Mahakumbh 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra showing Udiya’s wife. Udiya cries seeing her and apologizes for not saving their son. He says about the dark stormy night, when he failed to save his son and his hand slipped. He says forgive me and cries. His wife cries by his side and Rudra makes Udiya have the Gangajal. Udiya dies and everyone cry. Maai hugs Udiya’s wife. Pandey is brought to Swami ji, and Pandey apologizes by holding his feet. He says I was mad to break the promise given to you. He says give me one chance, that’s it. Swami says say the truth which gives happiness, not the one which hurts, and don’t lie if it gives happiness, and if I say I will give you one more chance to you, you will get happiness, but my Dharm will ruin, every mistake has a punishment, I told you, I won’t let you meet my mistakes. Pandey recalls his words, and is tied to the chair by Swami’s men.

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Swami takes a red hot metal rod and says if you see this, you can’t digest food till one week, and asks his men to leave. Pandey gets scared and moves the chair back. Swami goes to him and keeps cloth in his mouth. He burns Pandey by the hot metal rod and Pandey screams. He comes out and cleans his hands. He tells the men that if Pandey is alive, he should not be seen around here, and he will not take Rudra’s name again. Pandey is shown in pain.

Rudra looks at Udiya. Maai recalls Udiya’s words. Tiwari asks Maai to talk to Rudra. Maai goes to Rudra. Rudra asks why Maai Mui. Rudra sees Udiya. Maai says I told you that whoever comes here, come to leave, he has also gone. Rudra recalls Udiya’s Dohas and sees a big sitting on wood and then flying away. Maai asks Rudra to do the Antim Sanskaar. She asks him to come and forwards her hand. Rudra recalls even Udiya gave his hand like her. Rudra held Udiya’s hand that time. He agrees. Punnu helps Maai. She says you think I can’t do this, I used to tell Udiya that I will die before him, and I will keep wood ready for him.

She takes the woods and gives to Rudra. Rudra does Udiya’s last rites by saying all mantras. Tiwari, Maai and everyone look on. Rudra thinks he was adamant to go to Kumbh and lost his Baba, and if he did not become Ram, Udiya would have been alive, I m cursed, whoever stays with us is always in danger, I can’t risk Maai Mui, I have to go far from her. Rudra runs and Punnu asks him to stop, and follows him.

Punnu falls and calls Rudra. Rudra goes to him. Punnu says don’t leave us, I m incomplete without you. He hugs Rudra. Rudra sees the truck leaving, and Punnu asks does he not worry for him. Rudra says I m going as I worry. Punnu says if you go, I will be alone, and what will I say Maai. Rudra says if you regard me brother, swear on me, don’t tell Maai that I m leaving Ghat. Punnu swears and hugs Rudra. Rudra asks him to take care of Maai and sits in the truck. Punnu holds his hurt leg and runs after Rudra. The truck leaves. Punnu waves bye to Rudra. Maai looks for Rudra everywhere. Tiwari says don’t worry, he will be around. She says you won’t understand. He says he has no one expect you, he will come.

She says you are not understanding this, I have seen bigger fire in his eyes, he is blaming himself, he has held Udiya’s hand and came here, and his same hand has burnt Udiya’s body. She calls Rudra and looks around. Another guy runs on the road and catches the truck. He sees Rudra sitting, and asks who has sent you. Rudra sits silent. The boy takes out the knife and Rudra holds his hand. Rdra’s eyes have fire in them.

Rudra saves the boy’s life and they became friends. Rudra beats some people and they aim guns at him. Maai cries.

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