Maharana Pratap 17th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 17th June 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 17th June 2013 Written Update

An episode that chronicled the boy prince’s sharp acumen and presence of mind…
Pratap tells his best friend Som the plan of the king and queen to drug him and the other princes .. He is interrupted by the arrival of his uncle Mann Singh…Pratap is astonished to see quite a few bullocarts with sleeping arrangements being brought by his uncle.. Pratap’s queries are dodged by Mann singh and the Rana’s general who greeted him.

Pratap overhears the physician’s aide talking about how much should be the dosage of the sleeping drug in the food.

He understands the plan of his Daijiraaj in a jiffy…the prince is not one to leave his mother or father to face the enemy alone…

In the queen’s palace..

The queens are misty eyed in thinking about the

last meal they would be having with their son’s who are unaware of the same… The give each other courage and support with queen Bhatiyani promising to take good care of the young princes who would be left in her care….

In the dining chamber..

All the princes are having the yummiliciousfood cooked by their moms.. pratap arrives and his trusted friend Som mentions the prince’s inability to eat..
Te prince had drunk hot MIlk which had burned his mouth..
Jayvanta bai is very concerned and wants to take him render first aid to him…
Shakti pokes him to be a man and set aside the pain to enjoy the food…

Their conversations are broken with the entry of the king..
He had come to dine with his children before they are whisked to safety..

He orders pratap to drink a thandai as per the physician’s order and tells that it would ease the pain of and make Pratp stronger.

Shamz khan’s camp-

He is practicing swordsmanship and tells he is waiting impatiently fot kill the king and his enemy after two days..

Pratap obeys his father… The drug takes effect and the princes fall asleep..

The king leaves stating he has done with all honesty whatever he could for his children..
The princes are taken to the waiting bullock carts..
The queens are teary- eyed and cry….Jayvanta bai tells her brother to take care of his son and forgive his mistake..
Man singh says that king will be victorious and there would be no need for Jauhar and his sister would see her son grow…

The Rana’s general tells MAnn singh to take good care of the scion of Mewar Pratap

The servants bring the news that pratap has not drunk the drugged thandai but a different one..

Pratap is seen hiding beneath the bullock cart and manages to escape from it…
Majhli queen says that pratap has play acted being drugged… :

Update Credit to: sunshine

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