Mahakumbh 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra saying he has come. Bhairavi asks him to be careful, its not easy to break this Dakshak Akriti. Rudra falls by the shield. She disappears and he looks around. He says wherever you are, I won’t let anything happen to you. He says now I need Baba’s help and leaves. Shivanand comes to Naaglok and says this silence means its danger for him. Dansh asks what does he think. Shivanand says how did Samudra Manthan happen. Dansh recalls it and says by Vasuki. Shivanand asks who saved the Amrit. Dansh says Garudas.

Shivanand says Amrit is there because of both of us, why we both not get it then, this injustice will not happen with us, Garudas will reach Amrit along with Naags. Dansh looks at him and smiles. He says there is a clever traitor hidden in this protector, even your son could not see this. He calls him shameless, his truth is out to them, and no one winked. Shivanand says its less time for Amrit to surface. Dansh says I wish to join hands with you instantly and give you a party, but are you worth trusting or not, I don’t know.

Shivanand says you should trust yourself and your decision than coming time. Dansh says I have full trust on the poison I gave you, that you and cheat yourself and your son, but not Dansh. Shivanand says this is eye opener for me, not a cheat, I have seen death before Amrit, this time Garuda will not be sacrificed. He says he will decide now how will be the world and with what people. Dansh smiles and says I agreed, just one thing I can’t believe, is Rudra your son?

Rudra is on the way and does not see Maya. Maya comes out of the jungle and walks away. Devesh gets the red cloth and smiles. He hears someone coming and hides. He sees something in the cloth and gets thinking. Maya comes there and sees someone behind the tree. Devesh takes out the gun and she takes a stick to beat. He comes out and she stops. They are shocked seeing each other. She puts down the stick and says Nanu. He asks how is she here. She says she was kidnapped. He says Grierson.

She says yes, he kidnapped me, I came from there saving my life. He says he has come to take the Mani, we can’t control anyone, APG Rao is the head of the foreigners, he is Grierson’s boss, maybe he did her kidnapping. Grierson and everyone come there. Devesh asks her to make this Mani reach Rudra, he can break Naags’ ego and power, I m sorry for what I did, forgive me if possible, I could not apologize to your mum and I m asking apology to you. She cries and says no. Grierson and Devesh fire bullets to each other.

Maya takes the Mani and ties in her dupatta. He asks her to run away, and his blessings are with her. Devesh shoots Grierson. Grierson falls and shoots Devesh down. Maya runs away. Grierson does not get the Mani. Devesh says he has sent it to the one it should reach. Grierson shoots him again and he dies. Grierson leaves with his men.

Rudra comes to Saraswati kund and calls out Baba. He says where did everyone go and sees the syringe and poison box. He is stunned. He stands concentrating and opens eyes to visualize Shivanand with Dansh. Shivanand says we have to call Rudra. Rudra says I m coming Baba. Dansh says but you know I have to win over Rudra. Shivanand says you will be called winner if you get Amrit, so regard your enemy as friend. Dansh says it means friendship is just an illusion. Shivanand says this is just a deal which will benefit all of us. They get to know that Rudra has come. Shivanand goes to him and comes out of the tunnel. Dansh follows.

Rudra sees Shivanand and asks what is he doing here. He says he has come right away, some strange power has held Bhairavi suddenly. Shivanand says nothing happens sudden, everything has a reason. Rudra asks will you help me to save her or not. Shivanand says no, she is becoming hurdle in my aim, my aim is to get Amrit, not protect it. Rudra gets stunned.

Dansh says Amrit comes out for them. Rudra gets in disbelief. Shivanand tells Rudra that he can become a warrior if he can overcome his emotions, its less time now, come with me. Rudra greets him and starts leaving. Dakshak stops him and says I will save Bhairavi. Rudra asks what do I have to do for this. Dakshak says help us in getting the third book. Rudra says you are Dakshak Naag and you are immortal, why do you need my help in this.

Dakshak says Shivanand is not Garuda head being the wisest of all, you are the head, why… you have the power to lift the Kalash. Rudra says I will go, but before that I want Maai Mui back. Dakshak smiles and nods. He signs Dansh. Dansh says bring her. Rudra turns and sees Bhairavi on the wheelchair. Dakshak says she is unconscious, she will be fine in some time. He asks Rudra to come. Rudra goes with them in the tunnel. He looks at Bhairavi.

Rudra gets the third book and Bhairavi gets fine and comes to support him. She hits the stick on the ground and everyone get a jerk. Dansh scolds Shivanand and asks was this his plan to cheat them. Rudra says we got the third book. Bhairavi says Shivanand going to Naags is part of the Mahakumbh, you have to control Shivanand by any way. Dakshak says we need the third book. Rudra says I can’t do this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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