Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 20th May 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanjay time travels again

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 20th May 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shakuni sadly celebrating his birthday. Pranpriye gifts him Albert’s statue. Shakuni gets glad to see Damodari. Maharaj and Gandhari perform in the Swayamvar. Everyone claps for them. The princes compete in the arrow shooting. Sunaina waits for Sanjay. Sanjay looks for Albert. He sees Albert’s statue. He feeds the medicine to Albert and asks him to get up. Shakuni comes and scolds Sanjay. Sanjay says he isn’t a Devi, but a man. He takes Albert with him. He makes Shakuni fall down. He laughs and falls as well. Shakuni catches him and says get ready to die. Sanjay says I will get ready and come.

Albert hits on Shakuni’s head and faints him. Sanjay says the medicine worked, great, make a new arrow for me, the Swayamvar started. Albert says I can’t make it soon. Sanjay says Rishi has plutonium, you can go back with Sweety, I will be here with Sunaina. Albert says I can’t help you, but my feelings are with you. Purushottam goes to shoot the arrow and aims at the fish. He shoots the fish. Everyone claps for him. The man says we declare him as winner. Sanjay comes and stops them. He enters the Swayamvar. He tries hard to lift the bow. The princes laugh on him. Suryabhan jokes and calls him a donkey. Shakuni has the arrow. He says this is my love arrow, which Damodari has hit on my heart. The man says Sanjay is declared unsuitable to compete.

Sanjay sits sad. He gets Albert’s remote. He stops them and says wait. He says I don’t need 250kgs bow to shoot the arrow, I can use my aim to shoot the arrow. He uses the remote. The arrow gets activated. Shakuni flies. Pranpriye catches him. Sanjay says the arrow would be coming now. Everyone hits tomatoes at Sanjay. Suryabhan laughs and hits him. They see Shakuni flying with the arrow. They get shocked. Sanjay laughs. Shakuni falls in the pool. Everyone claps for Sanjay.

The man declares Sanjay as the winner of the Swayamvar. The princes get shocked. The man says Sunaina is yours from now. Sanjay says wait, its true that I love Sunaina a lot, I have done a lot for her, she isn’t someone that I win her, she should have the right to decide whom she wants to marry. Everyone claps. Sanjay says I can win Swayamvar, but can’t marry you without your consent, will you marry me. Suryabhan says refuse. Sunaina signs no. Suryabhan says yes….

Sanjay gets sad. He gets leaving. Suryabhan says winner left, what will we do now, I m asking the decision maker. The man says Purushottam will marry Sunaina, he is the runner up. Albert puts the plutonium and makes the car ready. Rishi says I m also a genius, who made the time machine. Albert says you got caught here, my machine will take me back. They argue.

Sanjay comes crying. He says I m coming back, I can’t stay here. Albert says what happened, you said you can’t live in the world where Sunaina isn’t there. Sanjay says no. Albert says what about her. Sanjay sees Sunaina in the car. Sanjay asks who was sitting in the Swayamvar. Purushottam gets shocked seeing Sweety. Suryabhan asks who is she. Pratap says Sunaina has sent a letter. Suryabhan reads… I m going to a new world with Sanjay, I m sure that Pratap will become a good king. Suryabhan gets angry. He asks Senapati to go and get Sunaina back, she will marry Purushottam. Purushottam says no need, I want to marry Sweety. Suryabhan says I will go and get Sunaina back. His wives stop him. Sunaina says Sweety wanted to stay here, I wanted to come with you. Sanjay says we have to leave.

Maharaj and Gandhari come with Shakuni. Sanjay says sorry, I wanted to tell you. Maharaj says you are not from our time. Sanjay says you are great. Albert says sorry Shakuni, I m not a Daasi. Shakuni says its fine. Albert says I m not from your world, I m bald, I have no hair. Shakuni says its fine. Albert says I m a man, you idiot. Shakuni says its fine. Albert makes a face. Maharaj blesses Sanjay and Sunaina. Albert says sorry and hits Shakuni. The car doesn’t start because of extra weight. They push Rishi out. The car leaves and reaches somewhere. Sanjay, Sunaina and Albert reach a mysterious place. Sanjay asks where did we reach. Albert asks is anyone there. Sanjay says this place is really good for honeymoon. They hear some sound and turn to see. They get shocked seeing the huge dinosaur coming. They scream and run.

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