Maharana Pratap 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap receives a grand welcome from the people of Chittor. US and Rawat ji stop at a distance so as to let Pratap enjoy his moment of glory. Pratap praises Chetak.

DB is getting ready. She panics noticing the skin of her face and calls out for her daasi’s. She shouts at the one who comes inside to tell her that all the daasi’s have gone to see Pratap’s grand welcome Daasi leaves to call back all the others inside. DB sees an old lady in the mirror (her future). It scares her that she will age with time. DB panics thinking that Pratap will soon become Maharana Pratap if she is unable to think of any way out to stop him! You will age with time but time never stops for anyone. the lady in the mirror mocks DB so she breaks it. Dassi’s come rushing there and find her in tears.

US introduces Pratap to the newly appointed tax collector and treasurer of Chittor. They all are surprised that Pratap knows them by their names and family background as well. Pratap reasons that they all are the part of one big family headed by Rana ji. US and Rawat ji look on proudly.

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CK and Maan cutely fight over who will put turmeric on the cow or set ready sweets thaal for their Dada bhai (pratap). Maan calls DB (her mother) a witch hearing which CK goes silent. Maan is upset with DB that her mother sent her to Uma Massi’s place for years. I could have learned so much here from Dada bhai. VB agrees that Uma jija has spoiled her actually. Maan acknowledges it. that is a much better place as you can alteast speak your mind out. They both bicker over who Dada bhai loves more. VB assures them both that Pratap loves both of them equally. He is born to become a Maharana. He can love everyone equally and takes care of them forever. Maan and CK praise their Dada bhai in unison. VB notices DB and tells the girl to be quiet. DB questions them about the shouts. VB and CK look down in fear. Maan notices this and then turns to look at DB.

US asks Rawat ji if their spies are back yet. Rawat ji replies that they will be here any minute.

DB threatens VB that she will reveal her truth to Rana ji and she will be thrown out of the palace right away. He can even give you death penalty. Stop misleading people and chanting praises of Pratap in front of everyone. She tells everyone to make preps for puja. Make sure this (giant) laddoo is not broken. She leaves from there with Maan following her. I wanted to ask you something. Why is CHoti Ma so scared of you? DB replies that you think everyone is scared of me when actually they all love me. this is why they all respect me so much. Maan tells her not to act in front of her daughter. I know you have scared everyone so much that they fear even looking at you. It is written over everybody’s faces. DB agrees that it may be so but I will be happier if you get a little scared too. Maan smiles. You are my Rani ma and I love you. Why will I be scared of you? DB smiles hearing her reply. CK comes running there excitedly to tell her Rani Ma that her Dada bhai is here. CK and Maan look from the balcony excitedly while DB gets all serious as she looks at Pratap. Maan wants to go and welcome him downstairs but DB tells them against it. Maan diverts her Rani Ma’s attention to Jagmal. It will be wrong if he isn’t there at this time. DB heads to Jagmal’s room. Maan signals to CK.

Pratap looks around for his sisters. US tells him that he will meet them in the puja. A guy (spy I guess) signals to Pratap so he excuses himself for a minute.

DB comes to call Jagmal. She is shocked to see him dressed up like a girl. he is upset with his mother as she couldn’t help him in any way. All your plans to kill Dada bhai failed. He points a dagger at his mother’s throat. DB explains that everyone is jealous of him as she loves him too much. You are the apple of my eyes. He denies. She cries seeing him thus and removes his jewellery once she he calms down and lowers the dagger.

Ajabde is surprised to see her jewels back in her palace. Hansa tells them how Pratap got them back from that seller. Saubhagyawati adds that Pratap has actually bought back every single person’s valuables too. People of Bijoia are really grateful to him because of his generosity. Ajabde looks for her toe ring. That is most precious to me. where is it? Subahagyawati replies that it must be here only.

Pratap gets to know that all the Afghans are heading back except one group that is settled near Patliputra. They are constantly getting signals from the Mughals side which indicate that they are open to make them a part of their army. If this group becomes a part of Akbar’s army then they will become stronger as they very well know how to fight using cannons, etc. Pratap is taken aback. Why is Mughal after them? he only wants to include them in their army or is there some hidden motive behind it? you must keep an eye on them. we have to make them a part of our army before Mughals. The spy nods and leaves.

Saubhagyawati stops Ajabde. There is no point checking the ornament room as all the jewellery has already been distributed. Ajabde is worried that she is unable to find that toe ring as it was very close to her heart. Patta comes there asking her if she is looking for this (toe ring). Where did you find it? patta tells her how Pratap used to keep it with him till he was here. He dint want it to go in any stranger’s hands. He gave it to me before leaving from Bijolia. He requested me to give it to you personally afterwards but I got engrossed in the happenings here. I wonder how it skipped from my mind but I came here as soon as I thought about it. ajabde looks at the toe ring emotionally. It seems like he dint forget anything. This small toe ring has touched my hopes again. I am sure you will come back to me again and that too very soon.

Precap: Priest’s disciple asks about Pratap’s wife as a husband and wife do the puja together. DB tells Jagmal that she is doing his raj tilak which makes him happy. They both are suddenly taken aback to see someone.

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