Maharana Pratap 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 13th December 2013 Written Update

Guru Raghuvendra reads the letter sent by Dheerbai for Pratap telling him about Rana Uday Singh’s decision of self sacrificing himself for not being able to find Pratap. Pratap is unconscious so Guru Raghuvendra decides to dress up as Sakha Veer and submit himself to Rana Uday Singh so that he can save the Mewar king.

Rao Sultan gladly takes Uday Singh towards the area where his list rights are to be performed. Rawalji tries to stop the Mewar king from commiting suicide but Uday Singh refuses to go back on his word. Jijabai desperately prays to Lord Krishna for finding a way out because she will either lose her son Pratap or her husband and king Uday Singh.

Pratap wakes up when he suddenly senses that his Guru is in trouble. He reads the letter sent from

queen Dheerbai and decides to help his Guru. Rawalji spots someone who is dressed like Sakha Veer in the forest and brings him to Uday Singh. But Uday Singh, Bairam Khan and Rao Sultan refuse to accept him as Sakha Veer because he is taller than the original Sakha Veer. After having a dual combat with the conman, Uday Singh is convinced that he is not the original Sakha Veer.

At the Mewar palace, Jijabai tells Sajjbai that it is her fault that today her husband and son’s life is stake. She regrets not telling the truth about Sakha Veer to Uday Singh earlier. Sajjabai consoles her that it is not her fault because any mother would have done the same. Just then, Jijabai receives a letter from Pratap informing her of his decision to expose himself as Sakha Veer. *Pratap requests his friend Chakrapani to help him reach Boondi before sunrise to save his father.

Chakrapani tries to dissuade him but agrees eventually and the two leave for Boondi. *When Pratap reaches Boondi as Sakha Veer, Bairam Khan and Sultan Singh are happy to see him. But Uday Singh thinks that his son has come dressed as Sakha Veer and sacrifice himself to protect his father. But Pratap affirms that he had turned himself into the Sakha Veer to save the people of Boondi from the tortures of Boondi King, Rao Sultan.

Uday Singh is visibly heartbroken to hear this. He tells Pratap that he has broken his trust. Pratap informs Uday Singh that he has never done anything wrong. The people of Boondi praise Sakha Veer and tell Uday Singh how their life has been better since he has arrived in their kingdom. Uday Singh is proud of his son Pratap turning into Sakha Veer for saving people. *Rao Sultan Singh realizes that Uday Singh is warming upto the fact that Pratap is Sakha Veer. So he alleges Uday Singh of playing an unfair game by favouring his son. Uday Singh, a man of strong principles, stands true to his word and announces death sentence to his son Pratap for forbidding Boondi’s kingdom laws.

Update Credit to: Proud_india

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