Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 10th May 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanjay trains Duryodhan

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 10th May 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Acharya complaining about Duryodhan. Maharaj asks Duryodhan what did he do. Duryodhan says I was just practicing with Gada. Acharya recalls Duryodhan hitting him. He scolds Duryodhan. Gandhari says you mean to say Duryodhan can’t defeat Bheem. Acharya says never. Maharaj says he will defeat Bheem. Acharya laughs and goes. Maharaj asks Senapati to announce the wrestling match. Senapati asks who will train Duryodhan. Maharaj says I won’t ask Sanjay. Shakuni asks him not to see Sanjay’s face and take his help.

Maharaj slaps him. Shakuni comes to meet Sanjay at the bar. He says my left eye is winking, I got a good news for you. Shakuni says I have convinced Maharaj, I was upset and wanted him to throw you out of hastinapur, I want to crush you. Albert slaps him. Sanjay asks what does Maharaj want. Shakuni says Sanjay has to train Duryodhan for a battle. Sanjay says say yes from my side. Shakuni thanks him. Albert asks how will you train Duryodhan when you can’t do it yourself. Sanjay asks what do I have, I have a girlfriend. Sunaina says no…. a donkey will do better than him, he is dropping the Gada, this fool would have hit on my head. Sanjay says don’t worry, I have an idea. He asks Duryodhan to learn hitting the gada. Duryodhan says I can do this easily. Shakuni comes there. Sanjay asks him to die.

Shakuni laughs and says the one who drops the Gada first will lose, I have written this rule. Sanjay says the game got over. Shakuni gets hit by the Gada. Suryabhan says pigeon has come again. Senapati says this time, pigeon got a letter. Suryabhan checks it. Senapati reads Maharaj’s letter for Suryabhan. Senapati tells about Duryodhan and Bheem’s gada battle. He reads, Suryabhan is a fool, fraud and selfish king, he should become the VIP and say two words in the function. Suryabhan says I will give the speech, you write it first. Sanjay says teaching Duryodhan is tough. Sunaina says a person can be foolish even in young age. Sanjay and Sunaina’s hands get stuck. Sanjay calls Albert. Albert asks did you hold that, its super glue, I made that to make hot air balloon. Sunaina asks how will we get free. Albert says superglue will go by this super solution. He uses the solution and frees their hands. Sanjay says I got a solution because of you.

Senapati gets Vaid and his goat. He says the goat was on Himalayas for 12 years, she has all the herbs in her stomach. Vaid asks him to drink the goat’s pee and clear his voice. Suryabhan says no. Senapati forcibly feeds it to Suryabhan. Suryabhan’s voice gets fine. Senapati says its a miracle, King got his voice fine. Suryabhan makes Senapati drink the rest. Suryabhan comes in the function to give his speech. He begins his speech. Duryodhan and Bheem come for the battle. Suryabhan’s speech stops. Pranpriye catches Albert with the solution. He asks for giving the liquid to him. Shakuni asks the boys to take their weapons. Gandhari says its like a practice, not a battle, I want you to play with each other’s Gada.

Sanjay says now Duryodhan can’t win. Bheem fights win. Duryodhan’s gada doesn’t fall. He also plays well. Sunaina asks Sanjay to see. Maharaj and Gandhari get happy. Senapati folds Suryabhan’s long speech. Albert recalls dropping the solution on both the gada. He says both of them won’t drop the gada until I use super solution. The boys fight for four hours and faint. Maharaj and Gandhari sleep. Shakuni wakes them up and says both the boys fainted. Sanjay wakes up the boys. Maharaj says I announce both the princes as the winners. Suryabhan comes to give the prize. Maharaj and Suryabhan hold the trophy, and get their hands stuck to the trophy. Sanhay asks Albert about it. Albert recalls the solution falling over the trophy. Everyone’s hands get stuck on the trophy. Sanjay asks Albert to run.

Sanjay asks for Sunaina’s hand. Suryabhan asks him to do some good business. Sanjay starts a chinese food stall.

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