Maharaja Ranjit Singh 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ranjit is on his horse. He says today I will tell Mai vajero that I have found my way. Mai senses him coming. He runs inside and asks Raj where is Mai Vajero? She looks at him and hugs him. Ranjit turns back. Mai Vajero comes. He says this trunk? Where are you going? She says keep one thing in mind. She tells him that guru ji told him on tree can’t grow where another tree is already grown. Ranjit listened to all your lectures. Its about time that he chooses his own path now. This entire nation has a right on Ranjit. He should be able to tolerate the pain of sacrificing what he loves. He should be strong. Its about time he should move forward on his. She says I am going to Amritsar. He says how will I live without you. Mai says you will have to fight the battles alone as a sardar. Make yourself strong. Donn’t be a leaf, be a strong stem. Sometimes we have to drink in our own tears to become stronger. She is walking outside. Her heart asks her to look back at ranjit but she walks out. She sits in her victoria Ranjit runs after her.. Mai Vajero comes out. She looks at Ranjit. Ranjit is in tears. He hugs Mai Vajero. Mai says you are in my heart and prayers always. No matter how much distance comes between us. The storms rage for a small time. Then there is clear sky. This hard time too shall pass. She wraps her chaddar around him. She says promise me you won’t let my lesson go in vain? He says I promise I will become the Ranjit for which my mai vajero has to to away from me. She leaves.

Ranjit comes to Mai’s hall. He recalls her saying that with one eye you can see everyone with single gaze. Don’t be mad at your dad he must have a reason behind what he is doing. Raj brings her herbs. Ranjit opens it. It has sweets. It is the same parsad Mai used to give him. He says thank you. You gave me a chance to be nurtured by Mai. Raj says I am glad you had love of two mothters.

Scene 2
Sada sees cut on Mehtab’s hand and says what is it? She says I was plucking flowers so it happened. Sada says I am not stupid. There is no prick growing plant in our house. We didn’t want a single bruise on your body. Gurwaksh asks what happened? Sada says ask her how she got these bruises? Mehtab says I wanted to tell you both turth.. Gurwaksh says tell us how it happened? Is it deep? She says it could have been. If Ranjit wasn’t there I won’t be alive. She tells them the lion incident.
Sada says I am sick of this ranjit. Because of him you got into that trouble. our daughter was in danger because of Ranjit. Gurwaksh says why you always blame him? She says because I am a mom. You can let this go but I can’t.
Sada says to Mehtab from now on you will have to stay away from Ranjit Singh. She says please no. Sada says our family will stay away from Mahan’s. If you can’t listen to me Mahan will. And today it will be decided.

She takes Mehtab’s hand and comes to palace. Sadda says help me Sardar ji. A mother wants help from you. Jai says what happened? Sada says please save my mehtab. Gurwaksh says what is this sada. Sada says I wont’ stay quite anymore. Why should we all always sacrifice for Mahan and his family. Because of that Ranjit Mehtab could be eaten by a lion. I don’t wanna lose my daughter. Ranjit is full of hatred and jealousy. My daughter is pure. Water and fire can’t be one. Answer me Jai Singh what have Ranjit and Mahan done for us? We did everything for them. What did we get in return? Everyone knows if you weren’t there Mahan couldn’t be the king. The favors you did on Mahan, I my daughter have to pay its price but for how long? Enough now. If Mahan’s family can’t repay us then they can’t rule use like this either. They have to stop putting Mehtab’s life in danger. Ranjit is overhearing.

Precap-Jai says Mahan is like Gurwaksh to me. i can’t leave him. Sada says then behead me. Gurwaksh says I agree with Sada.
Ranjit says why did you have to come with me to jungle. I am scared Gurwaksh uncle will take a harsh decision. Gurwaksh says to Mahan I have decided to breaks this relationship between us.

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