Maharana Pratap 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhaman Singh (DB’s pet soldier) speaks against Fatta. He doesn’t know that Bijolia is not a state but a part of Mewar only. He is actually standing before his king right now. Fatta refuses to accept US as his king. How can we accept him as our king when he hasn’t set his foot in bijolia over all these years? I have only come here to say that if Mewar can protect Bijolia then is should or else we ourselves are capable enough. DB orders Dhaman Singh to catch him as he is talking like a traitor but Rawat jis suggests them to hear Fatta first. What has gone wrong with Bijolia after all? DB tries to instigate US. Dhaman Singh speaks in favour of DB. Rawat ji looks tensed. Fatta remarks that he wouldn’t have come here if he knew everyone here is deaf. US loses his cool. I should have listened to DB. US orders his soldiers to catch Fatta. Fatta pushes Dhaman Singh on the ground and runs away from there. US orders his men to catch him.

Vaid ji nurses CK’s wound. Pratap tells her to think that she got wounded in some war. You have actually won it. how did you get so brave? She couldn’t stop herself when she saw him in trouble. He gets emotional. He orders the daasi to take CK to her room so she can rest for a while. She leaves. Vaid ji wants to nurse Pratap’s wounds too.

Fatta continues to fool the soldiers. He thinks of Ajabde’s words. She had told him to send a message to her through their pigeon. This will tell us what we have to do afterwards. He signals in the code tone, hearing which the pigeon comes there. Fatta ties a red thread around him and releases him. Soldiers reach near him. they shouts at one another to catch this traitor. Pratap hears it and gets alert. He goes to see what’s happening outside.

DB scolds Dhaman Singh for letting a guy from Bijolia reach Rana ji. I had given you the task of keeping them at bay. Is this why I pay you? He apologizes for the lax. She says I have created an invisible wall between Bijolia and Rana ji in these years. No message has reached Rana ji and similarly no help has reached Bijolia. Do you want my hard work to go waste? I wont let it happen. Dhaman Singh promises to kill the guy asap.

Fatta has reached a stable. He holds the reins of a horse who neighs wildly. Fatta tries to calm him. I have to reach Bijolia asap of jija will come here to help me. please help me friend. Come with me. he tries to pull the horse but in vain. Someone (Pratap) keeps a hand on his shoulder. They are Chittor’s horses. They wont fall for anyone’s sweet words. Fatta turns to look at him. this means CHittor’s horses are also deaf like the people of Chittor. Pratap says they have got their traitor, yet you are still so arrogant. Fatta doesn’t mind being called a traitor if bold people here are called thus. Pratap tells him to come to the point. Fatta doesn’t want to answer a simple stable holder. Pratap repeats his question or else I will call the soldiers who will catch you. Fatta agrees to tell him everything. The truth is, Bijolia’s every single living soul is upset with Mewar for neglecting them. pratap is confused.

Saubhagyawati is helping Ajabde in getting ready. What if Pratap comes here now and apologizes to you for his mistake, what will you say to him? Ajabde will tell him to go. I don’t know what he looks like now. I will think he is some stranger. They both smile. Suddenly they notice the pigeon which reaches there just then. Ajabde deduces that Fatta is in trouble. She is shocked to realise that Hukum has declined to help them. she decides to go to Chittor.

Fatta has told Pratap everything by now. Pratap is so just for the people of Chittor then what happens to him when he has to come to Bijolia. Today the enemy is keeping a watch over us at our borders. Should we not expect any help from Mewar in that case? I am a fool that I am telling you all this when I should be actually running away from here. Pratap tells him to run away from here if he doesn’t want to be caught. fatta declines to take his help. Jija will not spare me if something happens to you because of me. pratap looks at him in surprise. In that case, tell your jija that no one can even touch me here. Go now!

Fatta runs away. Dhaman Singh reaches there with his soldiers but Pratap tells them to let Fatta go from here. Dhaman Singh tries to talk against it but cannot do anything against Pratap.

In his room, US is hurt over today’s incident. Bijolia has hurt me always. While looking at that guy (FAtta), I recalled the day when I had gone to see my dear friend for the last time. Hansa’s words still haunt and hurt him. DB tells him to forget the past. I am sad to tell you that pratap was at fault today. what was the need of sending Fatta away? one has to be strict with traitor and punish him. His crimes are not to be overlooked if he belongs to Bijolia. A traitor is a traitor after all.

Pratap comes there too. US questions him as to what he wants to prove by helping a traitor. Don’t you know that Bijolia and Mewar are separate now? Why did you do it then?

Ajabde is all set to leave for Bijolia. She has donned the look of a man. Hansa Bai warns her against the idea of going to Chittor. You will be insulted once again. we can get Fatta out on our level too. You don’t have to go there for that. She says it is about Bijolia. They have actually attacked our self respect by attacking the guy whom we had sent with the message of helping Bijolia. Hansa says you lost your everything because of that Chittor, I became a widow because of that Chittor. Will you beg for help from that Chittor’s king? What will you say? You will say that Chittor’s DIL is begging in front of you for an ordinary guy of Bijolia. Fatta himself will not support you in this.

Pratap knows his father got angry on Fatta as he called Bijolia a state. You called him a traitor for the very same reason. US agrees. How dare he say something like that? Pratap wants to go to Bijolia and find out the crux of the problem. DB looks worried. US is about to say yes when DB holds his hand. He asks for some time to think over the matter. Pratap takes their leave. DB thinks of stopping Pratap or her game will be over.

Ajabde declines to go to Chittor as a DIL but as Mewar’s daughter. Bijolia is still Mewar’s part. I might have been barred from becoming Mewar’s DIL but I can use my basic citizen rights for Bijloia’s people to help them out. Hansa knows she cannot do anything as Ajabde has made up her mind. Ajabde nods.

Precap: Pratap decides to go to Bijolia to understand the problem of its people. On the other hand, Ajabde too leaves for Chittor.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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