Maharana Pratap 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Patta enters and rushes to Ajabde’s side. Pratap picks her up and puts her on the bed. He sends Patta to call Vaid ji asap. Patta leaves. Pratap tries to wake Ajabde but notices a tear escaping from the corner of her eyes.

Patta knocks at the door of Vaid ji. His wife opens the door. She offers to go with him as she knows he has come here for Ajabde. She needs me and not Vaid ji.

Ajabde wakes up after a while but Pratap doesn’t let her get up. She is happy that her head is in his lap.

Akbar is getting ready. He thinks of Salima and all the times that he has touched her. He puts perfume on himself. A soldier comes to inform him that his Sharik-e-Hayat is waiting for him outside. Akbar thinks that Salima is much more eager than him to meet him. He tells the soldier that she doesn’t have to wait for anyone’s permission if she wants to meet me. go away. the soldier leaves. Akbar smiles looking at the rose he has kept especially for Salima. He is shocked, even puzzled, to see Rukaiyya Bi standing at the entrance.

Pratap caresses Ajabde’s head. Vaid ji’s wife enters. She tells Pratap to make Ajabde lie properly. Pratap does as he is told. She sends both the men out of the room. Pratap talks to Patta. Vaid ji’s wife would certainly know how to take care of Ajabde. Patta is confused if Pratap is actually telling him or asking him this.

Rukaiyya Bi is happy to surprise him. is this flower for me? She takes it from him and smiles. Thank you very much. I knew that you love me a lot, you just don’t show it openly. Are you happy to see me here? Akbar stares at her blankly. She says I am not some dangerous spirit but your wife, Rukaiyya. He agrees. What are you doing here at this moment? It is a thing to wonder and you know I don’t like surprises. She smiles and then holds his hand. I was dying to see you. I couldn’t control myself from coming here when I got to know that you are coming to Ajmer. I came here to see you. I thought to continue the journey from here to Agra with you but I want to meet Ajmer’s very famous Sufi Sheikh Salim Chisti before leaving from here.

Vaid ji’s wife checks Ajabde. This is such a disease for which every woman prays. You are going to become a mother. Ajabde is pleasantly surprised. Vaid ji’s wife wants to call Pratap inside so she can ask for big neg from him but Ajabde stops her. I want to share this good news with him. I want to see his reaction with my eyes. Massi complies. Ajabde gives her a bangle but Massi politely declines.

Chakrapani returns after dropping off Guru Raghvendra. He will wait for you tomorrow morning at Assi Ghaat. He also said that you will certainly get to meet Tulsidas ji at the Ghaat tomorrow. Pratap gets excited at the idea. Massi comes out. She doesn’t tell them anything and leaves. Pratap goes inside to meet Ajabde. I have found out everything. Ajabde is surprised / feels shy. Pratap says you will have to take care of yourself. You have grown very weak. Maybe this is why you fainted. Ajabde is taken aback. That is not the case. Pratap doesn’t let her talk. I understand everything. You will have to take good care of your health. A woman is a man’s better half. When everything (our wishes, us) is divided between us equally then no disease can ever touch you. this is why my wish has become your wish. It is all by God’s grace. I only want to meet / see Goswami Tulsidas ji at Assi Ghaat tomorrow. I just hope my this wish is fulfilled. Ajabde is hurt by his words.

Rukaiyya has brought many gifts for Akbar. She notices that his mind is somewhere else or maybe he dint like her gifts. Is your mind stuck in something more beautiful than all this? He replies vaguely and then adds that nothing is more beautiful than the thought. You should wait here. I have some important work to finish. He leaves.

Akbar orders his one of his soldier to make arrangements for Salima’s departure. Tell her that I will meet her directly in Agra only. Soldier nods and leaves.

Salima is getting ready. Her daasi points out that this fragrance will mesmerise Shehanshah. Salima denies. my beauty is what drives his mad. She sends the daasi out. the very same soldier walks inside without knocking at the door or even not taking her permission before entering in her room. You know Shehanshah can announce death penalty for your misconduct. Soldier apologizes but then tells him Akbar’s order. All the arrangements have been made. Salima starts walking out to talk to Akbar but other soldiers block her way. She gets to know that Akbar is with his wife Rukaiyya Bi at this time. Salima has no option but to leave from the back door. She is hurt and is in tears too.

Tulsidas ji comes to Assi Ghaat for Snan. Pratap also reaches there just then. Guru Raghvendra calls out for him so he greets him. I couldn’t sleep in my excitement to meet Tulsidas ji. Acharya can understand it but be assured, you will get to see / meet Tulsidas ji today. See how a wife’s right lesson made him a Ram devotee. He went to Prayag and took sanyas. Tulsidas ji steps out of the water as his puja and Snan is done. Pratap asks his Acharya what happened next but Acharya suggests taking Ganga Snan first. Pratap nods. Tulsidas ji has left from there by then with his disciples.

Acharya says Ram ji was very much happy with Tulsidas ji’s devotion. He not just appeared before him but also inspired him to write Ramcharitmanas. Pratap points out that all the religious scriptures written till date are in Sanskrit so why did Tulsidas ji write Ramcharitmanas in Avadhi?

Tulsidas ji explains to the devotees that Ram ji’s life has many hidden teachings for them. our life will be peaceful if we follow them.

Pratap and Acharya ji finish their Ganga Snan. Acharya tells Pratap that Tulsidas ji started writing Ramcharitmanas in Sanskrit at one of Varanasi’s. But it all used to disappear by the night time.

Tulsidas ji is shocked to see all the pages empty by next morning. Someone is stealing my writings since last 8 days! He complains to Shiv ji’s idol regarding it. You are the idol of my idol. Please bless me. I wont be able to write this Ram Katha (story) without your help. Please help me in writing this story. Tulsidas ji stands there with his eyes closed. Shiv ji appears in his dream. Your story wont be complete till you start writing in the language that can be easily understood by everyone. Ram Katha should reach one and everyone. Go to Ayodhya and write it in Avadhi there. I am sure your this effort will be very famous in the entire world then. Tulsidas ji agrees to leave for Ayodhya asap.

Acharya adds that if you are a good soul, you don’t hurt anyone; pray diligently then it is possible that God can appear before you. But if you are ready to hurt anyone just to fulfil your desires then you might be a great person but you will have to spend your whole life without any peace and rest.

They both hear Jai Shree Ram and turn to look up. Tulsidas ji leaves from there. Pratap wonders about the crowd. Acharya thinks that maybe Tulsidas ji is leaving now. Pratap hurriedly runs upstairs to see him but in vain.

Precap: People tell Pratap to go to Tulsi Deora if he wants to meet Tulsidas ji. Pratap reaches there. He folds his hands before the Ram, Sita ji and Laxman ji’s idol kept there when Tulsidas ji calls out his name. Pratap is overwhelmed to finally see him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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