Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 16th April 2020 Written Episode Update: Gandhari returns to Maharaj

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 16th April 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maharaj eating the food made by Suryabhan’s wives. He spits the food on Shakuni’s face. Sanjay asks Maharaj to host a fashion show or a beauty contest, the women will participate in the contest, the news will reach Gandhari. Maharaj agrees. The fashion show begins. Everyone likes the fashion show. Sanjay asks how do you like it, its called cat walk. Maharaj says its nice, but the women aren’t making cat sounds while walking. Sanjay asks the girls to make cat sounds while walking. The women walk and make cat sounds. Maharaj sys its too sweet. He also gives the points to the models. Albert also comes on the stage. Shakuni praises Damodari.

She says she is the best. Sanjay asks what are you doing, are you mad. Shakuni says she is really good, someone will be blind to not give her good scores. Gandhari and Suryabhan play a game. He says you are chanting Maharaj’s name and he isn’t even missing you. Senapati comes with the news. He says Maharaj is organizing Miss Hastinapur utsav, a beauty contest. Suryabhan says Maharaj is being naughty and playing with the girls. He asks Gandhari to look at the picture, Maharaj is looking at the girls in the picture. Gandhari gets angry. She shouts. He gets glad. Albert shows the eco-potty seat made. He explains that it will be more hygienic for use. Senapati says you should remove her from the contest right now. Shakuni stops him and praises Albert. He asks Albert to dance. Shakuni and Albert dance.

Maharaj asks when will my queen come back. Sanjay says she didn’t come from there. Shakuni asks Maharaj to get married. Maharaj says yes, it will be right, its not right for the Praja that my wife isn’t here, I declare that I will marry the winner of this beauty contest. Sanjay says you can’t do this. Senapati says he has promised it. Sanjay goes. Shakuni sits on the western toilet seat.

Sanjay comes to meet Suryabhan. Gandhari is sleeping. Sanjay gets into a sword fight with him. Suryabhan says its no fun, we shall go out and fight. Sanjay asks him to go. Gandhari wakes up and asks who is it. She hits on Suryabhan’s head and also on Sanjay’s head. Sunaina looks on. Albert wishes that other women win. Senapati asks Maharaj to eat the food made by the contestants. Maharaj spits the food. He selects Albert as the winner. He takes the garlands to Albert. Shakuni worries. Senapati stops Shakuni. Sanjay gets Gandhari’s prepared food and feeds to Maharaj. Maharaj likes it and says if Sanjay made it, then I will marry him. Sanjay says no, she has made it. Gandhari comes. Maharaj goes to Gandhari. He makes Sanjay wear garlands. Gandhari makes Albert wear garlands.

Sanjay asks Suryabhan and Maharaj to play a game and decide. Sunaina says this time, it will be my decision. She calls Suryabhan as dad. Sanjay gets surprised.

Update Credit to: Amena

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