Mahakumbh 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 18th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra and Thapadiya Maai explaining everyone that they are protectors. Charles says they have to safe themselves. Shivanand asks Rudra to understand him. Rudra recalls Bhairavi’s words, that Naags have poisoned Shivanand and till he does not get fine, the poison will be spread in other Garudas too. He sees everyone and looks at Shivanand. He leaves from there. Bhairavi is in Naag lok and opens her eyes. She sees Rudra finding her and says he has understood me at last. She says but he did late. Naag Guru Vrish comes there and says but I won’t do late, where is my daughter.

She says your Naag head can sent her himself, and you are asking me about Leela, Dansh is your to be son in law, he will have some news. He says don’t play games, I don’t trust you. She says I just came to do some deal. He says Naags have failed Shivanand and Garuda does not have courage to fight with them, so she came to hit on them by saying about deal. She smiles and says about the courage, and taunts them for trapping Shivanand and torturing him, and making him fearful. He asks him to ask about Leela’s hidden attack working and she got in risk. He leaves angrily. She says its tough for becoming a warrior, when he is a sinner.

Shivanand gets ready and asks them to get ready, else they will die badly. He says they have to leave before Maha Shivratri. Tiwari says they can’t die like this. Charles says if the cloud bursts, we will die before Amrit comes out, else later, how will we be protector if we die. Katherine says if we understood this, why are we waiting. Thapadiya Maai comes and asks were they running behind Rudra’s back and counters them.

Shivanand says he is saving Rudra. She asks him not to come close, they are ill, they are afraid and selfish, they are running saving their life, they did not think about Rudra. Shivanand says nothing will happen to Rudra, we will not leave him alone, we will take him. The tantric shows a vishkendra to Devesh and Balivesh and they get thankful. The man asks them to get the one to be sacrificed. They leave greeting him. They stop outside seeing Rao at the exit. Rao says he has to talk something secretive to them.

Rudra walks to some haunted place. He sees the skeletons all over the place and gets scared. He sees the sunlight striking sharp and sits down. He takes the sand in his hand. He wakes up from this bad dream. He opens his hand and is stunned seeing the sand in his hand. He says was this a dream of a sign of upcoming ruining, whatever it is, I will not let this happen. Thapadiya Maai sees a shadow and gets alert. She holds the knife and sees Rudra coming. She gets relieved and asks did he not sleep till now. Rudra says how can I sleep knowing no one is safe. She says don’t know whats happening, but don’t trust anyone, Shivanand’s fear is stuck to everyone and they all want to run.

He says yes, I saw it so did not say, the cloud and this fear are part of this fight, we have to conquer over this. She asks how. He says this danger can end the human race on the earth, and to stop this, we all 7 Garudas have to unite with our powers. She says how will powers get activated, as Shivanand lost his sense and Bhairavi is not with us. She asks about his powers. He says Maai Mui did it. She asks how and where. He recalls I know how and where.

Rudra meets Shivanand in Saraswati kund. Shivanand asks him to trust him, there is nothing in this fight, except death. Rudra says he trusts him, he has explained him about the motive of his birth. The FB shows Shivanand telling Rudra about protecting Amrit. Rudra says now we are near our aim, I can’t leave you. Chalres, Tiwari and Katherine also come in Saraswati kund. Rudra says you have bear every torture and even then did not speak out Amrit secret and today…. I can’t believe you can ask me to run.

Charles says he can say, he is your dad and worries for your life. Shivanand says he will talk to him, and says Rudra’s life will be gone for other’s life, this will not be justice, I lost my family, and asks Rudra to show him life. He says he wants to see Rudra and Maya settled, he wants to live life. Rudra says I can understand the pain of your soul, and gets teary eyed. He says he has never told this before. Thapadiya Maai says he is saying today, as Naag’s Vish/poison is on his tongue and mind, and they can become protectors, when they get their powers and leela get weapons. Rudra says this will become tonight.

Dansh comes to know from the old man that he is saved till now because of Leela. Dansh says nothing will happen to him. Rudra and Thapadiya take other Garuda to activate their powers at night. Rudra gets the Garuda weapon and sees them. Bhairavi informs this to Dansh and his Guru.

Update Credit to: Amena

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