Mahakumbh 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Katherine meeting Rudra and talking to him in english, and saying about Nirvana. She says I don’t know what problem they have if I take dip in the ganga. He asks what. She asks will you come along. He leaves. Maya gets him and asks why did he come outside, people are finding him. He says I want them to face, they attack hiding, we are finding each other. A man aims He says we will come closer one day. A man shoots. Maya gets scared and hugs him. Chote Mama sees her and scolds her. Maya says I was scared as the balloon burst suddenly. Swami asks Grierson about the mehendi shop, and asks whats the reason to find it. Grierson says just say what I do. Swami ji says first tell me the reason. Grierson says I have to meet some one and know about books. Swami ji thinks its Pandey’s home, who does he know him, and says I will take you.

He ends the call and smiles. He says my enemy is sitting under my nose, how to be without him, Grierson came and he is related to Pandey, you all did not do anything. Chote Mama comes and says about Maya. Swami ji stops him and says first lets meet Pandey. They catch Pandey and scares him. Pandey says I work for you. His phone rings. Swami ji gets the phone and sees Grierson’s call, while Pandey still denies it. Swami says then why is Grierson calling you, you reached Poland, so much progress. Pandey says no, I was giving you surprise, he told me he wants to surprise you, and want to make you happy, and I wanted to see you happy.

Swami says oh really, then I have something to surprise you. Pandey says trust me, its not my mistake. Swami ji signs his goon who has the lazor in hand. Pandey says don’t be so tough, I always served you. Swami ji says fine, I have forgiven you, go. He asks his men to free him. He says this is your punishment, Rudra could not find you as you were here, how will you get saved now, Rudra has come to take revenge from you, he has come as your Kaal. Pandey gets worried. He says Rudra will kill me, you all tie me and keep me here, I want to be here. They tie him.

Rao, Tiwari and Chalres see Katherine talking to Rudra. Charles jokes on her figure and tells about Rudra. Tiwari asks him to work hard. Chalres says he should find out about the girl, and their work will move ahead fast. Rao nods yes. Charles says nice room, can I have some fresh air. He asks Rao did he behave well. Rao says just ok, Charles you do one more work, get backup of Katherine’s phone. Charles says fine, lets have some food first. Maya brings food for Rudra. Rudra refuses to eat, and asks her to go, as he is cursed, he does not want anything wrong to happen with her. She says even I don’t want this to happen with you. I want to support you, if I can give you happiness, I will regard myself lucky. They see a shadow.

Chote Mama comes there and sees the food plate. He says come Maya. Maya leaves. Chote Mama scolds Maya and complains to Swami ji. Maya argues with him. Chote Mama says we can’t give his family a glass of water, we can’t give our girl to her, don’t dream about her. Swami ji says silence, and explains Maya about Mahakumbh, salt, sugar and poison has same color, white, and here no one knows the difference. She says I got Rudra here on your and Nanu’s saying, if you did not trust me, why did you send me to Banaras, if I got him here, he is my responsibility, and Nanu will ecide whats right and whats wrong. Swami ji looks at her angrily.

Rudra sees the pid of Udiya and Maai Mui, and touches it. He recalls those moments and cries. He hugs the pic. He lies down to sleep, and Maya walks in. She recalls Swami ji giving Rudra’s pic and asking him to get him here. Nanu says my sins can’t be washed without him, his home has Saraswati Kund which washed people’s sin, I could not protect it, and got ill by Lord’s curse, I can be fine if Rudra comes here and we make his home like before, Lord will be happy.

Maya says how will we convince him to come. Swami ji says I will create such situation that he will come. Nanu insists. Rudra recalls Udiya’s and Maai’s death, and wakes up. He recalls Maai’s words when she names Khoye Paaye Pandey. Rudra sits to write a letter. Maya comes to Nanu. Nanu defends Chote Mama and says he does not like Shivanand since childhood, and even today he is stuck at same point. Maya says I did this for you, I feel bad to cheat Rudra, he trusts me and I can’t live after breaking his trust.

She says even Bade Mama has scolded me. Nanu says you know him, Balivesh is such man who can’t compromise with his prestige, you should understand the respect of a girl, what it means for her family, so understand this, don’t bring doubt for anyone in your heart, whatever we do will be for your good. She says yes, but why don’t they trust me. Nanu says calm down, don’t worry, I will talk to both of them. Rudra comes to the mehendi shop and looks at it angrily.

Maya reads Rudra’s letter that he has come here or a motive and no one can stop me. Rudra goes to find him. Swami talks to Pandey. Maya tells Rudra that she got Pandey. Swami ji ties Pandey and gives him to Rudra. Rudra proceeds to kill Pandey.

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