Maharaja Ranjit Singh 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 20th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jai says Sardar’s son has to be the sardar in future. I am glad you brought Ranjit here Mahan. Ranjit touches his feet. Mahan says your letter sounded worrying. I wanted to know what it is. Jai says Gurwaksh.. Gurwakhsh comes forward and says our brother was coming here to tell about intentions of enemy. But someone killed him on the way. The enemy isn’t Afghan or Mughal. Jai says they are Britishers. Gurawksh says yes. Our brother who was killed was Qay Singh. He was a servant of Britishers. We found this letter in Qay Singh’s pocket. This is letter that Lord AutoEast sent to all the alliances of them. Jai says Qay Singh sacrificed his life to bring this letter to us. We have to prepare since we know what is up. A sardar says this isn’t a problem. This is just an intention. Jai says I know these Britishers. They plan for long term. They want to rule the land of Punjab. Another says no its not like that. Even if they want to come here, then why should we be scared? Gurwakhs says we are here to design the policy. A sardar says we can’t make policy based on just your doubt or illusion. Mahan says I want to say something. He says we can’t tell as yet if this snake is poisonous or not. But we can’t let it bite us to know that. You just stay careful. we have to be careful with these Britishers too.

Mahan says today is the time to be united. Today is the time not to be divided. We have to unite for our land. We are all one power. We will fight the fate to protect our land. We are one power one flag. Every chants with him.
Ranjit says I wanted to see the same unity in us. Jai says Mahan is right. This is the land of Sikhs and will always be. Jai says the biggest issue is to unite all of us an prepare an army. Then we will choose a sardar that will stop both Afghans and Britisher. A sardar who will lead. We don’t have time. We have to choose the sardar today. The name I want to choose is the sardar I have seen since childhood.
I have seen him solving problems with wisdom. He is.. Mahan SIngh. Gurwaksh is dazed.
Mahan says great conspiracy. First you created this fear and then made Mahan our sardar. so we all bow down to him.
What shortcoming do we have? Leave us what shortcoming does Gurwaksh? Mahan sasy Gurwakhs is deserving. Another sardar says we don’t agree to this. Gurwakhs is not even the sardar of his state yet. I am better than him. They all start fighting with each other.
Mahan says we have no unity right now and we are fighting. Mahan leaves in anger.

Scene 2
Gurwaksh angrily cleans his sword. SAda says what happened you can share your problem with me. HE says today Sahib said he won’t consider mahan his sardar. He tried insulting mahan using me. He asked them to make me sardar to create differences between us. Sada says nothing can bring distance between two pieces of magnet. Nothing can create distance between you two. He says thank you sada. She says you should help us in uniting our people. You should take care of your state and make your army powerful. We have to protect own house then of our neighbor. He says you are right. He goes to jai.

Ranjit is crying. Mehtab says what happened? Ranjit says in palace.. She says I know everything. Ranjit says my father wants everyone to unite and everyone accused him. HE felt so bad. And I.. I couldn’t do anything.
Mehtab says dont’ worry. We will find a way out. Ranjit says there is a way. Thank you mehtab. You showed me the right path.

Precap-The lord says to Ghulam why you want to join hands with us? Ghulam says because we have intentions to ruin Sikhs. Ranjit says today I promise that I will become the protector of

Update Credit to: Atiba

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