Maharana Pratap 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maan and CK greet their Dada bhai. Pratap teases Maan a little and then gives gifts to both of them. Both the sisters get really happy to see their respective gifts.

DB removes the jewels from Jagmal tearfully. Why do you always give up? When you turned in my womb for the very first time I had decided then only that I will make you the Yuvraj (king) of Mewar. Since that day I have always tried to make it happen. Plus it is showing some effect in front of Rana ji too. Jagmal asks her what he should do now. I am fed up of hearing everyone praising Dada bhai since morning. I hate it so much. DB tells them to let it be. I will praise you. He wonders how that can happen.

Pratap and everyone gathers for Gau (cow) puja. Priest explains the significance of the same. it is written in our scriptures that whatever we offer to the cows in this puja reaches our ancestors up in the sky and they bless us as they get happy by this gesture. The couple who will do this puja on a particular day and date will be blessed with all the happiness of the world. That fateful day is today! They begin the puja. Pratap asks for Rani Ma and Jagmal. Maan goes to check on them.

Jagmal gets irked hearing people praising Pratap again. DB diverts his attention to herself. Think that I am doing your raj tilak today. He gets happy as she puts the turban on his head. she sings his praises and he too repeats it after her. He starts coughing so she gets water for him. They both are suddenly taken aback to see Maan standing by the door. DB invites her to join them in cheering for her Dada bhai. Maan nods and walks inside the room calmly. Jagmal asks her if she doesn’t look like a King. She agrees that he does but adds that no king cheers for himself ever. He takes the glass of water from DB’s hands and walks closer to Maan. You are right. A King is always cheered by his people. You will do that for me right now or I will spoil your clothes because of which you wont be able to be a part of the Gau Puja. She tells him calmly how everyone, especially their father, is waiting for him at the puja. You know he looks around for you after the puja for Uttari. Now that you have become the real king then it doesn’t matter what the present king thinks. Jagmal falls in her words. It isn’t good if the present king (US) gets upset with me as it will hamper my chances of becoming the king in future. He hurries to change but DB assures him that he can take all the time that he wants to change. I will talk to Rana ji. He tells her that she is really good. DB leaves from there with Maan following her.

Maan asks her mother about what was going on inside. What was Dada bhai doing? How could you let him think that he will become the King of Mewar? Don’t you see the changes in him and his behaviour? When I had returned from Marwar, I saw him terrorizing little kids of daasi’s. Is this how you behave with kids? DB justifies it. you should scare kids as it will ensure that they will learn how to behave when they grow up. Maan calls her brother a mad person. He is losing it. DB holds Maan by the throat angrily. This isn’t madness but my son’s dream which will fulfil. Maan replies that that isn’t her Dada bhai’s dreams but your desires. You should control yourself before we lose our everything because of your desires. DB leaves Maan. You should be a little scared of me as I could have killed you as well. Maan shakes her head. I know you wont do this as Dada bhai is mad, not you! DB leaves from there without saying another word.

Ajabde is doing Gau Puja of Laxmi too. She talks to Laxmi about the importance of this puja and how it will be a thing of grand celebration there in Chittor as Pratap has returned after winning over the Afghans. The atmosphere will be really joyous. Laxmi nods.

US tells Pratap that the clothes offered in the puja (Uttari) actually become the shield of the person who wears them in future. Pratap nods. Rani Ma (JB) used to tell me all this after every Gau Puja. US goes quiet. DB and Maan join them. US asks for Jagmal. Pratap seeks DB’s blessings. US tells the priest to start the puja. Jagmal will join us whenever he gets time. Pratap suggests waiting for Jagmal.

Ajabde thinks of how all the members of the royal family will be present for the puja. But if any of them is not there then Pratap wont let anyone begin the puja.

Jagmal greets his father. He lies that he was taking bath (in holy water) which is why he got late. Maan confronts him about his change from a lady to a man (in appearance). Jagmal and DB look at her in shock. Pratap tells Maan to be a little careful while joking with people. Maan obliges immediately and apologizes to Jagmal. They begin the puja. CK wonders why Pratap saves Jagmal all the time. Maan replies that he is their Dada bhai after all so he will protect everyone. Plus he will become the Maharana of Mewar in future for sure. CK gets happy. I will shield him from all the problems. Maan teases her about it. Priest tells Pratap to drink charnamrit (holy drink given after the puja) but his disciple asks about Pratap’s wife as a husband and wife do the puja together.

On the other hand, Ajabde tells Laxmi how a husband and wife should do this puja together. But I am here. I wonder if he missed me at this point of time or not. Hansa overhears her from a distance.

Pratap tells the priest to complete the puja as who all were supposed to be here are already are here. Priest resumes the puja. Jagmal mutters that Pratap does the most important things all the time. My sisters are way more privileged and respected here than me. DB talks about Uttariye. Rana ji always gives it to you so you must focus on it. he nods.

US looks at both his sons one by one and then walks towards Jagmal. Jagmal and DB smile broadly. US tells Jagmal how he has been giving Uttari to him since so many years which is why he has been blessed by Gau Ma. But this time Pratap deserves it as he has saved his motherland and has actually made us proud of him. this year I give this blessing (Uttari) to Pratap. Everyone get excited excepted DB and Jagmal. People start cheering for Pratap again which highly disturbs Jagmal. Pratap hugs his father. Jagmal eyes them angrily. Pratap and US excuse themselves for a very important meeting. Maan feels happy for Pratap but also feels bad for Jagmal. Rani Ma should not impose her wishes on him like this.

DB stops Jagmal. Don’t be sad I am with you. I will get you everything that you want. Gau Puja will happen next year too. You will get Uttari then. He tells her to keep talking big like always. You couldn’t get me Uttari in front of the people of Mewar then how will you make me sit on the throne? I am fed up of your failed plans and useless talks. Don’t show me your face till I ask you to. She shouts at him but he reminds her that she is the Rani of Mewar. Make sure no harm is done to its reputation. Saying so, he heads towards his room.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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