Maharana Pratap 12th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 12th December 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 12th December 2013 Written Update

Uday Singh takes a vow to kill Sakha Veer before 24 hours [1 Prahar = 3hrs, 8 Prahar = 24hrs] otherwise he will cremate himself. Bairam Khan & Rao Surtan become shocked to hear it. Uday Singh leaves.

Rao Surtan wonders saying whether it’s dream or reality. Rao Surtan becomes pleased while Bairam Khan becomes angry & unhappy. Rao Surtan explains him that they know Sakha Veer is none other than Pratap and how Uday Singh has beaten Sakha Veer, there is little chance of his survival and if by chance Pratap survives, he can’t be saved from Uday Singh because after all it’s a Rajput’s vow. Rao Surtan becomes pleased saying either son or father will be died surely. But Bairam Khan wants the death of Sakha Veer.

Pratap’s condition

is very poor. He requests to his horse, Sarang to take him to Raghavendraji.

Bhatiyani & Sajjyabai become tensed to her the vow of Uday Singh. They go to Jaiwanta Bai & Bhatiyani informs her about the vow. Jaiwanta becomes shocked & tensed. Bhatiyani taunts Jaiwanta while Sajjyabai fears. Jaiwanta consoles saying that Uday Singh will be alright, we have to think positive. Bhatiyani asks to Jaiwantabai about Pratap’s whereabouts & mentions that if Pratap would go with Uday Singh to Bundi then this kind of situation would be avoided. Bhatiyani & Sajjyabai insists again & again. Jaiwantabai becomes restless. At last she confirms that she doesn’t know about Pratap’s whereabouts. She adds that even she doesn’t know whether Pratap is aware of this promise of Uday Singh. This time Sajjabai consoles Jaiwantabai. Bhatiyani thinks that she fails to insist Jaiwanta for telling the truth but in this situation Pratap has no choice to admit the truth in front of everyone.

Scene shifts to Gurukul where Raghavendraji & Chakrapani are eagerly waiting for Pratap. Chakrapani is in fear about Pratap’s safety from Bairam Khan. But Raghavendra assures him saying Bairam Khan can’t stop Pratap as Pratap is well-trained now. Santanu informs whatever happens in Bundi. At that time, Sarang comes with injured Pratap. They step forward. Raghavendra asks Pratap whether he is okay or not. Pratap gives an affirmative reply. Pratap tries to get down from the horse & Raghavendra holds him when he is about to fall.

Uday Singh tries to justify his promise to his ministers. Rawatji doubts & fears if they can’t catch Sakha Veer before 24 hours, then the throne of Mewar will be devoid of Uday Singh. He asks whether a king can take such decision to catch a convict. Uday Singh mentions that he sees the destruction in Bundi done by Sakha Veer. Uday Singh asks to his ministers that in such condition he can’t remain silent. He continues that Bairam Khan wants to enter in the whole Rajputana on the basis of Bundi issue. Uday Singh mentions that Sakha Veer can’t be saved though he has escaped last time.

Jaiwantabai prays to Krishna as she is in dilemma, if she tells the truth of Sakha Veer, then Pratap’s life will be in danger but if she doesn’t tell then Uday Singh’s life will be in danger due to his oath. She prays to the God to find out a way by which both of them can be survived.

Uday Singh asks to his minister that they believe him or not. One of the ministers praises the valour of Sakha Veer especially how he defeats Bairam Khan & Uday Singh. He continues his doubt that how they can catch this kind of person within this short time. At that time someone comes & informs that Sakha Veer enters into Mewar & then he goes to eastward towards the pond. Rawatji confirms that Acharya Raghavendra’s ashram is situated in that direction. Everyone becomes surprised while Uday Singh remembers evidence given by Rao Surtan, Bairam Khan’s words about Sakha Veer, Dheerbai’s doubt about Pratap & the face of Sakha Veer in water in Bundi. The doubt comes in his mind that everyone is right & he is wrong, in other words, Sakha Veer is none other than Pratap. He tells to Rawatji that he goes to Jaiwantabai to discuss this matter after then goes to Gurukul to find out Sakha Veer. He leaves & Rawatji is in tension.

Jaiwantabai’s Mangal tika is missing. It’s the sign of her marriage. She asks to Girjadai to find out it. Suddenly one servant comes to inform that Maharana Uday Singh is coming. Jaiwanta steps towards the idol of Krishna & confirms that if the loss of the Mangal tika is the sign from the God then she must tell the truth to Uday Singh. At the moment, Uday Singh enters. Uday Singh realizes that Jaiwantabai is in tension, he notices the Mangal tika is displaced from its actual place & he places it at its actual position. Uday Singh asks her whether she knows about his oath. She replies affirmatively & expresses their fear. Uday Singh asks the reason of their fear. He requests Jaiwantabai to pray to the god, Krishna for his victory over Sakha Veer. Jaiwantabai still looks tensed. Uday Singh consoles & requests to pray together before he leaves for his mission. Jaiwantabai disagree to do rather she confirms that she will pray later for welfare of the whole family. She adds that the God Krishna will do whatever is good for the whole family. Uday Singh believes her. Uday Singh thinks that if Pratap is actually Sakha Veer then Jaiwantabai surely tells the truth to him. He again requests her to pray to the God Krishna that Uday Singh can able to catch Sakha Veer at any cost. Jaiwantabai again gives affirmative answer. Uday Singh leaves.

Dheerbai comes again to taunt her saying that she always thinks about Pratap more than Uday Singh. She continues that it’s proved that she knows Jaiwantabai very well & she respects her also that’s why she wants to be sacrificing mother for Jagmal like Jaiwantabai. She again continues that mother should be like her only, the son must be protected while husband is alive or not. Jaiwantabai looks determined saying that all time Bhatyani can’t be right & she proves it. She adds that she loves her son a lot but simultaneously she can forget neither her marriage vow nor the duties of a queen. At that time, Jaiwantabai’s dress begins to fire with the nearby candels but Jaiwantabai is not aware of it & she runs to stop Uday Singh. Dheerbai & Sajjyabai try to stop her but fail to do so. Uday Singh leaves with all his ministers.

Jaiwantabai becomes senseless, Pratap regains his consciousness & Uday Singh goes to find out Sakha Veer, in other words all of their life is in danger. The episode ends.

Update Credit to: debasree04

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