Mahakumbh 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya freeing her hands. She sees the electric lines around her and keeps some boxes to jump over it. She comes out and looks outside. A guard brings food and does not see her. He looks for her and she hides. He sees her eloping and informs the rest. He tells Rao there is problem. Rao shoots in his leg and asks what problem. The man says Maya has run away. Rao shoots him and asks the other men to find Maya, else they will die too. Maya runs and they try to get her. Rao says Maya does not know me, she thinks I m with Garudas, so I can’t face her, Grierson you have to go to get her back. Maya hides and leaves.

Rudra calls out Baba and does not see him. Shivanand says we got our powers, and have to think how to use the powers. Thapadiya Maai asks how to solve the cloud problem and stop Naags. Shivanand says we have to club our powers and then we can see a right way. They sit to concentrate. He opens eyes and looks at her. He silently leaves and gets a small box. He gets the poison injection, while Thapadiya Maai ios meditating.

Rudra is on his way. Shivanand injects Thapadiya nMaai and she opens her eyes. She looks at him. Tiwari asks whats this. He says that should happen, we should have clear vision with the powers too. He says I have shown you our death vision, and he has powers to change this too, why do they want to die then. He says we will make the future of humanity, and it will be free of evil, why should we Garuda sacrifice always, the one who don’t understand this, we have to overpower them, so I made Thapadiya Maai use her weapons, don’t be shocked, keep focus towards your aim. Thapadiya Maai says Rudra should be fine, we will tell him. Shivanand corrupted her mind too.

Rudra comes and asks them to come. Shivanand says we have to be with Naags and not against Naags, if we have to reach Amrit. Rudra asks what is he saying, Naags are his enemy and will always be, the fight is between good and evil, he knows Naags want Amrit for them. Shivanand asks is he doubting on his dad, if this cloud breaks, just Naags can bear the poison, we can’t be alive without their help, we can make a new society based on humanity. Rudra says I need to talk to Maai Mui first. Rudra sees Thapadiya Maai scared, and all others turning faces. He sees her Garuda sign turning green and Shivanand’s head sign too turbing green. He thinks Maai Mui was saying, right, before the cloud, I need to tackle this personal differences matter.

Thapadiya Maai hugs him and says they will not let anything happen to Rudra. Rudra says we need Maai Mui to fight the last one, we have to get her back. Rudra leaves. Shivanand says I can see Rudra understood everything and there is something going on in his mind, he is not in our favor, so be careful. Devesh says we did a big mistake, now we are not safe in Sreesanth too, to be enemy of Naags means, we can die. Dansh makes an entry and says they got sense late. Devesh and Balivesh get worried. Dansh smiles removing his hood. He says they became enemy of Naag head, think what will be the fine, nothing much, his to be wife Leela was going to die because of them, the moment was tough for them, and such moment will be same for them too. He takes out the gun and keeps there. Balivesh says let us be alive, we will be your slaves all our lives. Dansh says even Naags are kept after checking their loyalty. He aims at Devesh and Balivesh starts to flee. Naags catch him and he does not have any way to run.

Dansh goes to Balivesh and shoots him. Devesh comes out and witness Balivesh getting shot again. He runs to Balivesh and Dansh says biggest happiness of the world is child’s birth and biggest pain is child’s death. Devesh asks why did he keep him alive now. Dansh says this is your punishment, you can’t live after seeing your son dead and I will not let you die. Dansh and Naags leave. Devesh says he does not wish to live now, but they gave full reason to take revenge, now he will find Garuda and give such death to Naag head that all Naagvansh shakes up.

Grierson and Rao’s men look for Maya. Maya is still in the jungle and hide. They all rush to catch her. Rudra comes to meet Bhairavi and concentrates to see her. He sees Bhairavi stuck in the storm. He says Maai Mui. She sees him.

Shivanand tells Dansh that Garudas saved Amrit. Dansh says Rudra did not see Shivanand’s true side. Griersons shoots Devesh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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