Maharana Pratap 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Pratap goes to marwar. Uday singh ask to him, where are you going? Pratap says, i will understand him because this time we require his help. JB stops him. Pratap says, i dont understand because he require only help not their force. Uday singh says, help means force help in war, you just concetrate with your work. Soldier says, blacksmith want to meet with you. Hukum singh shows anger on soldier. Guru says to kheta ji that he is ratan singh ji (Ajmer’s Samant). One student inform to guru ji that force is coming towards mewar. Ratan singh ji inform to guru ji that it is akbar’s force. Guru ji says, i will see the whole matter.
Blacksmith says that i get the order from your nearby states. Guruji says that it is mughals force.
Pratap says to rawal ji that we get an information from our spy that now ajmer is under control of jalal. Rawal ji says, may be possible that it was wrong information. Pratap says, you just prepare for war, i will trying to identifying something. Uday singh ji came and says, you just prepare for hawan. Nobody will do war on that day.
Guruji says to kheta ji that it is mughal force. Guru ji says, we will fight against mughals till our last breath.
JB reaches to meet with pratap then pratap says, i feel suspicious because our nearby states is sending force but i think it is our enemy trap near to us. JB says, you must require blessing from all holy spirit. Pratap says, ok, lets go.
Ajab writes letter to phool then hansa mosi reaches there and says, i know you are writing letter to phool but she didnt reply on your previous letter then ajab says, i will try my best. Hansa mosi says, ok leave this and take your lunch. Today i have a lent.
Guru ji order to his student, close the door and stop that force. Here bahram khan tells his old remembrance with humayun. Jalal says, i want to see pratap gets defeated.

Precap:- Guruji gets injured during war and here pratap fall down into ditch, hukum singh gets happy.

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