Mahakumbh 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra fighting with Charles. Maai asks Punnu about Rudra, and he recalls Rudra’s words, and says he does not know anything. The goons come and shoot at the truck. Maai says I know Rudra has gone with burden on his heart, I know he has gone away to save my life, and my life lies in Rudra. Charles asks Rudra to continue fight later, and they will first deal with them. They both united fight with the goons. They run away as goons fire bullets. Rudra saves Charles from getting shot. They run to some place. The goons follow them. They cover up behind the bricks. Charles says its time we leave, you will be safe if you come with me, else definitely die here. He runs alone and diverts the goons.

Rudra comes out and follows him. Charles gets in the truck. Rudra fights with the goons and beats them. Charles takes a drug packed out from the bags in the truck and asks Rudra to come. He shoots at the truck and it burns. He says lets go now. They run far from the goons. The meeting is held in Poland about Amrit and Mahakumbh’s research. He says Amrit comes in 144 years Mahakumbh, and some powers are born to protect it. Grierson says such powers are born since decades and according to Dr Rao, seven protectors are born every time. Rudra and Charles runs. Grierson says in every Mahakumbh, the fate tells the protectors about their motive and they meet for the sole purpose for which they are born, to protect the Amrit. They are so powerful that they can fail anyone if they are together. Charles takes a bath and he has the same Kumbh sign in his back.

They talk about Shivanand, who is Rao’s student, but he is not protector and there was not any sign on his body. They ask Grierson to find the seven protectors, before they find each other. Charles asks Ruda to come and remove the coal black dirt. They ride in a tractor and leave. Charles tells his contacts and connection in every state. He is known in every police station/ He asks Rudra to give the packer, Rudra asks when did you give me. Charles shows the packet taking it from his pocket and asks him to wait. Charles gives him Rs 1 lakh as he saved his life. Rudra says I don’t want. Charles says keep it, if you want to Invest, I can double it.

Shivanand is tortured by Grierson again. He says you have bear the torture for 12 years and you think its less, you don’t know what I can do, I can take revenge for every moment when you run away. Shivanand says the mantras. Shivanand says body will be finished one day. Maai washes Rudra’s clothes and cries. She recalls Rudra. Charles brings Rudra to play cards. Rudra sees wrestling. Charles bets and shows Rs 1 lakh to Bhai ji. Charles looks at the glasses shuffling in full speed and stares. They ask him in which glass is his money. Charles smiles and chooses the right one. The man looks at his boss. They ask who will fight with Mahabali.

Charles asks Bhai ji to give his money, and a fight starts. Rudra sees Mahabali and people ask is there anyone who can win over Mahabali. Charles asks Rudra to come, money is gone. We will see them later. The goon shows knife and asks them to leave. He slaps Rudra in anger. Rudra gets angry too and Bhai ji says kill him. Rudra holds the goon’s hand and twists it. The knife falls. Rudra looks in Bhai ji’s eyes and throws the goon. Bhai ji tells Charles that he will get 10 times his amount, and asks him to send Rudra in wresting ground.

Mahabali challenged Rudra and says I will break your skull, and makes him angry by saying ill about Maai. Rudra gets angry and jumps down. He removes his shirt and vest. Charles sees the mark on Rudra’s mark. Rudra beats Mahabali and Charles smiles. Bhai ji says kill him. The goons aim at Rudra. Charles stop Bhai ji. Rudra looks at them.

Rudra is shown grown up and back. He stands on the bridge while he is being called.( Gautam remarkable entry in the show!!)

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. very eagarly waiting to c gautum in in screen.thanks for update.

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