Maharana Pratap 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

US tells the soldier to bring HK in their court with due respect.

Jagmal is irked with his Rani Ma as she has failed yet again. All her plans have failed till date. She was thinking about killing Ajabde and sympathising with Dada bhai whereas right now she herself is doing Ajabde’s aarti. Earlier she was only busy in taking care of Dada bhai but she has diverted her attention in looking after Ajabde too. We will have to make some plan through which we can remove both Ajabde and Dada bhai out of our way. We will have to do that real soon. Dhaman Singh stands there quietly with his head bowed down. Jagmal hears the noise of anklets and peeks out of the window of his room. He is shocked to see Ajabde and VB. Seems like Ajabde is coming here only. He sends Dhaman Singh out of the room. We will discuss it all later.

HK bows before US so as to greet him. US welcomes him. Rawat ji offers him a seat. I will arrange some breakfast for you till then. HK politely declines. I will not eat or drink anything here till my motive is met. My motive is pretty clear – friendship with Pratap. Last time you had come to my place with the proposal of friendship. Unfortunately, I dint value it whereas you saved us from that Mughals. I am ashamed of my acts. I had already said all this to you before. Pratap recalls it all. HK continues, this time I have come at your doorstep with a request of friendship. I think we are equal now. Pratap says my words stay true. I make friends, I don’t do any trading or deals. I don’t weigh things in any way. My answer remains the same – no! US is taken aback. Pratap declines to be friends with HK. You have come to Chittor for the first time. Hope you wont leave from here before giving us a chance to take care of you. HK replies that all this looks good between friends only. Please excuse me. he turns to go but then stops. Remember one this Pratap, HK is also the son of a Pathan and Pathans don’t just give up if they make up their minds to get something. My efforts of becoming friends with you will continue till my last breath. HK leaves. US is angry at Pratap. HK came here on his own and had shown an inclination to be friends with us yet you refused him. Can I know the reason? Even Rawat ji is confused. HK alone can lead one big army. He can prove out to be a very good and capable leader. Pratap explains that fruits and friendship get sweeter when they are ripe. Rawat ji nods.

Ajabde says so much has changed here. VB smiles. Not so much has changed but it will all go back to how it was as you are here now. only DB’s anger will remain the way it is! She wont spare me. Ajabde holds her hand to give her confidence. They hear some noise and look at Jagmal’s room. Ajabde knocks at the door. looks like Jagmal is not in his room. Jagmal is relieved but very next moment Ajabde counters her own statement. He is indeed in his room. He is feeling shy about welcoming his bhabhi. Jagmal panics inside. Ajabde teases him saying that she can ever hear his breaths. He holds his nose. She continues saying that she can still hear it. Jagmal covers his mouth with his other hand. VB tells Ajabde not to tease Jagmal so much. He must be feeling shy. Ajabde peeks in through his window and calls out for him. Jagmal hides at a distance. Ajabde is in no mood to give up. Choti Ma can you not hear anything? Jagmal covers his mouth and nose using a bolster. Ajabde finally says you are right Choti Ma, Jagmal is not inside. You were right. We should leave. They both leave from there smiling broadly. Jagmal throws the bolster away and gasps for air. We dint meet yet look how she has made me gasp for air. Rani Ma you should be very careful now!

In her room, DB is irked hearing Choti Ma from Ajabde. I know what you are trying to do. I have done so much to become Rani Ma from Choti Ma. I will not let you ruin everything. I will kill you Ajabde. She looks at the dagger in her hand. Ajabde comes there just then and again calls her Choti Ma. DB picks up a fruit. Ajabde touches her feet. Please bless me. DB gets irritated. I have already blessed you. Ajabde calls out for Choti Ma (VB). Please tell her to bless me. she turns to DB again. I was yearning to be blessed by you over all these years. You will have to make up for the lost years. DB blesses her reluctantly. Ajabde gets up satisfied. She notices the knife in DB’s hand. what are you doing with the knife? DB shows her the fruit in her other hand. Ajabde offers to do it for her as she is the DIL of the house. She feeds fruit to DB with her own hands. You look so happy now. I have been observing you and you dint look happy but now it all looks good. I am wasting my time here for no reason. I have to see Rani Ma’s (Jaiwanta Bai’s) room too. DB points out that this is her Rani Ma’s room only but AJabde says there was only one Rani Ma for me. DB asks her if she is talking about the one who left this palace because of you. Ajabde recalls the past. You said this in front of me which is ok. But don’t say it in front of anyone else as no one will trust you. Even Pratap doesn’t believe it. Meaning and importance depend on what he thinks, right? DB smiles. It might be so if you are saying it. Ajabde turns to VB. Show me Rani Ma’s room. But then she says only Choti Ma (DB) will show me Rani Ma’s room as only she knew Rani Ma really well. Rani Ma used to tell me so much about you. Let’s go.

DB and Ajabde come to JB’s room. DB asks Ajabde what jija used to tell you about me. Ajabde looks at the room emotionally. Rani Ma used to tell me everything, every good thing! She recalls how JB had told her to call her Rani Ma only. She smiles looking at the bed in the room and folds her hands before it. DB tells her not to lose heart. Everyone has to go one day. Ajabde talks about the memories which stay. This is the same place where Rani Ma used to do Kanha ji’s puja. DB affirms. Ajabde walks closer to the Kanha idol. She keeps her hand over the diya. I, Ajabde, Pratap Singh’s wife, Rao Mamrak ji’s daughter, vows to do everything so that Rani Ma’s dignity remains intact. I will fill the place that remains incomplete / empty in Rani Ma’s (JB’s) absence, with her wishes and expectations. I promise I will do Kanha ji’s puja at this very place once again. I vow that I will keep my home, my state and my husband safe and away from all the evil eyes. I will do anything for his safety. I will fulfil all the responsibilities of Rani Ma diligently. DB continues to look at her in shock.

Ajabde turns to look at DB. Tell me Choti Ma, why did you want to kill me? DB is taken aback. She retreats and then collides with the stool. The decorative item kept on it falls on the floor and breaks. Ajabde walks closer to DB. Nothing happened. A simple artefact has broken. Just like this broken piece, once trust breaks, it becomes impossible to build it again. DB feigns innocence. Ajabde says this means my doubts were right. I think someone is plotting against you. DB wonders who it can be. Ajabde tells her that there is someone in this room who is hearing their convo while hiding. DB demands to know who it is. Ajabde suggests going in her room to talk to her. they both leave from there.

Jagmal comes to tell DB what happened a while back but is surprised not to find his mother there. Whenever I need her, she is not there! He notices Ajabde and DB heading towards DB’s room and panics. He hides behind the bed. Ajabde notices someone hiding there and smiles. She walks almost near him but then turns to talk to DB. Is this place safe to talk? Anyways, I was saying, you are trying to kill me! DB recalls her plan that she had decided to execute via VB. She denies. I made so many preps for your welcome. The whole palace is decorated and you are blaming me like this? Ajabde shakes her head. I do not doubt you. I cannot even think of you like this. But there is someone who is trying to ruin your image. DB asks for the name of that person. Ajabde confirms it from her that she wont say it to anyone else. DB assures her that she wont say anything to anyone. Ajabde takes VB’s name. DB and Jagmal are shocked.

Precap: Pratap and US practise sword fighting. Pratap requests his father to trust him. I am equally eager to be friends with HK but before that I want to confirm it once. DB realises that Ajabde played her cards really well. This means that if I will do anything against VB now then it will come down to me only. Ajabde tells the same to VB. Choti Ma (DB) will be blamed in case you get hurt even a little. She will now pray for your safety day and night.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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