Maharana Pratap 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

There is a letter from DB as well in which she has asked me to agree for this alliance asap. Mamrak ji hides his pain. He too talks about the benefits that this will bring for the whole Rajputana. Pratap leaves from there.

Pratap cannot understand what to do. Chakrapani tells him to follow his heart. He has anyways defeated the Mughals. But they are still alive, Pratap says. Rajputana should be united so as to keep him away from us. Chakrapani wants him to think if he really thinks Mewar and Marwar should form a relation based on Pratap and Phool’s wedding. Pratap thinks about Phool’s feelings. She took so much trouble to save me from Murga Khan. Chakrapani tells him to think it to be a help from his good friend. Follow your heart. Even she knows about your feelings for Ajabdeh. You just have to talk to Ajabdeh once.

Ajabdeh thinks about Pratap. A daasi brings letter for her from Phool. Ajabdeh gets excited but her happiness is short lived when the dassi makes a guess that it will be about her wedding with Pratap only. Daasi also tells about the letter and gifts from Marwar that have come for Rana ji. Ajabdeh dismisses her. she recalls Phool’s confession and her reaction when she had come to know about Ajabdeh and Pratap’s feelings for each other. She drops the letter without even reading it. Pratap comes to talk to AJabdeh but she talks about his and Phool’s wedding. She doesn’t let him talk and wishes him well. He asks her if this is what she wanted to say to him. She nods. She reminds him of what happened when he had confessed his feelings for her in front of everyone. Pratap recalls what all had happened afterwards and nods. She congratulates him for his wedding. Her pain is clearly visible in her eyes. They both share an eye lock after which they both fold their hands in front of each other and go their separate ways. They both have tears in their eyes as they turn to look at each other one more time. She sits down on the bed heartbroken. The letter opens up because of the wind. Phool talks about how her feelings had made her selfish but Ajabdeh’s letters changed her. she talks about how they should marry the one who loves her. ajabdeh should marry Pratap as they both love each other.

UDay Singh paces as he reads the letter again. a soldier asks him if the shagun thaal’s should be kept in his carriage to which he replies that they can be kept anywhere. It doesn’t matter. He is waiting for Pratap who comes there just then. He wants to talk to him about his wedding. Pratap interrupts him. I think we shouldn’t delay it. We both know the truth. We should think about its advantages. We should leave for Chittor right away and make preps for the marriage. Uday Singh is taken aback. Do you really want this? Pratap recalls Hansa Bai telling him about Ajabdeh’s recent endeavours; his love for her and how she talked to him about sacrificing his love for his land. He nods and excuses himself so that he can make preps for their journey back home.

Ajabdeh lights the lamp in front of Kanha ji. She apologizes to him for making this mistake. I thought that Phool’s feelings might have changed but I was wrong. Please bless the couple. They are my own. Please fill their lives with happiness and love. the letter moves away because of the wind.

Mamrak ji tells his wife about the letter sent by Marwar. She talks about the feelings that Ajabdeh and Pratap share. Even Rana ji would have observed the dedication and love that they both share. Was it just pretence (by Pratap)? They both like each other a lot. No one change it, not even Rana ji. Why is this happening? MAmrak ji is sure Rana ji would ask for Ajabdeh only if God asks him about it but we all have to focus on the bigger issue right now forgetting all about our feelings. Nothing is greater than saving our land and values. We should respect his decision and not complicate the situation. Take care of yourself as you only have to take care of Ajabdeh. Rana ji and Pratap are leaving today only.

Hansa Bai talks to AJabdeh about the recent happenings. We don’t know if Pratap will come to Bijolia again or not. rao ji wants this bidai to be memorable for them. ajabdeh agrees to help her mother in it. hansa Bai is surprised / shocked by her positive reaction. Ajabdeh talks about their duties. Let us focus on our dharma. They both wipe their tears.

DB is instructing her daasi’s about the stuff that they need to send to Marwar. Even JB has agreed for it reluctantly. DB lies that even Rana ji has agreed for it. He is heading to Chittor as soon as he got the letter which means that he too wants this wedding. JB agrees. DB gives her the bridal attire. You should send it. JB caresses the fabric sadly as memories of the play day come back; DB’s logic about Ajabdeh.

Precap: Akbar is angry at the rebellions as they have hurt / injured his soldiers. Mamrak ji finds that necklace of Shiv ji (Ajabdeh’s) on floor. Uday Singh recognizes it as Pratap’s but Mamrak ji tells him the truth that it belongs to Ajabdeh. Her mother had given it to her. Pratap comes to return it to her.

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