Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 12th May 2020 Written Episode Update: Senapati goes missing

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 12th May 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone partying and enjoying Senapati’s bachelor party. Sanjay asks Senapati what’s Naagraj doing here. Senapati says Maharaj was going to marry him, what if he becomes our queen tomorrow. Gandhari sees Maharaj drinking and stops him. She asks him to come along. Suryabhan calls Maharaj a servant of his queen. He also leaves with his queens. Pranpriye misses Shakuni. The tribal people also come here. Sanjay laughs hearing their language. He gets drunk. He feels dizzy. Its morning, Sanjay wakes up when Pranpriye screams seeing a rat. Sanjay sees the ruined restaurant. He asks how did they reach there. He asks if he remembers what happened at night. Pranpriye says it was last night for Senapati’s bachelorhood, Senapati was too drunk, its his wedding today. Sanjay sees a tribal in Senapati’s plate. Suryabhan gets a headache. Senapati says but I have no headache. Suryabhan jokes on him. Senapati angers him.

Naagraj comes there. Suryabhan says I was telling about you. He asks what will you have, milk, curd or reward. Naagraj says reward. Suryabhan says you didn’t kill Maharaj and danced with him. Naagraj says someone hypnotized me, you can make me kill anyone now, I want your crown as the reward. Suryabhan refuses. Naagraj says I will snatch it. Suryabhan scares him and makes him go. Sanjay sings Mere yaar ki shaadi hai. Albert asks where is Senapati, everyone is worried. Sanjay asks why are you asking me. Albert says he was last seen with you in the party, Maharaj has told this. Maharaj signs the contract to make bond with chinese guests. The man says we heard that new groom has also run away. Gandhari says no. The man says the chinese army will attack Hastinapur. Maharaj asks how can we fight with you. The man says there will be a battle if the marriage doesn’t happen.

Tribals party. Sanjay and Albert come to ask about Senapati. Sanjay thinks of Naagraj dancing in the party. Sanjay and Albert go to meet Naagraj. Naagraj scares them. He says I have kidnapped Senapati, why isn’t anyone coming to save him. Sanjay says if you request so much, then we will save him. Albert dances like Naagin. Naagraj says I want Suryabhan’s crown. Sanjay asks are you mad, what’s the need to become the King. Naagraj says I want the crown, I don’t want to rule the Rajya, the lover wants to keep the eggs in the crown.

Albert asks him to take Maharaj’s crown, he won’t know. Sanjay says I can understand the girlfriend’s problem, don’t worry, I will get it. Sanjay and Albert go to Suryabhan’s palace and look for her. They see Suryabhan taking a bath. Albert makes Suryabhan busy in talks. Sanjay tries to take the crown. He runs away. Suryabhan shouts. The people ask for help. Suryabhan runs after Sanjay in naked state. The people see him and close eyes. Suryabhan covers himself and asks them to open eyes now. The people say he also wants clothes, what will he help us. Sanjay asks Naagraj to give the crown to his girlfriend and return them the Senapati. Naagraj asks them to wait. Albert says just hurry up. They get shocked seeing Suryabhan’s Senapati. Naagraj says he is Senapati. Albert says change the Senapati, we don’t want him. Naagraj asks them to just leave. He is happy to get the crown.

Senapati dances in the party. Sunaina angrily scolds Sanjay and hits him. Maharaj gets upset. He says don’t know we should prepare for the wedding or the battle.

Update Credit to: Amena

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