Mahakumbh 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra bringing the lady to an ashram, and says he is Rudra, son of Shivanand. The man asks more details. Rudra says he is from Brahmanisht and the man respects him, asking him to sit. He asks is there any other witness. Maya comes and says its me, take my details. She says her name and details. She signs on the register and says Swami Balivesh is her Mama and Swami Devesh is her Nana. The man asks any relation between you two. Maya says I don’t know him. Rudra is shocked.

Maya asks the lady to come with her. The lady blesses Rudra that no one breaks his trust. He looks at Maya. Devesh Nanu asks Swami Balivesh to come and sit, as he was waiting for him.He says I was making this bead string, and its not easy to keep relations together. Swami says I have to take revenge for Anivesh’s death and who is alive, I m not related to Maya, so don’t expect me to waste my energy and time to find her. Devesh says you have to reach Rudra to fulfill your revenge, and his weakness is Maya, so I m telling you to find her.

He says Maya is imp for our victory and makes him wear the beads string. He leaves. Balivesh thinks and breaks the beads string in his anger. Katherine keeps an eye on Shivanand and sees him taking the machine box. She follows him. Thapadiya Maai asks Dadi why don’t she give ointment to a wounded person. Dadi says get him here, I will give him, who is he. Thapadiya Maai says your grandson Rudra. Dadi asks what. Thapadiya Maai says he helps everyone, but no one can see his wound, he used to be smiling and happy, but he is sad as Maya went, his happiness will come back when she comes.

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She shows Dadi the letter and asks her to read it. Dadi reads it. Thapadiya Maai asks Dadi to get Maya back, and says she knows her address. Dadi assures her that she will get Maya. Sahadev comes running and says Saraswati Kund…. Shiva…. Maya recalls Rudra and is upset. She sees wool and needle and takes it. Rudra’s mum sees it and recalls little Rudra. Maya asks her to come and makes her sit. She says I will get food for you and goes. She gets the food. She says many people come to Mahakumbh because of their belief, and I don’t know for whom are you weaving this sweater, but you will definitely get him in this Mahakumbh, have belief.

Rudra’s mum asks is she saying this to her or herself, and asks her to get her trunk. Maya gets it and opens. Rudra’s mum shows many sweaters she kept for her son and cries. She says she has been doing this since 24 years, she made one sweater every year and shows different sizes. Maya says this year, you will make your son wear this sweater by your hands. Maya hears Punnu talking, saying he is Punnu Tiwari, son on Nityanand Tiwari, he is finding Rudra. Maya looks on.

Punnu asks the man to help him. Rudra’s mum asks Maya is she running again. Katherine follows Shivanand to the Saraswati Kund. He opens the box and she clicks the pics. He sees her reflection in the machine’s box’ cover. He turns and hears his mum calling him. Dadi comes with Sahadev and he hides the machine. She asks what is he doing. He greets her and gives excuses. She says he is not allowed to come here till Mahakumbh ends. He says this is like my home, how can you stop me. She says I m trying to save my loved one, I would have stopped him many years ago, this land is dry because of him. Shivanand says its dry, so I m here. Shivanand says I want Saraswati kund to revive and we treat the Kalpvaasis.

Dadi says its their belief by which they get cured, not your research. She says his dad did not have this motive to educate him, that he ruins their family. She says she will not let him insult this pure place, even if Saraswati kund does not revive, she will not allow his scientific experiment. Shivanand says fine, I won’t come, I wanted to help you, but if you don’t believe me, I will not come.

Rudra comes saying Thapadiya Maai said they all came here, and asks is everything fine. Dadi says not now and asks Sahadev to bring Jal/water. Dadi asks Sahadev to not allow anyone without her permission and puts water in his hands. He makes him promise and he promises her releasing the water. Dadi says now everything is fine. Shivanand greets her and leaves.

Shivanand asks Rudra to think ahead of family, then he will understand everything. Swami says Maya should now know that we know this. Shivanand hides and Katherine asks who is there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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