Mahakumbh 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra recalling Pandey and looking angrily at the mehendi parlor. He thinks of Maai’s last words when she named Pandey. He gets angry. Few men stand there waiting there on Swami’s orders. They see Rudra there. Rudra walks and passes by them. The men call Swami ji. Rudra gets inside the gate. Swami ji gets the ccall and says I knew this would happen, don’t do anything, keep me informed. Rudra shouts for Oandey to come out. Someone hits on his head. He gets shaken up. Katherine takes the pics and smiles. Charles comes there and keeps an eye on Katherine. She turns and he hides.

She leaves. He has her bag and walks to her. She starts leaving hurriedly sensing someone is following her. Charles rushes to see her and she disappears. He keeps the bag and stands. She catches him and says thief. He shits her mouth and says m not thief, don’t shout, relax. She says you are a thief, you have stolen my bag. A man comes to help Katherine. Charles shows Tiwari’s ID card keeping a finger on his face pic, and says he is police. He slaps the man and he leaves. He tells Katherine that he is doing his duty and its part of security check, I m keeping eye on all foreigners. She says I don’t trust you, don’t chase me Tiwari comes and Charles goes with him.

Maya comes to see Rudra and reads his letter, that he has come here for an aim, and no one can stop him, not even her, he is leaving. Tiwari scolds Charles and says Rao has to face shame because of you, you can go to jail for long time, I m explaining you. Charles says thanks Sir, but the fact is Rao told me to do this work, I m doing it my way. Tiwari says this way is not right, be serious, sometimes I doubt you are Sir’s grandson or not. Charles says yes, even I doubt this, there should be some difference. Tiwari stops him and Charles gives him paperweight.

Maya tells Swami ji that Rudra has gone, if anything happens to him, our efforts will go waste, I don’t want anything to happen to him, as he is the one who can cure Nanu. Swami says calm down, I will get Rudra back. Shivanand tells Grierson he won’t tell him about book till he makes him meet Rudra. Grierson calls Swami and he does not take the call, saying you can’t buy everything with money. Grierson says Indian mentality, never takes call and never call back. Shivanand says we know whom to avoid and side. Grierson calls again, and talks to Swami ji. He says we want Rudra.

Swami says there are no shortcuts, patience is imp. Grierson says we will pay good. Swami says something needs Lord’s permission, and I m Lord for Pandey, why do you need this info, why do you want Rudra and book. Grierson says I don’t need to disclose. Swami says this is my city, you can get Lord if you surrender, you should have belief in Swami Balivesh, don’t take my words light. Grierson says fine. Shivanand asks did he get any news of Rudra. Grierson smiles. Rudra comes to his senses and sees himself tied to the chair.

He is caught by Pandey’s wife and brother. He asks Rudra where is Pandey. His wife says you want his money and came to find it, beat him, he won’t say. Rudra gets angry and breaks open the ropes. He beats the goons and holds her brother’s neck. He asks where is Pandey and shouts. Swami tells Maya that before Rudra harms himself, we have to get him back, as Pandey is with us whom he is finding, I kept Pandey in the deserted place behind the fort.

Rudra beats the man and holds his neck. Rudra asks where is Pandey, for whom does he work. He says I will tell everything, he works as informer to Swami. Rudra asks which Swami. Maya comes and says she got Pandey, leave him, he will die. She says Mama ji has found him. Rudra leaves with him. Pandey is brought in fort and asks Swami ji why did get him here. Swami says Rudra is coming, he is your Lord, he can come here anytime, as he knows you are here, till then do Santi jaap. He asks him to take Grierson’s name and he will save him. Pandey agrees and says if Rudra finds me, he won’t give me chance to speak. Sami ties him and says you will get chance to run, if you name me, I will kill you and your family. Maya asks Rudra to promise he won’t kill Pandey, as he has his long life, if anything happens to him, then… we will give Pandey to police.

He says where was law when Maia Mui and Udiya Baba died. He goes. She cries and says stop Rudra. Rudra comes and Swami ji shows him Pandey. He says you did not trust me, see what I did for you. He asks Pandey to run if he can, and pushes him, asking Rudra to fulfill his revenge. Rudra shows extreme anger and walks ahead recalling Maai Mui and Udiya Baba’s death. Pandey tries to run and falls. Rudra holds a fixed metal rod and breaks it. Rudra drags the metal rod and Pandey moves away. Swami looks on.

Rudra asks Pandey why did he kill Maai Mui. Pandey looks at Swami. Maya says she will tell Rudra the truth. Nanu says fine, tell him we killed Udiya Baba. Maya is shocked. Aaji says my grandson will be coming. Rudra comes and hugs her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Poor Rudra is surrounded by devil in the name of lord and religions. I hope he will find his dad soon!!!

  2. The Friday episode is a repeat of the Thursday episode. They do it every week. It is not fair.

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