Mahakumbh 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi being shattered seeing Sahadev and Ganga wounded. The Naags come to her. Dadi shouts out Shiva…. The head of Naag says Shiva and signs his men. The Naag nods and leaves. The Naag head says forgive me Dadi, I have killed everyone without your permission, I did not take your blessings. Rudra holds Maya’s hand and looks at him, while Thapadiya Maai, Charles and Katherine dance. Shivanand and Punnu are still doing the Yagya. Dadi asks did Balivesh send you. The Naag head smiles and moves away. She asks why is he waiting if he has to kill her, just kill her. He takes out his gun and loads it.

He aims at her and the pandit chants mantras in the Yagya. Rudra and other Garudas are unaware of the Naags. He keeps the gun and says the death which I m giving you, you might have seen its trailer. He tells about Maya’s death, which comes slowly and becomes deadly with every moment. He says they have given poison to Maya. He says he will make death better for her and stabd her. She calls out Shiva. Shivanand senses it. He gets up and Punnu stops him, saying he should not leave, he will go and see.

The Naag head ask Dadi to send blessings for him. He says he is the Naag head Dansh. Dadi says Rudra…. He smiles and says you are missing Rudra, they are the witness that till Dadi settles upwards, I will send Rudra to her, I will kill him, and get the Amrit, we will snatch the Amrit from Garuda in this Mahakumbh. He stabs her again and says she got less pain this time right, as body gets used to pain. He says he takes care of her pain and stabs her. Dadi falls and Dansh looks on. He says like we waited for 144 years for Amrit, you will have to wait for your death.

The Naags come to take Shivanand and see the Yagya ended. Shivanand hides behind the boat and thinks his doubt was right. The Naags have come in Mahakumbh, he has to keep the book away from them. Punnu comes there and asks Dansh what is he doing, who are they. They shoot Punnu down. He falls. Dansh says don’t ask the intro of those who carry it along, remember this. The Naag says Shivanand is found. Dansh goes to Dadi and holds her hand, asking her to bless him always. He cleans the knife and says I will go, I have to meet Shivanand. Punnu says Dadi and crawls to her.

Dadi asks him to call Rudra. Punnu gets up and holds himself to walk. Dadi sits with wounds. She covers her wounds by the cloth to stop the blood. Shivanand runs and the Naag follow him.

Punnu comes to Rudra and they all are shocked seeing him stabbed and bleeding. They run to Punnu. Rudra asks him how did this happen. Punnu says Sahadev Chacha, Ganga and Dadi, they have killed them. Rudra is shocked and shaken up. Charles holds Rudra. Punnu says swear on me, you save Dadi. Charles calls Tiwari and tells everything. Tiwari is stunned. Thapadiya Maai asks Rudra to save Dadi, he has to go, she will be with Maya and Punnu. Rudra cries and leaves with Charles. Shivanand runs and is captured by the Naags. He is injected in his neck and taken by them. They bring a big box and Dansh looks on smiling. He sits on it and sighs relief. He lies on the box with Naag sign.

Dadi hugs Rudra and says he has to go to Shivanand. He sees all his family dying, and Shivanand is put inside the Naag box. Rudra shouts Baba…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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