Maharana Pratap 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Ajabde telling Pratap that your king dint do it right by trying to kill Bijolia’s messenger. It will cost them badly. She keeps looking at him as she steps back to reach to her horse. Chakrapani asks Pratap to do something but Pratap gestures him to stay put using his hand. AJabde mounts her horse and leaves with her small army of people.

Chakrapani is upset with Pratap for not fighting with that girl. you are such a great warrior but you dint do anything while the girl continued to attack you. You let her go. Why? Pratap wants to reach the place / point where Bijolia’s problem is through her. I find Patta and that girl to be some key role holders in Bijolia’s problem. We will be able to find out the problem only if we will be able to enter inside Bijolia. We have to find out what has happened that has prompted a loyal / patriot town of Mewar to fight against Mewar itself. Chakrapani says that fighter girl wont let them enter Bijolia. She thought that we tried to kill her brother actually. Pratap assures him that he will find a way.

Ajabde hears the footsteps of the horses. She orders her soldiers to take Patta to Vaid ji. Ajabde feels that Pratap and Chakrapani are following them. She orders her female accomplice and soldiers to make sure that they both are unable to enter Bijolia. They scatter in different directions while Ajabde continues on her own.

Chakrapani thinks that their horses are best as they haven’t tired yet even after covering all the distance. Pratap declines. I haven’t got them yet but I am sure I will get them real soon. a horse is shown in some stable.

Pratap and Chakrapani go through the jungle route. Chakrapani finds it odd that their in-laws belong to Bijolia. We should have gone there properly so that we could be welcomed properly. Pratap calls Bijolia a town where he is going to stabilise the situation. You can think about all that for yourself. They both notice a pagdi on the ground and get curious. Pratap gets down to take a closer look with Chakrapani following suit. They notice a blo*dy dagger kept next to the pagdi. They are suddenly hoisted up in the air as they get entangled in the net.

Ajabde comes there with her group of people. Chakrapani requests her to free them. we were helping Patta. Ajabde is not ready to believe them. were you helping him by attacking him with a sword? Pratap looks at her. Chakrapani puts the blame on Pratap. I was even trying to stop him but in vain. Ajabde replies I had thought for a second to free you but you couldn’t be loyal to your own friend in this situation. Chakrapani tells her to free his friend if she is so worried for him. ajabde denies. I am not worried for him but for my values. Chittor has forgotten all the values today. Everyone is living for themselves. Pratap is watching her (eyes) keenly. You are one of them. She suggests going from there along with Pratap and Chakrapani’s horses. Chakrapani tries to ask for help or their horses but in vain.

Patta reaches the destined place. People are surprised to see him in this condition.

VB tries to feed CK but in vain. CK is sad that her Dada bhai (Pratap) went to Bijolia without even meeting her. VB tries to lure her with gifts but CK isn’t affected. What if I tell you that he will bring a very beautiful bhabhi for you from Bijolia then? CK smiles happily. VB tells CK about Ajabde. She is all praises for Ajabde.

Ajabde enters Bijloia. People ask her if Chittor has done this to Patta. What should we do now! I am sure all your illusion is clear now. She orders her soldiers to increase security. I don’t want anyone to enter in Bijolia without my permission. Ajabde’s friend requests them to wait for a while. Trust Bai ji lal (Ajabde). She will take her decision soon. Have faith in her. People nod.

VB tells CK that once Ajabde comes back here the happiness will return in this palace. DB hears them talking. Is it so? They both are shocked to see her. CK takes the plate and starts eating. DB points out that this isn’t the place to eat. She sends CK from there. VB is scared as DB approaches her. VB apologizes to her for taking Ajabde’s name. DB wonders why she wants to be thrown out of this palace by Rana ji. Why do you forget about your promise to me? (keep quiet and you will get respect, luxuries and Rana ji’s love in return) Do you want me to tell Rana ji that jija left for Vrindavan because of you? What were you saying to CK? I am forgiving you this time but I wont spare you next time if you take Ajabde’s name again. I will bury you alive in some corner of this palace. VB looks at her in fear. You will stay in this palace happily till the time Ajabde is away from this palace. In case she returns here then all your happiness will vanish. VB is moved to tears. I will keep quiet but what has to happen will happen. If they are destined to meet then no one can stop it. Even you know it. DB remarks that she changes destiny with her schemes. VB can see that DB is scared. DB slaps her and walks away from there in a huff. VB sheds tears silently.

Vaid ji applies medicinal herbs to Patta’s forehead. Thankfully the wound is normal. He will be conscious soon. hansa turns to Ajabde. You saw the result of your Chittor’s adoration. They dint just attack our peace messenger Patta but your trust. You still have time. Look at the truth. Ajabde’s friend agrees with Hansa. No one is going to agree to anything now. They want Bijolia to be completely cut off / free from Mewar. Hansa finds Ajabde all quiet. She too is hurt over what has happened. one little hope was giving me strength over all those years that our words / letters might not have reached Chittor which is why they are unaware of Bijolia’s problems. But that’s also broken today. CHittor has not just forgotten me, their DIL but its people as well. The little hope is shattered now. Patta wakes up. It is better to live with the truth than to hold onto a lie. Ajabde rushes to be at his side. he assures her he is alright. But we will have to rethink over our relations with Mewar as things are going out of hand. Hansa wants to know everything that had happened in Mewar. Did you meet Rana ji? Patta nods. He tells them everything. Ajabde is shocked to know that US called their messenger a traitor.

Chakrapani clears his stance to Pratap. Hope you don’t doubt my friendship. I was trying to get out so I can free you as well. Pratap assures him about it. but he is worried over the fact at how the girl was talking to him. it seemed as if Bijolia’s wounds are too deep. Her words dint sound like normal rebellion but they showed the depths of dissatisfaction of Bijolia towards Mewar. We need to get to the bottom of the problem real soon. chakrapani points out that they will have to get out of this trap first.

Patta praises the stable owner (Pratap). He too found it wrong. He helped me a lot. Ajabde says he was trying to kill you. Patta explains that Pratap was only trying to showcase his skills to him. he can prove to be of help if I guide him a little. She calls him innocent. You meet a stranger in Mewar and gets ready immediately to come to Bijolia with you. Its as if he isn’t worried for his life at all! He reaches Bijolia by helping the guy whom his own king has called a traitor. You want to trust him? can he not be Rana US’s spy? Why don’t you understand this simple thing that he is using you to enter Bijolia. Patta gets thinking. On the other hand, Pratap tears apart the net with his own hands. Ajabde cannot understand why Rana ji is doing this but I find it all linked to a very big plan. Patta still doesn’t think that he (Pratap) is a spy. Ajabde counters I dint find him to be a normal stable owner because of the way he fought with you. Patta is irked why he dint think of this. she knows he gets busy in showcasing his skills more. he wants to bring that guy in front of her right away but she stops him. I have caught him in my trap right outside Bijolia. He wont enter Bijolia ever. Pratap jumps on the ground after freeing himself completely. He frees Chakrapani using the dagger that was left there and continues walking towards Bijolia as he thinks of that girl.

Precap: Chakrapani and Pratap reach Bijolia border. They find the security on high alert. Chakrapani is sure that fighter girl would have done it. Hansa talks to Ajabde about Pratap. Face them bravely who have hurt you and have cheated you for no reason. Don’t think about the past. Move on. Ajabde agrees to fight with Mewar so that they can make Bijolia a free land.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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