Maharana Pratap 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

JB asks Ajabde what she is doing here. Ajabde fumbles. Pratap tries to speak but JB tells him to be quiet. I don’t want to hear any reason / excuse or explanation from Ajabde as she knows very well that in our tradition it is forbidden to see a bride’s face by her groom after the haldi ritual. It is considered inauspicious. DB goes out to call Rana ji. Ajabde apologizes for her mistake. I can still go without anyone’s notice. Please forgive me. JB declines. you should know that not everything can be neglected / hidden like this. She turns to talk to DB but is surprised to not find her there.

DB comes there with Rana ji. US is not happy to see AJabde there.

Hansa asks Phool if Uma Devi is right. Has Ajabde gone to meet Pratap? Phool agrees that she has gone there only. Hansa is upset as to how she could let her go like this. Uma Devi tells her to question her daughter instead of getting angry on Phool. Ajabde knew the customs well but she still went there without telling anyone. why are you blaming my granddaughter? Phool tells her not to stretch the issue for no reason. hansa agrees that Ajabde has made a mistake. Uma Devi calls it a crime instead. Hansa is worried for Ajabde and why she did it. Phool tells her how Ajabde was worried about Pratap. She dint do it intentionally. You know how she is. It is not her in nature to break rules and traditions. Mamrak ji hears them and gets curious. What has Ajabde done this time?

DB too calls it a crime. She asks Ajabde about their traditions. You made a joke of rules and our traditions. You came inside Pratap’s room like a thief through this window. Why? Ajabde stands there with her head bowed down. DB asks JB if she is exaggerating things now as well. You are the Rani of this palace. You have never neglected / overlooked any ritual till date or have broken any rule. It was difficult but you have always followed your duties diligently. But Ajabde has proved it that she doesn’t value our traditions at all. They all don’t matter to her. We set an example for our people through our acts. What will be our respect in their eyes? Shall we hide this crime as well because of our emotions attached with this girl Rana ji? Pratap tries to speak but JB yet again tells him not to interfere in this matter. DB asks Rana ji his opinion about the incident. She hits the dharma topic. This is against our dharma and you know it. Being your wife it is my duty to inform you about it. if you will choose to keep quiet then I too will stay mum. I will think that no one values traditions or dharma anymore in our family. US denies. I will take this issue seriously. He calls a daasi and invites AJabde’s parents to Chittor palace. DB looks happy.

Phool takes the blame on her. She dint do anything. I got to know about the message that had come for you from Chittor about attack on Pratap. I couldn’t control myself and told her everything. She got really worried when she got to know about it. she immediately decided to see him with her own eyes. Mamrak ji is shocked. She dint think of telling any of us before doing something outrageous? Does she not know who she is going to get married to? She is going in a family where she will have to choose her every step very carefully. People have been already trying to break this alliance. They want her to make some mistake and find some solid reason that can go against her. Doesn’t she know it? He gets angry on Hansa for the same. We cannot do anything now. We can only pray that she come back safely. What if someone gets to know about it? Uma Devi assures him that she wont tell anyone. Just then a daasi brings US’s message for them. Everyone is shocked while Uma Devi is very happy. She remarks that maybe everyone has come to know about it as Ajabde has made a very big mistake. You will have to think of some answer now.

Ajabde apologizes to Pratap who is not at all upset with her for anything. You did what you believed in. She is really scared. He assures her that he is with her. They both go quiet as US stares at them. Hansa, Mamrak ji, Uma Devi and Phool come there and greet them. The elders stand in a corner while Phool takes Ajabde’s hand in her hand to reassure her. DB and Uma Devi smirk at each other.

US tells Mamrak ji about Ajabde’s mistake. This is uncalled for and highly unacceptable behaviour from her. Do you have any suggestion for this? Even Mamrak ji is ashamed, upset, embarrassed because of Ajabde’s act. I am your samant before anything else and you are our King. I will obey your every wish and decision as I know it will be based on dharma. US softens up a little. Hansa explains that Ajabde did this as she was worried for Pratap after knowing about the attack that was done on him. she couldn’t control herself. Only this is her mistake. Mamrak ji stops her. ajabde shouldn’t have done it. Our ancestors have made some limits, rules which are way higher than all the human emotions and wishes. She got emotional and forgot everything. She forgot her etiquettes in her worry for Pratap. Don’t say that she has done “only this or that”. She has committed a crime.

DB praises their balanced equation. One is talking in the defence of the accused while the other speaks against it so that we are able to see their hidden motive clearly behind it. they have taken care of both the sides so nicely that no one gets to say anything against you. Ajabde is not to be blamed. Her parents should be blamed for it as they dint do her proper upbringing which is why she has guts to go against them or break any rules or rituals. I was thinking from where a samant daughter got this courage. Now I know the answer. Pratap tells her to think before speaking. Hansa tells him not to speak in between or they will be blamed for spoiling his manners as well. DB remarks that Pratap doesn’t think about anyone / anything else but Ajabde. The time is not far when he will simply follow what all she will say. JB stops her. everything has a limit. I know Ajabde has made a mistake but what you are doing is intolerable. You cannot degrade everyone like this. DB talks about truth which is always bitter. We have always forgotten this samant putri’s indiscipline time and again. if we continue to do that then one day our own people will make a joke of us because of that. History will not forgive either of us then. Rana ji has always considered samant (Mamrak ji) as his brother but he dint give in return. You gave us Ajabde because of whom Rana ji has to be embarrassed time and again.

Ajabde loses her cool as she hears DB degrading her father. Stop it Choti Ma. Everyone looks at her in shock / surprise. I cannot see my parents being insulted like this. What if he is a samant but he has always given me good upbringing! DB counters it as she is talking badly to her. Hansa tries to stop Ajabde but she cannot take it if someone points a finger at her etiquettes, upbringing and values. Now I will have to speak up. Whatever I did, I did it as I was worried about Pratap. I dint want to make a joke of anything. DB wants to know why she had to be worried when Pratap’s army is here to take care of him. Your reason is useless. Ajabde replies that it was necessary as Pratap’s army can defend him from the outsider’s attack and actually he is capable enough to take care of himself but I was worried about the enemies inside the palace. Uma Devi is shocked by her boldness while all the others are shocked too. US tells her to explain while Mamrak ji and Hansa tell her to be quiet as the matter is getting out of hand. Ajabde cannot take it when her parents are being insulted. US wants her to speak up anyways. Ajabde apologizes to Phool as she has no option left. Phool has no problem with it. I too would have done the same thing if I was at your place. I would have done it long ago.

Ajabde tells them that there are some people here who do not want this wedding to happen. Uma Devi and DB look worried while Ajabde continues talking. They have been scheming all along to break this alliance. My daata brought gold sword for tilak. I did its puja but it disappeared as soon as it reached here. Has anyone tried to know how it can disappear from a palace where the security is so high? That sword was not lost but it was actually stolen. They all look at her in shock. Uma Devi speaks up. You are blaming (me) for no reason. ajabde says I dint take anyone’s name then why did you think that I was blaming you for it? what can be the reason behind your reaction? Everyone looks at her pointedly. Uma Devi threatens US about how she is being disrespected in his palace. You know who I am! Ajabde answers that she is Marwar’s queen which is why she doesn’t want Pratap to marry her. You have tried to stop me every now and then so that this alliance breaks. All the past incidents are shown when Uma Devi used to stop her or show her anger towards her. JB tells Ajabde to be calm. Her parents too tell her to stop. Uma Devi asks for proof. Ajabde agrees that doesn’t have any proof. But when you couldn’t achieve your mission after that incident then you chose to hurt Pratap. Another shocker for everyone as Ajabde tells them about the poisonous haldi. Pratap says she is actually making a very serious allegation. Ajabde knows as this time she has witness too.

Phool looks at Uma Devi pointedly. She recalls her own warning to her grandmother. She agrees with what Ajabde said. The haldi sent by my grandmother had some poisonous chemical in it. luckily, we caught her in time and exchanged the bowl. Pratap and JB recall the incident and DB looks shaken. I was about to tell everyone but Ajabde stopped me as she dint want any hindrance in this wedding. Uma Devi acts all tearful. Rana ji, don’t fall for their words. They have gone crazy in this friendship. They can go to any extent to blame any innocent person for no reason. JB interrupts her. What will you say to me? I have no craze. I agree Ajabde made a mistake by coming here but I too know that she is telling the right thing about the haldi. I too knew that the haldi bowl was exchanged. US wants to know what all has been hidden from him. she replies that she only hides what she thinks she can handle on her own. He is irked with her for this. DB takes JB’s side yet again to save herself. I have made a mistake of trusting my sister. I dint notice her devilish plans. Uma Devi is taken aback. DB talks about how everyone here respected after what all happened between Rana ji and Maldev ji and you did all this to hurt Pratap? I feel ashamed to call you my sister. I feel disgusted with myself. I insulted Mamrak ji and Hansa because of you. I beg you to leave me and our family. Uma Devi trying telling the truth to US this time but he is not in a mood to listen. He requests her to leave this palace right away. I promise you that if you leave quietly then the matter will stay inside the four walls of this room only but if you stay back to prove things then I will forget my limits. It will be good if you leave from here. Uma Devi looks angrily at DB and then walks out of the room.

Phool apologizes to everyone on her grandmother’s behalf. She never thought well about Pratap and this wedding. I don’t want any family member from my side to be here. I too should leave. She turns to go but Pratap stops her. you are not to be blamed for it but you went against your family to support dharma and truth. JB too agrees with him. You came here as a guest but slowly you have become an inseparable part of our family now. It will be good if you stay here till the wedding. DB too speaks up in AJabde’s wedding favour. I am glad that my sister is gone. I brought her here to make her a part of our happiness. Forgive me that she created so much troubles for both of you. Ajabde asks her if all the problems are really solved now. JB gets the meaning while everyone looks at Ajabde and DB in confusion.

DB feigns ignorance. AJabde replies that maybe Maharani ji was right (Uma Devi). There must be someone in the palace who would have been helping her or how would have she done all this? Possibly that person is still here in this palace. Pratap feels that maybe this time she is crossing her limits. Ajabde denies. Everyone including you all knew that Choti ma dint want this wedding to happen. She has told me this herself. I don’t know how much she was with Uma Devi ji in her schemes but I am sure that she knew much more about them than her. Pratap gets angry. How dare you blame my Choti ma? You should stay in your limits. What do you know about her or our relation? She tries to explain but he stays firm. No one is allowed to create rifts in his family. no one can create difference between me or my mothers, not even you! Ajabde looks at him in utter disbelief. DB tells Pratap to calm down. She is your to be wife. You shouldn’t get angry on her. hansa agrees with Pratap. Ajabde is in tears and JB, Phool feel sad for her. she goes from there with JB following her. DB is relieved / happy.

JB stops Ajabde. Ajabde swears that she said the truth. I don’t have any proof regarding Choti Ma but she always insults my parents when we meet her. but I am not lying, she doesn’t love Pratap. She doesn’t want anything good for Pratap. I am not imagining things. She doesn’t want me to get married to Pratap. She apologizes immediately for losing her calm / limits. I have disappointed you twice. Please forgive me. JB says that if she leaves from here right now then their efforts to unite her with Pratap will go in vain. I agree he is really angry at the moment. I have never seen him this angry before. It is necessary for you to clear this matter right away. Ajabde agrees to follow whatever she will tell her to but tell me once that I am wrong. I will go and apologize to him instantly. Just tell me that I was wrong and imagining things. JB replies that nothing is greater than your inner soul’s voice. Never be scared of anyone and stop listening to your inner voice, not even Pratap. Sometimes one has to be quiet owing to the circumstances. Ajabde realises that JB already knows everything. JB doesn’t want her to load her with her truths. You are very young right now. Find your truth on your own and come to your own conclusions. For now you should come inside with me.

DB is not happy to see JB and Ajabde back in the room. JB tells everyone that Ajabde’s acts / words prove it that she is really concerned for Pratap. We should understand her situation when she would have come to know about the attack on Pratap. She dint even think how others would look at the situation. This is called two bodies one soul connect! Pratap’s life is in Ajabde and vice versa. Everyone smiles except Pratap who still has a serious expression on his face.

Precap: DB is looking at a sword (gold sword maybe) promising that she will kill her with this very sword. Ajabde calls out for Phool to help her in wearing some ornament. She is shocked to see DB behind her. Ajabde calls out for Phool worriedly / scared. DB tells her that no one will hear her voice here as no one is here except the two of them. She takes out the gold sword and attacks on Ajabde.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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