Maharana Pratap 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The baraat is heading for Senthil palace. Some bheels tell Pratap to stop. You cannot go beyond this area. Everyone looks at them in confusion. Pratap knows that the bheel sardar and his comrades have come to bless him. he goes in front and folds his hands before them. The leader tells him that this (his being so down to earth) is why they respect and love him so much. Few ladies do Pratap’s aarti. Pratap asks for a gift from them. He requests them to join his baraat. They are more than happy to do so and sing a song in his praise. US, Rawat ji and Chakrapani look on happily / proudly. The baraat starts walking again towards their destination.

Priest tells JB that it is highly auspicious if they become one tonight. Possibly it will bring a good news as well (regarding a son). JB is overwhelmed. I will make all the necessary arrangements. He praises her. You love your husband so much yet you are ready to bring him closer to another Rani (VB). Who is so loving towards her husband’s another wife in today’s date? It takes lots of guts to do something like this. He is amazed by her selflessness. She talks about real love. VB is like my sister. He takes her leave. VB comes there and asks about why the priest was here. JB dismisses it. she goes to check the gifts kept for Ajabde and goes to check them while VB is still curious / confused.

Hansa checks all the arrangements and tells daasi to ready aarti thaal. Mamrak ji cross checks with her. Something or the other is amiss till the last minute. We should be sitting calmly to welcome the baraat but here we are rushing with things. Hansa Bai tells Mamrak ji to be happy for the day when their dreams are going to be fulfilled has finally come. He agrees with her. He asks for a necklace loudly and all the daasi’s smile. They get to know that the baraat is here.

JB’s words echo in DB’s words. After some time the king of Mewar will outcast her and then her life will be over. She imagines JB smiling at her in the mirror. Ajabde’s words about how she is sure DB’s thinking will change after her wedding with Pratap. I too will get your blessings along with him. Ajabde’s allegations and telling the truth about her scares about her impending doom and how her own sister had cursed / challenged her for revenge. She holds the gold sword angrily. You had brought it with much pride. Now I will use this sword only to kill your girl! What do you think Ajabde that all your dreams will come true after your wedding? I don’t care now if I have to sacrifice myself but I wont spare you Ajabde. I will kill you.

Phool is still checking Ajabde’s dress and instructs daasi’s for something or the other. Ajabde is feeling all stressed. Phool tells Ajabde to look her best. A daasi comes to tell them that the baraat has come. All the daasi’s praise the baraat and Pratap. Ajabde wants to know if he is actually happy or not but Phool reminds her that this question is not to be asked from them. She asks Phool to go and check it. I am troubling you for the last time. Phool leaves followed by all the daasi’s.

Baraat reaches Senthil palace. People are dancing and light fireworks to show their joy and happiness. Phool comes to see the baraat. She is happy to see Pratap but then gets sad as she thinks about her past moments with him and her dream of getting married to Pratap. Few tears escape her eyes and she wipes them. She goes inside to tell Ajabde about the baraat.

DB comes there in disguise. She looks at all the merriment and the smile on Pratap’s face and is upset. She leaves from there.

Ajabde is waiting for Phool. How would I know if Pratap is happy or angry? She will certainly be in the baraat and watching him. DB comes there and moves towards Ajabde. Ajabde calls out for Rama asking her to bring Phool asap. DB comes there with the gold sword. She recalls the bitter truth said by Ajabde and puts the sword around Ajabde’s neck. Ajabde is shocked to see her there and gets up. She also notices the sword in her hand. You stole it and have come back here to keep it in my room so that everyone thinks that I have stolen it and the wedding stops? I could not think about this. DB yet again remembers Ajabde’s words. She clarifies to Ajabde that she is taking it all wrong. Phool questions DB on her act. She drops the sword on the floor. I had come to apologize to Ajabde and set everything right between the two of us. You were right that Uma jija had stolen this sword. I got this from her room only. I know you wont believe me but I am not lying. She folds her hands in front of both of them. you will not give me death penalty, right? I dint think that I will make such a big mistake. I thought that everything will be fine if I apologize for my mistakes. Phool knows that she is lying. You dint come here to apologize to Ajabde but you had actually come here to kill Ajabde. DB declines. Ajabde calls Phool silly. Can someone kill Pratap’s would be wife this easily? No one can! You can try as much as you want to. She calls guards and Phool tells them to lock DB in the cell till Mewar’s king gives her death sentence. DB pleads to them to not do this with her and gets up with a start. She looks around and realises that she had a bad dream.

JB is getting Ajabde’s room ready. She asks Girjaya ji about the other room and gets to know that it is getting ready as per her instructions only. VB likes Pratap’s room. JB is doing it to welcome Ajabde as the Mewar’s Rani for the first time. I will live here with her till she gets comfortable here. VB asks about the rose flowers being brought in the palace. What are they for? JB lies that they are for the wedding only. The baraat must have reached Senthil palace by now.

Ajabde is still restless thinking about Pratap. Did he look happy? Phool tells her to not think too much. Ajabde wants to know the truth. Phool feels that he did not look that happy. I can be wrong too. Ajabde gets worried. This means he is still upset with me or it can be that you couldn’t understand him well. Phool agrees. You should actually find it out for yourself. I will take you to a place from where we can see him from hiding and you can get your doubts cleared. Ajabde agrees reluctantly. Even Hansa Massi feels that bride should watch the baraat.

DB is irked with herself for seeing such a dream. Why are you making Ajabde so important? You should have thought once about Jagmal. Who will make him a prince when you are gone? You are a fool DB. You have to plot things in a way that no one doubts her. You have to strike at the right time.

Mamrak ji and US greet each other with garlands. Mamrak ji folds his hands but US tells him to hug him as they are going to be relatives. Rawat ji apologizes for coming with the baraat even after being the uncle of the bride. Mamrak ji doesn’t mind it. you have lived your relation beautifully and have done so much for us. Rawat ji tells him that he did it all for his sister’s daughter. Chakrapani takes them for a dance.

Phool brings Ajabde to the same place continues to hide her way all the while talking about baraat and Pratap. Ajabde gives up. I know he is upset with me. I cannot do anything right now anyways so let it be. Phool finally points out at Pratap. Ajabde feels that she follows the reverse principle. When I will say yes then you say no and vice versa. Phool throws a flower at Pratap’s pagdi and he looks up. Phool hides by then. He makes a straight face as he looks at Ajabde. She realises that he is still upset with her and gets sad. Phool wanted her to be proved wrong. Ajabde leaves from there sadly.

Hansa greets everyone and seeks Rawat ji’s help so that she can meet the groom as well. Rawat ji does it happily. Hansa does Pratap’s aarti. She tells him that he is getting treated as a SIL for the last time today. I will treat you like my son only after the wedding. Hope you have no objection. He denies. I have no option to disagree with you. US wonders from where has Pratap learnt to joke. Mamrak ji remarks that he has taken after his father. Mamrak ji feels that he said too much but US smiles. Hansa tells them all to go inside while the women will bring Pratap inside after completing the rituals.

Ajabde paces in her room and recalls Pratap’s words. Phool tells her to sit at one place calmly but Ajabde is restless. Can I meet Pratap once before the wedding somehow? Phool declines. you must sit at one place like a good bride. I am going to do my work as I am the sister-in-law of Pratap after all. Ajabde asks for her help to set everything right. Phool is not in a mood to miss out the fun. You continue to think about what all could have happened if this would not have happened. Don’t walk around like this or you will spoil your lehenga. Phool leaves from there.

Priest talks about the ritual – toran chaar sanskar. Pratap knows the ritual very well and Chakrapani praises himself and pulls his friend’s leg too. He fails in the first attempt. Phool teases him. you are such a big warrior and are still not able to do it? I am the sister of your wife you will have to take care of me and respect me if you want to get some work done from your wife in future. Show me your valour. He agrees and completes the ritual. She gets happy.

US gives his ancestral clothes and ornaments to Ajabde. According to the tradition, the eldest Rani or Maharani wears this only when she steps inside the palace. Pratap is the eldest among his brothers so Ajabde gets this right. JB’s vidaai was done in these very clothes only. This is going on since Bappa Rawal ji’s time so we should continue to follow the tradition. Mamrak ji nods. He gives it (paatla) to Phool to give it to Ajabde. Phool is more than happy to do so.

Phool shows the paatla to Ajabde. Ajabde imagines JB in these clothes. Phool tells her to see herself in the mirror at the time of vidaai. You wont need to imagine anything then. You will get to know how she must be looking. She notices that Phool is sad. Phool replies that they both know it that they both are each other’s best friends. But in our palace, my own people used to call you my daasi behind your back. Plus my grandmother did so much and insulted you by calling you a samant’s daughter. Today I can proudly tell all of them that my friend is going to become the Maharani of Mewar. The girls share an emotional hug.

VB is surprised to see another room which has been decorated with multiple types of flowers. Why all these preps and for whom? JB tells her not to disturb her as she has loads to do. VB apologizes but JB agrees to tell her.

Phool brings Pratap to dangal to check his bravery. There is a horse in the ring. She explains that this horse has come from Marwar. He has never let anyone sit on him of has never sat down. I have heard that you can control any horse. Do it and marry my friend. Chakrapani tells him against it but Pratap agrees for it. a warrior has to be ready for all kinds of challenges any time. He gets inside the ring to try and tame the horse. The horse revolts when Pratap tries to hold him by his reins. Pratap looks him in the eye and the horse calms down. He finally mounts the horse and Chakrapani chants his praises. Hansa comes there knowing fully well that they wont let Pratap rest. Phool invites Pratap.

Phool and Saubhagyawati bring Pratap to a room. He is about to sit but Chakrapani can sense some trouble. Pratap knows everything already and shows her the special arrangements that she has made for him (broken bed covered with a bedsheet, papads, etc). Phool smiles. How did you know about it? And when you knew then why were you ready to sit? He wanted to please his sister-in-laws and dint want to snatch the smiles on their faces so he was ready to sit. The groom has been called for. epi ends on Pratap’s happy face.

Precap: The much awaited wedding happens! ( 🙂 )

Update Credit to: Pooja

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