Maharaja Ranjit Singh 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 8th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ranjit’s rope breaks and he falls on the lower cliff.
Gurwaksh says kill me Mahan. Sada isn’t here to save me either. Mahan says I still have respect left for relationships. Ranjit comes up. He sees a horse and sits on it.
Gurwaksh says kill me Mahan. Mahan tries to kill Gurwaksh but stops.The sun is setting but someone has already blown the bell. The war stops.

Sahib is sleeping in his palace. His man comes and tells him Mahan is alive. He breaks things in anger. Sahib says I think Mahan’s death is written from my hands. I will decide how he dies. Roop overhears everything. His man says don’t worry this will happen. Roop says you are sardar of Pujab. I didn’t know you can stoop this low. She ties his hands and puts a knife on

his neck.

Gurwaksh is planning where to attack Mahan’s army.
Ranjit comes to the camp. Gurwaksh’s men stop Ranjit. They say you can’t go inside. Ranjit says I have to meet uncle. Gurwaksh’s men come. SHe says if anyone comes forward I will kill him. Sahib says let her go.
Roop says even if I have to kill this whole army of yours I will stop this battle. Your conspiracy will lose. Someone puts a knife of roop’s neck. Its Ghulab. She is dazed. Sahib laughs. He says well done Ghulab. He says you can’t kill GHulab.

Ranjit leaves the camp. He wonders how can he enter the camp.
Ghulab locks Roop. She says please don’t do this to brothers. Please. Ranjit sends his horse towards the camp. All his men come there. Ranjit enters from the other side. Gurwaksh says where is ranjit.
Ranjit enters Gurwaksh’s room. He says the truth will be in front of everyone’s eyes. Ranjit starts blowing a drum there. Gurwaksh says what are you celebrating for? Ranjit says for conspiracy to lose. Read that letter. this is behind all the this war. Please open and read it. Gurwaksh says this sure is your dad’s new game. Ranjit says please do. If you feel like it is his game after reading it please kill me. Gurawksh opens the letter and reads it. He is dazed. Ranjit says there is a conspiracy that is making you do this battle. Gurawksh is dazed. He says in heart what have I done.

Mahan is in his camp. His man gives him a letter from Gurwaksh. Mahan opens it. People can’t choose their family. Because God decides that. But we can choose who our friends are. I am lucky to have chosen a great friend. You are that friend. You are my brother that I never had. The mirror that made me see the truth. The protection that saved me from everything. We stood by each other all these years. but then everything changed. We became victim of misunderstandings. I think my anger is the reason behind it. Remember when Mehtab was born you celebrated all day. We shared every happiness and sorrow. But today we are not together because of me. I made a mistake that doesn’t deserve pardon. You tried telling me but I couldn’t. Your goodness made me a better a man. You are known for your wisdom. I accept all my mistakes and request for one chance to repent. I want to meet you in the ground to bury the misunderstandings. Will you come? Mahan says I will come for sure brother. These misunderstandings need to die.

Precap-Mahan comes to the ground.
Some men surround him. Mahan says this is your repentance? You cheated me again. Gurwaksh comes there and says attack on Mahan? When a man tries to stab Mahan Gurwaksh stands in front of him and the man stabs him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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