Maharana Pratap 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap knows that Akbar is talking about Tulsidas ji. People say he is a very good saint. Akbar recalls the incident at his palace. I have seen his miracle / magic with my own eyes. Pratap tells him that he is going to meet Tulsidas ji only. They take leave and head their separate ways. Pratap walks a step away but then stops to look at Akbar. Akbar too stops at a distance and turns to look at Pratap (who had resumed walking in his direction by now).

Next morning, Pratap and Ajabde reach Kashi. Chakrapani and Patta are already there to welcome Pratap. Ajabde smiles seeing them. They have made all the necessary arrangements for Pratap and Ajabde’s stay. Pratap cannot understand what they are doing here. Chakrapani tells him not to stop them from doing their duty (as a friend) just like they aren’t stopping him. You thought we will leave you alone? Ajabde appreciates them for coming to Kashi. Patta suggests them to rest but Pratap wants to visit Vishwanath temple first and then meet Tulsidas ji. Can you both please find out where we will find him? Patta and Chakrapani leave to find out.

Akbar is angry with Salima. I told you that the decision to meet all the Rajput kings is useless. See, I had invited everyone but only 2 came. You have made a joke of me. Salima says he is not at fault in any of this. You have taken birth in a royal family so you expect everything to be served in your plate all the time. There is a real life outside your palace, which in reality is the actual truth. We must be ready to face a few problems to gain anything in life. Time can make things easy for us slowly. One has to understand this much in political issues. Akbar warns her to be in her limits. She says I remember my limit and my reality every time. Plus I cannot even think of crossing my limits when it comes to you. but I want to tell you this much that a king is everything for Rajputanas. The base has been affected even if only 2 kings have turned up. Its all about perspectives. Akbar is not interested in what she is saying. Tell me what I have to do now. Salima tells him to stick to their initial plan. Take good care of these 2 Rajput kings. Don’t think too much.

Chakrapani and Patta head to Ram Mandir to meet Tulsidas ji.

Ajabde is making preps for puja when she feels dizzy again. Pratap comes there and says something to Ajabde but stops seeing her standing quietly. He is concerned but she dismisses it.

Tulsidas ji is singing Ram bhajan when Chakrapani and Patta reach there. They too are mesmerised hearing Tulsidas ji’s bhajan.

Pratap is anxiously waiting for Chakrapani and Patta. He decides to visit Vishwanath ji’s temple first in the meantime.

Pratap and Ajabde offer prayers in Vishwanath temple. They hear Tulsidas ji’s voice from a distance. Pratap is mesmerised hearing his voice. They too start walking towards the Ram temple. Tulsidas ji finishes the bhajan and today’s prayers. Chakrapani and Patta look at him with admiration / respect as he leaves.

Pratap realises that the bhajan has come to an end. We have to hurry up. Tulsidas ji greets everyone with folded hands as he walks in the streets. Pratap and Ajabde are coming from the opposite side. Ajabde feels dizzy again just when Tulsidas ji passes by Pratap. Pratap supports Ajabde.

Chakrapani and Patta realise that they forgot telling Pratap about Tulsidas ji. They meet Pratap and Ajabde outside the temple only. Pratap asks them about Tulsidas ji. You had gone to hear his Chaupai. Chakrapani apologizes to him as they were all lost in another world while Tulsidas ji was reciting the Chaupai. Pratap doesn’t mind it. God does everything for a reason only. Maybe there is some reason behind our reaching here late. He begins to go with Ajabde when he hears his Guru ji’s voice. Pratap is surprised to see his Acharya.

Pratap greets his Guru with folded hands and touches his feet. Chakrapani follows suit and so does Patta. Chakrapani says we had not expected seeing you here. Guru Raghvendra replies that it is good to be surprised in life at times. I am seeing you (Pratap) after so long. How did you come here? Pratap says you always said that every warrior should go to Kashi once in his life so he is ever ready to sacrifice his life for his motherland. I got a chance and I came here. Guru Raghvendra says, as far as I know you, you cannot leave Mewar this easily. There is surely some other reason of you coming here. Pratap agrees. I have come to meet Shri Goswami Tulsidas ji. Ajabde seeks Guru Raghvendra’s blessings. You would have to go through a lot many troubles while staying with him. It is not an easy thing to spend your life with Pratap. It is a big trouble. I too have experienced that to some extent. The decision to spend your life with him only fills your life with challenges. They all have a slight smile on their faces by now. Pratap requests him to stay with him.

Akbar greets the 2 Rajput kings. He appreciates them for agreeing to meet him. He himself gives the introduction of both the kings and talks highly of them. My late father used to give me examples of these 2 kings only. Both the kings fall for his words. You are not like what we had heard about you. You are so calm and sweet, young and so matured. Akbar says we create wrong pictures of people in our minds by just following what we hear from other people. This is why I wanted to meet you two, so I can know you personally. Let us be friends from today onwards. I promise to help you in case you need us for any reason. The kings are more than happy to be his friends. We are now allies. Akbar moves ahead and all three kings join their hands together. Akbar is happy to think that now there will be a division in Rajputana. Mewar will become my slave now!

Precap: Pratap wants to obtain the Guru Mantra from Tulsidas ji. I want to devote my everything in Shree Ram ji’s devotion. Ajabde faints. Patta rushes to her side. Pratap picks her up and puts her on the bed. He sends Patta to call Vaid ji.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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