Maharana Pratap 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mamrak ji, Uday Singh, Pratap and Chakrapani come to seek blessings from shiv ji. They are told to remove their ornaments and go inside like a normal person. Uday Singh notices Pratap looking around the temple for something (or someone). He asks Mamrak ji about Ajabdeh. They are told that she left early in the morning with her mother. They have come to temple for puja. Uday Singh is all praises for Ajabdeh yet again. they all start removing their ornaments. Pratap’s shiv ji mala falls in the process. He is oblivious to it and goes inside with Chakrapani. Uday Singh and Mamrak ji notice it. Uday Singh recognizes it as Pratap’s but Mamrak ji tells him the truth that it belongs to Ajabdeh. Her mother had given it to her. I remember that I had brought it from Kashi. Uday Singh has seen Pratap wearing it since so many days now. Mamrak ji is taken aback.

Akbar was taking rest but wakes up as he hears Bairam Khan angrily asking his soldiers about the rebellions. Bairam Khan apologizes to him for waking him up. I couldn’t control myself after seeing the condition of our soldiers. Akbar too wants to know who has done it. bairam Khan knows that Pratap is behind it but lies. I only had sent a few soldiers earlier to check on the conditions. Unfortunately they were caught and beaten. The soldiers agree that they were sent back alive to inculcate fear in their other soldiers. Akbar gets angry. Bairam Khan apologizes that he had wanted to go to Gujarat via Ajmer but the situation there has worsened and we should reach there asap. Akbar agrees to go via the Aravali route. Bairam Khan is pleased. He only had planned all this and treats the injured soldiers with some gold coins.

Hansa Bai invites Pratap to start the abhishek of shivling. He and Ajabdeh share an eye lock. Chakrapani guides him. he also hints at their togetherness but then ends up saying friendship as Pratap eyes him miffed. Ajabdeh and Pratap offer jal and milk to the shivling while the chants of mantras can be heard in the background. Everyone closes their eyes to offer their prayer. Meanwhile, Pratap’s clothes catch fire. Ajabdeh opens her eyes and shouts for him to look out for the fire. They douse the fire and luckily he is unharmed. Ajabdeh asks for the shiv ji mala. Just then Uday Singh holds it out for him. Mamrak ji confronts Ajabdeh about the same to which she refuses (not meeting her dad’s eyes which brings a smile on Uday Singh’s face). Mamrak ji remembers it well that he had got it for her from Kashi. She replies that it used to be hers but it isn’t anymore. This belongs to Kunwar Pratap now. Shiv ji has given it to him for his security. Pratap is surprised. He asks Hansa Massi for its meaning. She affirms that it was brought by Rao ji from Kashi. Now it is with you. This mala fell into a river long time back and reached you. You have worn it thinking it to be Shiv ji’s blessings. It is with you since then. Priest remarks that it doesn’t seem to be some ordinary coincidence. God knows it best. He always unites the ones he wants to. Jai Shiv Shambhu! Uday Singh asks Pratap to return it to Ajabdeh. Ajabdeh declines to accept it and walks out from there.

Pratap walks in a trance along with his dad as he recalls how he had thought to give this same mala to Ajabdeh once. Uday Singh notices him lost in thoughts. They proceed towards the palace. Ajabdeh is cleaning her room all the while recalling what had happened in the temple. Pratap comes to return the mala to her. she can feel his presence with his footsteps only. He doesn’t want / like to keep someone else’s things with him. she tries to make him believe that it belongs to him. he is not ready to fall for any of her logics. They both are worried for each other’s safety. She tells him that she is safe till the time he is safe (lovely moment). He has understood why she wasn’t ready to take it back when he was thinking of gifting it to her. She denies but he eyes the mala happily now.

They are all set to leave but Chakrapani is not there. Saubhagyawati tells them that he had gone to meet Ajabdeh. Just then he comes back. Pratap wants to know what work he had with Ajabdeh but he simply replies that there was something. She is my friend too. Pratap takes their leave. Hansa Bai agrees to come to his wedding with her son. He immediately asks about Ajabdeh. Mamrak ji replies that she will definitely come if he will personally invite her. hansa Bai too supports him. Pratap goes to talk to Ajabdeh.

Ajabdeh has a gift for Pratap. He takes it but then gets sad / serious. Will you come in my wedding? She too turns sad and then shakes her head. It wont be right. He knew it already yet wanted to ask her once. I have nothing to give to you. She doesn’t want anything, she tells him. he is called downstairs as they have to leave for Chittor. Ajabdeh wishes him happy journey. They both are close to tears. He wipes his tears after thanking her (making sure she doesn’t see it) and she too breaks down as he goes out of her room.

Precap: JB only wants to bless Pratap but she wont do his tilak which surprises him. Pratap sharpens his sword all the while recalling Ajabdeh. He opens Ajabdeh’s gift.

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