Maharana Pratap 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jagmal is tensed when Pratap throws a spear towards Akbar’s shooter. I can see that our future is in dark. Akbar gets miffed by the same. Now I wont spare you US. They both take out their swords. US and Akbar get into a sword fight. Pratap wants to go there to save his father but Raja Jaimal offers to do so. You are needed here. I cannot put your life in risk. You are the only hope of Rajputana. He leaves. Akbar pushes / punches US yet US stays strong. Next time, Akbar hits him with a dagger. The royal family looks at it in shock. US knew that Akbar is a cheater. Akbar pushes the dagger in the same place again. US’s family is in tears. US tells Akbar that he will never get hold of Rajputana. He falls on the ground. Pratap closes his eyes sadly. US breathes his last. Right then Raja Jaimal is seen heading towards that place with his troops. Akbar’s commanders observe the same. They request Akbar to come with them. Akbar mounts his horse and heads back to his tent. Raja Jaimal is also shocked to see US dead.

DB holds Pratap responsible for US’s death. Why did he kill Akbar’s soldier? What was he thinking? Jagmal too blames Pratap. He will be responsible for our ruin. Rawat ji comes to tell them that Pratap did the right thing by killing the shooter who was about to shoot our Rana ji. It was only Pratap who was right in his head about whatever happened today. He already predicted it but it was us who dint pay heed to him. Akbar wanted to trap and then kill our Rana ji. He had deployed that shooter for the very same reason. They hear commotion outside. The citizens of Chittor are gathered outside the palace.

US’s dead body is kept on the floor. DB is heartbroken to see him. She recalls their last convo. She cries thinking that she was the one who had suggested him to go and talk to that Akbar. Pratap had stopped me but I dint listen to him. Please forgive me. Maan, Ajabde too feel guilty. DB asks for Pratap. Where is he? Did he go to fight with Akbar on his own? Everyone gets tensed.

Everyone chants praises of Akbar. He tells them to wait for their real victory. Let’s prepare ourselves for the bigger fight. Chittor is weak right now. We will write a new chapter in history by winning over Chittor. We will attack them right away as the entire Chittor will be drowned in sorrows right now.

Raja Jaimal addresses all the soldiers of Mewar. It is the testing time for us. We all have to fight against Akbar and his army till our last breath. We will avenge for our King’s murder (a coward act from Akbar). Dodhiya ji too motivates them. We Rajputs can die but cannot stoop down before anyone. The soldiers ask for their leader, Pratap. How will we fight without our leader? We wont fight without him!

Jagmal comes to tell DB that no one can find Pratap anywhere. Everything will be finished. Akbar has already killed father. Now Dada bhai is not in the fort. Akbar will be coming here anytime to kill all of us. Our army has refused to fight without Dada bhai. They are all scared of Akbar. We will all die. Maan gets tensed.

Rawat ji too wonders where Pratap is. Pratap comes there just then. He looks at his father’s dead body and folds his hands before him so as to greet him. Raja Jaimal tells him to motivate the soldiers of Mewar. Make them ready to fight against Akbar. Rawat ji says I can understand what you are going through but you will have to take over Chittor’s reign for our motherland. Pratap denies. There is still time for that.

DB goes out to look for Pratap. Is he upset with me? Why dint he come to meet me? He feels it was I who sent Rana ji to meet Akbar? Ajabde comforts her.

The soldiers are shocked to see someone. Amar Singh too is taken aback. He goes to tell DB something. Rana ji is alive. US appears in the court. Rawat ji and everyone is stunned to see him alive. US pays his respect to the dead person (dead body).

Precap: Akbar’s army marches towards Chittor. Pratap aims a spear towards Akbar. His horse stops because of the same. There is a letter attached to that spear. The commander reads it. You made a very big mistake by setting your foot in our motherland. If you are a true fighter then get ready to fight with us. Akbar looks up from his binoculars. He is shocked to see US. I have been cheated!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Nice epi I just luv this serial plx update it fast.Curiously waiting 4 next precap

  2. it should be continued up to 1 hour and in 7 days of week

  3. Where is 18 May 2015 written update?

  4. Shame on you Pooja. You cant take care of your responsibility. As usual, you are skipping the updates. Why don’t you leave it and give it to someone else then…shame on you…

  5. Please be nice to People who are writing updates for us. Pooja could have some other commitments too. We should be thankful to her for all the updates she has done so far. Please keep up the good work.

  6. Plx poojaa update it fast waiting waiting waiting y r u taking so far to update a precape.I knw it’s not easy as ABC bt still u should update it plc don’t take such a long period for updating many r waiting if u can’t plx tell us.I like ur updates bt if u r doing this I won’t sorry to say this…I just luv this serial bt nw I can’t wach it that’s y I’m reading telly updates I’m very bxy n a student besides of that I’m reading dis bcx I never leave any precap of dis serial plx update it fast still waiting waiting.:’-(:’-(:’-(:’-(:-D:-D:-D:-D:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)Plx plx plx

  7. I like sunny’ s comment n it’s ryt she maybe bxy at some otherwork bt plx pooja update

  8. Where is 19 May 2015 written update?

  9. abey yaar agar update karna nahi hai toh page kyun khool kar rakha hai…..where is 18th and19ths update……..????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? pls update quickly…… what the hell is this pls update fast…..

  10. Pooja

    Sorry people had an accident on my birthday. I hope you guys understand my problem. I too have other commitments and responsibilities which at times I just cannot avoid. I study in the morning n then do this at night. It’s tough for me too as I don’t get to sleep at all yet I am trying not to skip updates. But I cannot help it if it’s an emergency….I will try to update for 18th and 19th asap.

  11. its ok….we will wait till u get tym to update……. its ok….

  12. Pooja

    Thank you Taani…

  13. Pooja

    The updates for 18th and 19th are available now.

    And Thank you Sunny 🙂

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