Maharana Pratap 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 17th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

episode starts with uday singh ji thinking about maldev ji and Db’s wordings. JB reaches there and asks, why you sit in dark? Uday singh ji says, i put rajputana in danger, how will i show face to everyone and none of the states is helping us. Pratap reaches there and says, dont worry father, may be remaining 3 states help us. Uday singh ji says to JB, look JB, my son is helping me in my bad time. Pratap says, i require your support father, i will find way by you.
Uday singh ji says, go and call all the samant, i want to chat with them. Pratap goes from there. Uday singh ji gives thanks to JB. JB says, i think its all due to ajab curse.
Ajab requesting with her mother that i want to go to meet phool. Hansa mosi says, she is not your friend and she insulted you. You are not going to marwar and this is my order.
Phool thinks about complete incident. Here maldev planning for war. Maldev ji says, sorry, i did wrong with you, i forget your feelings. Phool ask for promise that you will not hurt to pratap. Maldev thinks about pratap’s wordings then he dont promise him.
Hakimpur, hajipur, hisar raja came to ajmer to meet raja but they captured by mughals. Jalal says, now ajmer is under our territory and not even ajmer, all the nearby territory is under our control. Now you can save yourself from previous results but if you will save no to me then it will bad for you. you just sent a letter to mewar that you will sending force to mewar but you will not sent your force. They says, no then jalal says, control your words in front of me otherwise it will be harmful for you.
Ratan singh comes out from grave. jalal says, we will sent our force on johar anniversary and then i will capture whole mewar. Ratan singh singh comes out from jalal’s grip. Ratan singh drown in river and soldier then gone from there.
Guru dev teaches his student and he see ratan singh then he ordered to bring him from outside of river.
Uday singh ji ordered soldier for bhoj. Pratap says to uday singh ji that i will talk to mamrat ji. Uday singh ji says, no. Rana ji says, jalal gets capture to ajmer and alwar.

Precap:- Guruji says to rana khetaa ji that we will fight against mughal force. jalal says, i will kill pratap and his complete force. Pratap says to rana ji, we have to find a trap which is going happening near to us.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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