Mahakumbh 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra saying I will come tomorrow. Maya says maybe I won’t have time. Punnu says he will take care of her, as she takes care of others. Rudra says we will go. Maya greets Dadi. He leaves with Dadi. Maya smiles. Shivanand injects some medicine to Katherine and calls Rao. He says you wanted to know Katherine is Garuda or a threat on Garuda, she is a Garuda. Charles comes and asks about Katherine, I m trying to contact her, she is missing since yesterday night, whats all this. Rao says I m on imp call, we will talk later.

Shivanand says meet me here with Tiwari and Charles, I will wait here. Rao says fine and ends call. He asks Charles to come along if he wants to know where is Katherine. Maya sees Rudra’s mum massaging her legs and asks did she not get him even today. She says if you give me his name and address, I can find out. His mum says no, I don’t want to find him in any Samithi/committee. Maya apologizes and asks her to rest. His mum says you look happy today, looks like you got used to this ashram. Maya says my burden got off. His mum says its good. Maya says my life stopped and I was not seeing any way, so I left everything and came here, and today I got a new way in life. She happily cries and takes Rudra’s name. She sees her sleeping and covers her with blanket.

She gets tensed seeing Punnu and asks what if I got heartattack. Punnu says your heart is not with you these days and she smiles. He asks her to come along to buy some vegs. Rao calls Shivanand an says he has reached. Shivanand welcomes them in the secret library and says sorry I could not come to meet you yesterday. Charles says he is not interested in knowing about Garuda, he came to meet Katherine, where is she.

Shivanand says come with me, and shows Katherine. Charles asks Katherine to wake up and sees the medicines. Shivanand says I can understand what questions are arising in your heart, Rao’s doubt on her was not wrong, she is a…. Charles aims gun at him, and Rao comes in between. Charles says if you were not Rao’s friend and my friend’s dad, I would have killed you. Tiwati asks him to get the gun down. Charles says its not toy gun and gets angry. He aims gun at himself and says this is not Russian Roulette, the gun is loaded, game over in one trigger, and asks them to move back.

He says I know you are finding 7 Garuda to get Amrit, and if anyone dies, you won’t get it, I will not tell this to anyone, not even to Rudra, if you let me take Katherine. Shivanand says its ok, you can take her, don’t do any foolishness. Charles asks him not to be smart and frees Katherine. She says wake up and she sees them. He takes her out. Katherine looks at them and leaves. Tiwari asks whats all this, if this library secret goes out then… He says she won’t tell anyone, as she is a Garuda, the difference is she is not like us, we have to keep an eye on them, but now we have to find the 6th Garuda.

Maya asks Punnu where is he going, ashram is that way. He says he is finding lady’s finger. She sees Rudra and Piya…………plays………… Rudra and Maya smile. Rudra says Sahadev Chacha got late to bring car, I came as soon as Dadi left, did I come late. Punnu says no, I will go and winks to him. Maya asks did he come himself or Dadi sent him. He says this time I came myself. She says you did not meet me in ashram last time. He says did you know I came. She says yes. He says I wanted to talk but… She asks but? He says I can’t say here, come with me. She nods.

They sit on the ghat near the boats and he says he wishes to forget old things, but she should have not left haveli. She says Maai Mui…. He says you did not kill her, what we do and what happens by us are different. He says Maai Mui explained me this, what happened by you did not happen by your wish, but you left me by your wish, I felt very bad. She says I accept I did that mistake, but I felt this right that time, but after Dadi explained me, now I will not go anywhere leaving you. He looks at her amazed and they smile.

She asks what it all true what he said. He says it was all true, I did that to know truth, what Maai Mui told me to have trust on you, I believe you. She asks does he love her. He says yes, and blushes. He says he will say on one condition that she won’t leave him. She says yes. He says I love you a lot. She smiles. Rudra’s innocence striks her heart. She rests her head on his shoulder. He holds her hand. Dheeme dheeme………….plays………… They spend some time and he looks at her. They share the same corn and have an eyelock.

She buys bangles and he gives his nods based on his choice. She takes him as other women see him. She plays with bubbles and he smiles.

Swami tells about Rudra’s mum Ganga, and he will kill hr. Rudra takes her and she is injected poison. Rudra wakes up by a bad dream.

Update Credit to: Amena

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