Maharana Pratap 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

JB tells how Pratap’s life is in Ajabde and vice versa. Everyone acknowledges this with a smile. Pratap and Ajabde look at each other. JB says there is nothing like auspicious or inauspicious about someone whose hearts are joined. I know how good DB is. She can never take Ajabde’s chilidhs words to her heart. She takes Ajabde to DB. Am I wrong? Will you not forgive her for making such a simple mistake? Ajabde folds her hands before her and apologizes to her. DB has no option but to relent. You are worried for Pratap which is why you said all that. You shouldn’t get angry on your would be wife but you should actually be proud. You are lucky. JB nods in agreement. US tells the bride side to go and make preps. We will come at your palace after vinayak puja. Who will welcome us if you will stay put here? Phool smiles though Pratap is still angry. He looks at a smiling Ajabde and DB observes this.

Uma Devi is packing her bags. She recalls DB’s words and is heartbroken. Phool comes there. Uma Devi recalls Phool agreeing with Ajabde and is furious. I will tell everything to your bade daata. Pack your bags right away. Phool declines to go with her. I wouldn’t have come here but had to come to return your bangles to Ajabde. When you are not ready to bless her then what will she do with thses bangles? Ajabde can live / start her life without them. Uma Devi tells her that she will regret it. You are ready to go against your grandmother for an ordinary samant’s daughter? Phool tells her not to use those words for Ajabde. She is going to become the queen on Mewar. Uma Devi is angry. She talks against Ajabde and tries to instigate Phool against her too but in vain. Phool talks about dharma which is greater than family. Uma Devi is not concerned about all that right now. You must come to Marwar to explain everything to your bade daata. She is panicked as she remembers her husband’s warning clearly. Phool stays put. If my bade daata was here and would have supported you in all this then my decision to not go back would have become all the more strong. I wont go back without fulfilling my promise that I had made to myself. She walks out of the room while Uma Devi pleads to her to stop. She cannot understand where to go now.

Vinayak puja is going on. Priest calls US for the puja.

Uma Devi is heading back and recalls Phool agreeing with Ajabde and how DB went against her yet again. DB stops her palki. She tries to explain but Uma Devi is not ready to fall for her words this time. I did everything for you and you blamed me for everything. You kept yourself away from everything. Now I understand all your plans. DB talks about the dream that they had seen together. Uma Devi calls it a lie. You think no one is as clever as you and you think yourself to be above everyone but I am your elder sister. I know you inside out. I wonder what will happen to you in future. You will be at a much worst place than me in future. One day I will seek revenge for everything. She orders her servants to pick the palki again and leaves while DB pleads her to listen to her once. DB is worried / almost tearful as her sister leaves.

VB gets ready and her daasi compliments her. she talks about how Rana ji is really lucky to have her. He will not be able to take his eyes off you as you are looking gorgeous. VB blushes but then says this is vinayak puka for Pratap. She goes out and daasi’s words echo in her head. She recalls US hugging JB and dismisses daasi’s words. US was coming from the other side and they collide. He holds her so that she doesn’t fall and they both look at each other for a second. They both turn to go but some of his jewellery gets stuck in hers. He is busy taking it off while she cannot help but look at him cutely. He notices her thus and he too gets lost in her eyes. He holds her hands / shoulder. They both share a long eye lock. JB notices them thus and steps back. She is hurt but hides her emotions. She coughs as they both get closer for a kiss. The moment breaks and US hastily disentangles his jewellery from VB’s. They all head for the vinayak puja.

DB is crying in her room as her sister is gone and no longer trusts her. She is also worried about her sister’s warning. She notices Jagmal in the mirror and goes to him. He was playing with the gold sword which Uma Devi had stolen. She also recalls Ajabde’s words and how she blamed her for everything along with Uma Devi. DB vows to kill Ajabde with this very sword.

Ajabde calls out for Phool to help her in wearing a necklace. She is shocked to see DB behind her. Who will help you? Ajabde calls out for Phool worriedly / scared. DB tells her that no one will hear her voice here as no one is here except the two of them. It will be only me after a while. She takes out the gold sword. You wanted to wear a gold necklace but this gold sword is also heavy. I think you should wear this first. She attacks Ajabde and screams in shock. Pratap calls out for his Choti Ma. DB realises that it was her dream and hides the sword under the duvet.

Pratap feels that she looks worried. DB acts all hurt at what all Ajabde has said to her. I cannot understand what I have done that she doubts me like this. He too was feeling the same way but requests her to forget it. I don’t know why she said all that but you can trust on me and the way I respect you. Lets go to vinayak puja. You know the puja cannot starts without you. She agrees to join him soon.

Phool is getting Ajabde ready but she looks all sad. She is thinking about how Pratap got so angry when she had accused his Choti Ma. Ajabde replies to everything absentmindedly. Phool observes this. You are still thinking about what Pratap said? Ajabde is sad as he has hurt Pratap’s heart and his feelings, his relation with Choti Ma. He shouted on me to hide his pain. Phool tells her not to be so touchy. CHoti Ma has also insulted your parents a lot. You did nothing wrong by saying something in return. Don’t blame yourself. Pratap is intelligent enough to not take this to his heart and will not be upset with you. Ajabde wants to apologize to him. phool gets worried. Will you again go to his palace by covering yourself with a blanket? Ajabde smiles and shakes her head. I will do that whenever I will get a chance. Phool agrees and then asks her to choose the matching earrings.

Pratap is doing puja. Doda is tried around his wrist. Priest explains that Pratap is inching closer to his wedding. Everyone smiles while US teases him about it. They do Ganesh aarti to mark the end of the puja. US and JB do the aarti while priest chants the mantras. JB calls DB for aarti. After a while priest calls for VB but DB is not lost in her own world. She continues doing the aarti and everyone looks at her in surprise / confusion. Pratap tells his Rani Ma to repeat it to Choti Ma. JB knows that she hears everything. JB calls out for DB who finally listens to Rana ji. JB tells her that it is time for her to step back and let VB come to the fore. She obliges sadly. VB and US steal glances at each other while doing the aarti together. JB observes this. JB takes priest aside as she want to talk to him about something.

Akbar meets Mehmood Shah. He praises Akbar and his army for covering such a long distance in a shot span of time. He too is ready with his army. Akbar is not in a mood to rest. I will rest only after killing Pratap. We will leave for Chittor tomorrow morning only.

The bride and groom get ready for their wedding. Their mothers feel as if Vishnu and Lakshmi have blessed them for real. Pratap wants his mothers to come along with him in his Chikka. JB says they are Rajput and as per the tradition they stay back to welcome the newlyweds. Pratap does not like some of his traditions for real. US says it doesn’t matter. Take blessings from your mothers so that we can go. JB asks US why is he rushing things at the time of vidaai. Pratap wonders about his vidaai. How can that be? I thought I will go, get married and come back soon. US is also clueless about it. VB explains that after the wedding he will return with his wife. He will not just be her son then but a husband too. He will become two. US likes her explanation and compliments her for the same. DB doesn’t like it while VB smiles shyly. Pratap doesn’t buy it. I am still my Rani Ma’s son and will always be. DB tells them not to delay things anymore as it is almost mahurat time. US tells Pratap to go and he will join him in a while.

Rawat ji tells his soldiers to be on their guard all the time. This is a very important day for Pratap. US asks if the security is good. Rawat ji assures him about it.

JB does Pratap’s aarti. He is feeling all shy / happy. Chittor’s people chant praises of Pratap and US. Everyone is super happy and even Pratap is amazed to see this. US tells him how they were equally ecstatic when he was born. Music and dance is going on all around. the ladies look on happily as the men mount their horses to go to Senthil palace.

DB is really upset. You (Pratap) can celebrate as much as you want to as I am going to turn this day into the most sorrowful day for you.

Phool checks the stuff that Ajabde has to wear tomorrow morning and the day after that. Ajabde tells her to calm down. Everything is in your control. Things will happen the way you want to. Phool feels as if she is missing something. Ajabde suggests her to deep breathe to release stress. Phool obliges. Saubhagyawati smiles seeing this. The one who is to get married is all calm while you are stressing yourself out. Phool agrees. I should actually enjoy. Ajabde should be stressed out. She affirms that she is in stress. Phool thinks that she might be worried about jewellery or something but Ajabde is still worried about Choti ma’s issue. I wonder if he is still upset with me. phool teases her by saying it might or might not be. Ajabde is confused.

The baraat is heading for Senthil palace. Some bheels tell Pratap to stop. You cannot go beyond this area. Everyone looks at them in confusion.

Precap: Hansa Bai tells Mamrak ji to be happy for the day when their dreams are going to be fulfilled. Phool tells Ajabde to look the best. A daasi comes to tell them that the baraat has come. Phool throws a flower at Pratap and he looks up. He makes a straight face as he looks at Ajabde. She realises that he is still upset with her and is sad.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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