Mahakumbh 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapadiya Maai seeing her belongings in bag and crying. She says everyone is liar and cries. He hugs her and asks her to calm down. She shows the necklace of that lady. He asks who. She says I m talking about the one who has pride, she said she is a queen and I m maid. She shares her pain and says see, I have run with all this, and see this, I m mad. Rudra says you are also lost like me, what happened with you. She asks him does any son beat his mother like this, like my son used to do. She says what tortures her son did on her. He says I m your son and hugs her. She says my son and dances with him. He sits and sees her bag, keeping all things back. He recalls Maai dancing in same way and cries. She asks him to keep the jewelry.

He asks what will I do, my life aim is something else, I will say when the time comes. He asks shall I go now. She says yes, Maya will be waiting. He says Maya………. Charles comes in saint’s disguise and Thapadiya Maai stops him. She says this beard is fake. He says leave. She curses him. He dances around her and she tries to pull off his beard. He runs. She says she won’t leave him. Charles comes to Katherine’s room, while she is having bath in bathroom. She sings and he hears her. He gets her phone and gets all the data in his mobile. She comes out in towel and shouts seeing him. He says Alak Niranjan, don’t be afraid, all has come here to get Moksh, but the Lord has chosen her, he has found her, don’t worry.

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He sees the file getting transferred and she asks what is he saying. He says start praying and do yoga. He says that will take you to Nirvana, and asks her to close eyes and take long breath. Thapadiya Maai comes there and both of them catch Charles. He says he is Sanyasi and he is not interested in them. She pulls off his beard. He says see there and runs with the laptop. He bumps into Grierson and leaves. He asks about Swami Balivesh and Swami is informed. Swami says make him sit in my room.

Grierson tells him about Amrit and seven protectors for it. He says yes, but whats related to Rudra. Grierson says its related to Amrit, Rudra is one of the protectors and it has something related to his ashram. Swami says so you wanted Shivanand. Grierson says the one who gets amrit can rule the world. He says after 144 years, that Amrit comes that seven Karur protect, this time it will happen, but two of them will be weak which we can control easily. Swami smiles and says the one who gets Amrit, will have world in his hand. Grierson says yes, lets join hands, very soon the Karur will come in Mahakumbh.

Rudra and Charles’s back with Garuda signs are shown. Grierson says it was a secret, but in second world war, the secrets have come out, we got it and we came here to Allahabad. Swami says I will help you, I will meet Shivanand, you will get book and Rudra too. Katherine gets dressed in the saree. Maya asks her to see the dance. Thapadiya Maai dances, and Rudra plays the dhol. Maya is surprised seeing his happy side. Maya smiles and Katherine asks her to join them. She says Rudra you are giving me surprise, whats all this. He says its fun, real surprise is still there, come with me. She asks where are we going. He says Nanu, we will get him here among people. She is shocked.

She says its enough, what happened to you, you know Nanu will not come out. He says one day everyone has to come out, and I will get him infront of the world. Swami and Grierson walk inside the ashram, while Rudra proceeds towards it.

Dadi tells Rudra that Shivanand is responsible for ruining our life. Rudra asks Maya will you marry me. Swami tells Maya that Rudra should not go away from this house else his life can get short.

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