Maharana Pratap 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap and everyone have gathered for their secret meeting. Pratap address his father that he dint feel like celebrating winning over Badshah Khan as he was just a pawn in the hands of that Mughal. He was no one in the real sense. Our real enemy is that Mughal who is sitting in Agra yet is making plans against us from there. I don’t find it appropriate to celebrate kills his pawns like this till the time we make some foolproof plan to fight against him. There is no big thing or real joy in killing these people.

Akbar decides not to send anyone to face Pratap. They all got killed sooner or later, just like Badshah Khan. All this is of no use. He gets to know that Beer Mohammad has sent those 20 Arab fighters to kill Pratap. I wanted to surprise you. Akbar isn’t pleased hearing this. You don’t know that I don’t like taking favours from anyone. It is my turn to surprise you. He leaves it on his Khan Baba to decide his punishment. I know Beer Mohammad is close to you Khan Baba but we cannot overlook his mistake. Bairam Khan orders the soldiers to cut Beer Mohammad in 20 pieces. Akbar loves the idea while Beer Mohammad pleads for mercy but in vain. Everyone must understand that I wont tolerate anyone making any decision without consulting it with me. He gives the responsibility to Bairam Khan to spread his message to everyone. Bairam Khan nods.

Pratap knows that that Mughal (Akbar) is after Mewar. He very well knows that he cannot win over Rajputana tille he gets Chittor. This is why he sent Badshah Khan to Bijolia so that he can enter Chittor through Bijolia but we ruined all his plans. Now he is trying his best to include that Afghan group (the skilled warriors who know how to use cannons, rifles, etc) in his army. Rawat ji wonders how Akbar will get hold over Chittor by adding that Afghan group in his army.

Akbar too has a plan in his sleeve. He looks at a clay replica of Chittor along with his courtesans. The biggest hindrance in our plan of getting hold of Chittor’s palace is its height. The palace is situated high in the hills making it difficult for us to reach there. It will become easy for us to access this palace if we have such army who knows how to use cannons. With their cannonballs we can create ample damage through which we can enter the palace.

Pratap suggests including that particular group in their army. US agrees with him on that matter.

Akbar announces that he will do everything to make that group a part of their army, come what may.

On the other hand, Pratap refuses to take his soldiers along with him when he goes to talk to that Afghan group. We are proposing friendship so I will go there alone. Rawat ji knows that Pratap is capable enough to make friends but such people are really dangerous. They are so dedicated to their warfare techniques that they stay in the inner part of the jungle only and can aim from a very great distance at just about anyone. The same is shown side by side. They teach such skills to their younger generation from their childhood only. They are so dedicated to their work that they continue to experiment and improve the quality of their weapons. No one has gone in their area without his army. It is also said that they some specific info related to wars which no one can understand otherwise. Most importantly, the leader of this group, Sardar Hakim Khan Suri, is very dangerous. He is even swift than a jungle fox! He accomplishes whatever he decides to. When we already know that the place and the people there are dangerous then how can we risk Pratap’s life by sending him there on his own? Pratap replies that his question has his answer. It is clear that we have to learn those skills, knowledge from Hakim Khan regarding warfare. We have to make him our friend and we cannot take our army there if we talk about friendship. We have been taught that we only learn something from our Gurus by bending in front of them. we wont be able to learn anything by scaring them. I can take care of myself well so there is no need to worry. It is about Mewar’s security right now. We have to be one step ahead of that Mughal. I think Hakim Khan Suri is the perfect guy for this. we have to bring him here asap.

Akbar continues that that Afghan group will have to support them by the logic of their religion or by force. They will have no choice. Beer Mohammad pleads for mercy. Akbar relents just when he was going to be killed. Akbar gives him the task of convincing that Afghan group. He leaves right away. Akbar feels that he is becoming God (just because he spared Beer Mohammad’s life). Bairam Khan is surprised to hear it.

Ajabde is doing Kanha ji’s aarti. She is about to offer flower to Lord when someone takes it from her hand. She is surprised to see Pratap. Cute song plays in the background as they both look at each other. He walks out of the room with her following him. she tries to take the flower from him but he keeps retreating with a sweet smile on his face. She finally realises that she has been imagining it all. She looks out from her balcony and sees him disappearing in the fog. She gets sad seeing him go. pratap suddenly comes there again. you put your life in risk so that I come to save you. She agrees. He holds out the flower for her. she touches it and just then Hansa Bai asks her if her puja is done. Give the aarti thaal to Balwant now. Ajabde absentmindedly picks up something from the plate and is about to give it to Balwant when Hansa Bai notices it. Ajabde leaves from there saying that she isn’t feeling right. Hansa looks at her in amazement.

US agrees that the plan is risky yet his plan is the best among all the suggestions. He has my support. Pratap thanks him for the same. I wont disappoint you. US blesses him.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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