Mahakumbh 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tiwari saying Rudra is not wioth them as he knows Leela is curing Maya. Rudra says enough, there is difference between knowledge and inner knowledge, he is chosen to understand this, he will not sacrifice Leela even if she fails to cure Maya. Leela looks on and says she can cure Maya. Bhairavi asks Dansh is he ready for the deal. Dansh says he has given fear in Shivanand’s mind, all Garudas are against her and they don’t have any powers, and Rudra has weak heart after seeing his dad’s state, his mind would have stopped working, this is injustice, I can’t do this, I won before the fight begun, you can go.

She says Garudas knows they need to sacrifice a Naag to activate their powers, and you have sent Leela there yourself, I think now they have to sacrifice Leela. Guru comes and says my daughter will not be sacrificed. Dansh looks at him. Bhairavi smiles. Leela tells Rudra about Vishkendra they make on different places, that poison can cut Maya’s poison, one Naag is chosen as the guard, if you get him, you can know about the place. Katherine says I know who can be that guard, Balivesh and Devesh’s Guru has connections with Naags.

Charles asks how does she know. She says she heard Balivesh talking about them. Leela says she is right. Katherine says she will take them. Bhairavi tells Guru that he trained his student well, just something is less, which can be loss for them. She says Naag head has to decide along with Leela’s father. Dansh asks Guru ji why did he come from Mahakumbh. Guru says enough, I have seen Leela lying wounded near Brahmanisht, you did this to send her as spy, did you think about her, why did you risk her life again.

Dansh says she wanted to go Mahakumbh with you, I stopped her, why do you doubt on my decision now. Guru says my daughter will die, how could you think Garuda will be trapped in your plan, when they have Bhairavi with them, her eyes are weak, not vision, you lost my trust doing this, I will take back the rights of Naagvansh from you and taking control in my hands now. Dansh fumes. Bhairavi smiles relaxing there.

Rudra comes to the Balivesh’s Guru’s place. He recalls Leela’s words about the signs left for other Naags to follow and reach the Vishkendra. Rudra moves a rock and gets the snake scales. He tries visualizing the location of other scales and looks tensed. He rushes out and gets inside the jungle. He spots it and holds it. Balivesh’s Guru sees Rudra hiding far. Rudra finds more scales and throws it. The man says you are not coming after me, I m taking you. Rudra goes ahead.

Rudra looks at the Vishkendra and walks there. He goes inside the tree shaped structure and looks inside. He sees some white dense gas on the ground and some white liquids. The man laughs and says in which illusion is he, did he come himself, he has come here as he wanted to bring him there. The man shows his snake tongue and says Dansh will be happy with me when I gift him Garuda head. He says Rudra you came here, but can’t leave alive. Rudra says lets see which gift reaches me, mine or your dead body.

The man laughs and asks him to kill him, and says alive Naag can take Vish from this Vishkendra. He says the other solution, to take poison in his blood, but he will die soon, if the poison gets in contact with air or water, it will be of no affect, then he and Maya can’t survive. He says I forgot you are Garuda head, and the poison will affect him slowly, but it will surely affect. Rudra thinks.

The man asks what is he thinking, there is one way to go out from here, to die here by his hands. Rudra beats him and bends his head in the liquid. The man gets unwell and says I said don’t do this mistake, now see Maya and I can’t survive. Rudra makes him bite his hand and leaves him. He says I got what I wanted to get, you can’t bear so much poison. Rudra gets shaken up and sees his hand turning green. The man laughs. Rudra is stunned and sees his nerves forming hard. He ties to his hand to stop poison from spreading. The man says you have last 5mins of your life, if poison does not come out, then no one can save him. The man falls down. Rudra starts leaving from there. Rudra comes out of Vishkendra and gets under the effect of poison.

Dansh tells Bhairavi that Rudra will die. Charles tells Leela that she will not go alive if Rudra does not come back. Thapadiya Maai slaps Leela and says Garudas will never die, go and tell Dansh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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