Maharana Pratap 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 15th April 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Surtan singh and gohar jaan conversation, Surtan singh says, we cannot enter into the fort because pratap is coming. Gohar says, i dont know why will jalal saved surtan singh’s life. Gohar see a mouse eating food and says, if this mouse will eat this then everybody will doubt on me. Surtan singh hide himself and gohar hide mouse with cloth. Then jalim singh says to gohar, your dupatta fall down. i will bring it for you. Surtan singh says, leave it there. Gohar says, first of all we will put it on right locus.
Pratap sees the security of bijolia and says, i said to purohit ji that chakrapani and sobhagyawati marriage will happen at our fort.
Mahmood shah’s soldier read the letter of jalal and informed him that jalal is intimidating us, revert all his money. Mahmood shah says, i will earn profit in between pratap and jalal war. Surtan singh burried the mouse. Soldier came and says to gohar that gift came into fort for you.
Phool cries and says to ajab that i cannot make food for pratap. What will he thinks when he knows truth about me. Ajab says, dont get upset, you are brave and you cannot defeat from anyone.
Phool says, it doesnt matter for me whether pratap like me or not. Gohar says to surtan singh, i think there is some message for me. Gohar reads the letter and says, i will kill right now and nobody know anything. Surtan singh beat gohar and says, i will support you.
Mewar’s Purohit ji came to bijolia’s fort. Chakrapani mother came and chakrapani says, all this is happen due to pratap. Phool says, only pratap didnt everything, i also done something for you. Phool talk with ajab then mamrat ji shout on ajab. Pratap says to ajab that your father always shout on you due to your friend. Purohit ji came then hansa mosi calls to her dassi but she is not present there then everybody ask her then gohar reaches there and says that she is gone to her home because her father in law is not well.
Hansa mosi ask about camfor, her grandmother steal it. Ajab bring back camfor.
Here afghan transfor there dress code.

Precap:- Gohar throws letter in ajab and pratap then pratap and ajab sees each other.

Update Credit to: tushar

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  1. vijaya lakshmi buddhiraju

    Some one should proof read the translation. There are too many grammatical errors in the essay.

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