flag will be hoisted here. Pratap says till I am standing at Mewar’s door, bring as much Mughal army as you want to but I will make them lose surely. Go, there is nothing left for you here! Bairam Khan promises him that they will meet real soon. He leaves with his soldiers finally. Rawat ji and everyone else start chanting praises of Pratap which disturbs Jagmal. US nods appreciatively at Pratap. Jagmal tells them all to stop. Does it suit you all to start praising (Pratap) for every little thing? Everyone is taken aback by his words. US eyes him angrily but Pratap supports Jagmal. I too don’t like hearing my praises in front of you. I couldn’t tell you this till date. Bhai Jagmal showed me the mirror today, supported me in a way to speak out. Anyways, we should actually pay heed to Bairam Khan’s warning. Maybe there is some impending danger from Mughals. We should actually get our army ready. Jagmal says I too was saying the same. Right now we should prepare ourselves for the impending danger. US praises Jagmal to Pratap. He is growing up real fast. I like it!

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Ajabde takes VB with her. we need to make preps for the guests. VB asks her if Pratap is giving her enough time. Ajabde nods. He is spending time with me. VB teases her that they will be hearing the good news soon. Ajabde denies. Nothing like that has happened yet. VB says I knew that this would be the case. Pratap is always occupied with his work. Maan comes there. She asks them to come with her to the park. I have seen a very cute rabbit there. They all leave together happily.

All the men have sat down to have food. Jagmal refuses to have food. DB tries to insist as everyone is around but Jagmal stays put. Ram Shah Tanwer appreciates the delicious food. US gives the credit to DB for this. Ram Shah Tanwer nods. He praises Pratap too. If I had a son like him then those Mughals would not have been able to even set foot in Gwalior. Whole world praises Raja Ram whereas I think that Raja Dashrath was blessed. You (US) too are lucky to have a son like Pratap. Jagmal does not like it. Pratap feels shy. US smiles. Everyone in this palace thinks the same. if you leave it to my courtesans and every single person present in this palace then they will certainly do Pratap’s coronation ceremony today itself and make him Rana Pratap Singh. DB drops the bowl of sweets from her hands; Jagmal too gets angry but doesn’t show it. Ram Shah Tanwer continues, everyone anyways think Pratap to be your heir. US affirms. This is a confirmed fact. Plus his Rani Ma (DB) is more anxious about his coronation than all of us. DB nods reluctantly. I cannot wait for that day anymore! Jagmal eyes her angrily, he smashes the food in his hand.

Ajabde complains to Maan that her Dada bhai doesn’t have time for his wife. Since I have come here I can see that he has his focus shifted to all the things except for spending time with his wife. Agreed that he is Pratap and has loads of responsibilities on his shoulder but this doesn’t mean that he cannot take out some time for his newly married wife. Maan tells her about the cupboard in which her Dada bhai has been collecting gifts for her (Ajabde) and have been keeping them away from everyone’s eyes for years. Ajabde is not ready to believe it so Maan thinks to take all those gifts instead. Ajabde wants to see that cupboard. Maan points it out to her. Has Dada bhai never told you about it? Ajabde walks closer to the cupboard and Maan asks her to open it to find out the truth. Ajabde is touched to see all the gifts kept inside. Maan picks up a pair of earrings and anklets to tease Ajabde. They will look good on me, right? Ajabde takes it from her. Maan says they all are for you only. She leaves with the rabbits while Ajabde is in tears to see all the gifts. Your Dada bhai has collected all the gifts with so much love. my love is nothing in front of your silent love.

At night, Jagmal ventures out stealthily to purchase a gun for himself.

At the palace, DB is looking for Jagmal. On the other hand, the vendor shows Jagmal as to how to shoot with the gun. Jagmal is impressed. He too tries to shoot once while thinking about how everyone is so busy praising Pratap and about Pratap’s coronation. He is amazed at the outcome of the shot.

Precap: Jagmal shows the gun to DB. I will kill the entire family with this gun. When there will be no one alive then I only will become Mewar’s Rana. I will start with you. He shoots at her and she falls on the floor in a pool of blood. Jagmal finds Pratap walking in the corridor. He has blood smeared on his face and aims at Pratap (who has his back towards Jagmal).

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