Maharana Pratap 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap has a tough time making Chetak understand that Ajabde cannot come along with them. Chetak eyes Ajabde sadly and leaves reluctantly with Pratap. Hansa asks Ajabde about her convo with Pratap. Ajabde replies that his words had so much love that she can spend her whole life with them. she hugs her mom. I have to go and thank Kanha ji for what He has done. She runs inside. Patta tries to talk her but she doesn’t stop. He is surprised at her behaviour. What happened to her Ma ji Sa? A while ago Jija was ready to fight with the Afghans with all her might but right now she is acting like she is the most sensitive and soft person of Bijolia. Hansa prays that her daughter stays like this only as we don’t have to hide or negate the truth anymore now.

Akbar wants to win over Pratap. When will that day come! Aliq Uli Khan brings the news of Badshah Khan’s death. Badshah Khan was beheaded. Akbar gets to know about the fight between Badshah Khan and Pratap. Everyone is shocked to hear it. Aliq Uli Khan also adds that Pratap has sworn that he wont let him (Akbar) rule over Mewar ever. Bairam Khan tries to distract Akbar’s attention to the gift sent by Arab’s Ruler. It will help you in winning over Pratap. I kindly request you to see it once.

US and Rawat ji are near the lake. US tells Rawat ji that they will have to find the loopholes in their security as soon as they reach Chittor. Bijolia was under such a threat and we dint even get to know about it. We dint even get to know it when Bijolia was attacked by Afghans. If Pratap wasn’t there then we would have lost Bijolia for forever. rawat ji is pleased to see him back in action and taking charge of the situation. You went in your shell after Maharani JB left us. US knows that he dint took any interest in anything once JB left. Although it is JB only who had inspired me to change my stance on the situation! He recalls how JB had always told him to follow his raj dharma. They see Pratap returning on Chetak. US plans to become the old US / Pratap’s dad again. I have been with him over all these years but I dint act like his father. Probably that is what Bijolia’s people missed too.

US tells Pratap that he and entire Mewar is proud of him for killing Badshah Khan. Pratap knows that Badshah Khan was just a pawn in that Mughal’s hand. I wont sit peacefully till I finish him.

Akbar comes to see the gift (well skilled men sent by the Arab Ruler) along with Bairam Khan and a few of his courtesans. They all insist so he fights with all of them all by himself. They injure him though. He appreciates them but he knows that they are not fit enough for Pratap. All this looks childish now. This wont help. One of the guys tells him how they have killed 3 kings and have written new pages of history. Who is that person for whom you think we are not fit enough? Akbar replies that when I was born, my dad had plucked a kasturi whose fragrance had spread everywhere. He had told me that just like its fragrance one day no one will be able to stop my rule from spreading in all the corners of this world. But this is just a part of that story as Allah always sends people in pairs. Everyone told me that Allah had sent me here but He had sent him (Pratap) here on earth two years before my birth. Since that day that one person has been standing like a wall between my ambitions, my dreams. They want to know who that person is. Akbar tells them that he is talking about Mewar’s Pratap. He thinks of Lord Shiva as soon as he wakes up. He chants his name three times when he gets up followed by Ekling ji’s name and then his motherland which he considers to be his mother and is not scared of death at all. Pratap is shown following the same course of action side by side. akbar continues, he steps down from his bed then, takes bath and come what may, he starts his day by praying to Lord Shiva by doing Rudra Abshishek. His Lord hears his prayers every day. After this he practises sword fighting / warfare for 3 hours straight. Pratap is following the same regime. Akbar says, he is the prince of his empire but everybody knows him for his soft and big heart. He greets them before they even greet him. He is so just that no one can match him. Pratap saves a guy and in fact tells the other guy to apologize to him. He talks softly with him, understanding fully well that he is not in a condition to pay tax this year which is perfectly ok. You will have to try harder next year as it is important for our state to run. Akbar adds that Pratap’s real strength is his people on whom he rules. We will have to bring Mewar down to make us Saltanat-e-Azim. We will force him to stoop in front of us. We are made by the same God. Trust me Khan Baba these people cannot even touch him.

Akbar tells US that Akbar wont sit quietly until he troubles us. In fact, he has become stronger and clever with time. We will have to be one step ahead of him to face him. he suggests that they will have to modernise their weapons. That Mughal is using rifles. I had seen it once in my childhood. With rifles, we can aim from a distance. We will have to include this weapon in our army asap. That Mughal has done it already.

Akbar sees a demonstration of cannon and gets happy that this will help them in defeating Pratap. He smiles thinking about it whereas on the other side, Pratap kills the Mughal soldier who has been trying to snatch their flag and holds it victoriously.

Precap: Ajabde is surprised to see her jewels back in her palace. Hansa tells them how Pratap got them back from that seller. On the other hand, DB panics thinking that Pratap will soon become Maharana Pratap if she is unable to think of any way out to stop him. Akbar thinks of winning Mewar at any cost.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Yaar ajabeh aur pratapko ek saath laao

  2. Ajabde should have some respect for herself. Those people had put galat inzaam on her, she should hate them and not care
    P.S. – What happened to phool kunwar

    1. Sandeep Singh

      Phool kunwar also actually married maharana PRATAP but serial people may show Akbar instead…it was heera kunwar who was actually married to Akbar but TV people love distorting history just for drama

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