Maharana Pratap 14th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 14th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jalal tells his identity to phool and pratap and phool gets surprised. Jalal moves towards phool and phool alert him. Jalal says, it is valid for you but as we live together you will speak love language with me. I will built duplicate fort for you as marwar. first of all, we will know each other. Phool says, pratap will kill you. Jalal says, today i came with proper preparation and pratap will get killed. Jalal moves towards phool. Pratap alerts to jalal.
Now pratap confronts jalal and phool hugs to pratap. pratap says, i cant believe what will do with me friendship or enemities. jalal says, i knew that you are pratap and then i decided that i will kill you. Jalal says, we had played a game when we were friend, lets complete it. Pratap says, ok. Pratap and jalal fight with each other.
gohar jaan reaches there and open her sword, pratap beat jalal and jalal put sword on gohar jaan’s neck. Pratap throws his sword and jalal says, what will i do with gohar jaan. Pratap gets surprised. Jalal says, yes, she is my spy and she tried to kill you at bijolia and now you will get killed. Pratap says, i know everything from beginning and i know that you came at bijolia for me. Jalal says, if you know that she is a spy then why you dont killed her. Pratap says, i didnt killed her because i want to know that who is behind her. Phool and ajab run and gohar jaan follow them. Here pratap and jalal again fight with each other. Ajab and phool reaches at hill top and says, now where we will go now. ajab says, gohar jaan didnt see this, as she came here then turned around.
Pratap beat jalal and says, if you will see on my land then you will always down. Gohar jaan fall down from hill. ajab tries to save her but she didnt get success in it. Jalal gets into dizziness. Bahram khan came and calls, pratap and says, now i will kill you. Pratap says, i didnt know that afghan give you honour. Jalal says, kill pratap. Then pratap and fights with bahram khan and jalal then after all the afghan soldier came to fight with pratap. Pratap’s soldier came into battle field. Jalal and bahram khan run away from battle field. Rawal ji stops pratap to follow jalal. Pratap says, do my father know that you are here. Rawal ji says, no, he is busy for occcassion. Pratap ask, what occasion? Rawal ji says, for you welcome. Uday singh get happy with this occasion and busy in it.
All rajputana’s queen came at chittor and everybody welcomes them. Everybody does singing and dancing. JB says, i am very happy to see all these queen and i dont know who will become his queen. JB welcomes everybody and says, pratap will come tomorrow untill you will enjoy in fort.
Pratap reaches at chittor. everybody welcomes him. Phool and ajab also reaches behind him. Pratap gets blessing from JB and sajja. Pratap says, i am feeling that i came at different fort. JB says, gangaur is coming. Pratap says, you are saying false. JB says, let me introduce with these beautiful girls. Pratap introduces phool and ajab dehi. Uday singh gets angry and says, who sent invitation. Jb says, i have sent message. Uday singh says, if phool will present here then i will become so angry. Uday singh see the girl and says, sorry to both girls and ask from JB, who are they? JB introduces Ajab then uday singh ask, about phool. Phool says, no to JB.
Pratap reaches there and uday singh gets happy, pratap gets blessing from uday singh and he hugs him. Phool says, please hide my identity. JB says, ok, i will try, but i dont know when will i hide your identity. Pratap says, i want to ask some important chat. Pratap ask about meera maa’s statue. JB says, bring ajab with you and see the statue. Pratap and ajab goes towards temple and phool tries to go at her room. Uday singh ask, phool’s name.

Precap:- Uday singh gets happy about pratap and jalal cries. Pratap says, jalal will definitely come again. Jalal says, now i will take win against not only mewar but also complete india.

Update Credit to: tushar

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