Mahakumbh 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra coming out and talking to Punnu. Punnu says he does not have any half note, but he is also his good friend. Rudra smiles. Maya thinks about Rudra’s love confession and smiles. She falls asleep. Someone in black clothes and hood comes there with a briefcase. Punnu says he has done practice to call Maya as Bhabhi, she is fine, decide where will we take her. Rudra says a place Maai Mui told them.

The man enters Maya’s ward and sees her sleeping. Punnu asks Rudra whats written. Rudra says can’t understand, we will ask doctor once. The man takes out some poison and injects in her glucose bottle. The glucose starts passing to her. The man’s half face and blue eyes are shown. Rudra and Punnu are on the way. Maya gets shaking and gets under the effect of poison. The man leaves from there.

Rudra and Punnu walk by him and Rudra stops to see that mysterious black clothes guy. The man leaves. Rudra goes to see Maya and is shocked seeing her state. He sees the machines beeping and holds her face. Punnu runs to call doctor. Rudra senses that hooded guy did this and senses about his current location through his vision. He starts leaving and Maya holds his hand. He says no Maya, you stopped me many times, this time its imp to go. He asks Punnu to be with Maya, he will just come. The doctor checks Maya. Rudra runs to fing that guy.

The doctor asks Punnu to go out. Punnu calls Sahadev to talk to Dadi. Rudra sees the man and runs after him. Dadi and Ganga are shocked seeing Maya. Shivanand looks on. Dadi asks what happened to her. The doctor says she was fine, she is getting blood clots and she is having heart attack, it looks like she does not have will to live. Dadi says she can use some of her herbals to treat her. The doctor says that stage is gone, she is serious.

Rudra runs after that man and they reach the jungle. Rao brings Dr Srivastav, a high profile doctor. He asks everyone to go and just one family member can be here. Shivanand says he will stay. The doctor checks Maya and says I will need complete blood reports. Shivanand sees Maya. Maya says Rudra… Rudra senses it in the jungle and says Maya, no I will not let anything happen to you, not this time. Dadi prays for Maya.

Punnu asks Shivanand will Maya gets fine. Shivanand says she is critical, the blood clots are increasing and her body organs are getting weak. Her body is leaving the support. Dadi asks about treatment. The doctor says there is no effect of treatment, there is no chances now, she is dying slowly but surely, She has few hours, I m sorry. Ganga cries and says how will we tell this to Rudra. Rudra comes and says nothing will happen to Maya.

He smiles and shows his belief. He holds Ganga’s face and asks her why is she crying, he is there, don’t worry, he won’t let anything happen to Maya. He says he will just come. Shivanand thinks Rudra can’t bear to lose Maya, he will break down. Rudra smiles seeing Maya. She asks why is he seeing like he did not see her before. He says he wants to see her and feels he will fall in love again seeing her. He kisses her hand and says Dadi always says that home is where from where we live and where we have to reach.

He says she is his home, his happiness, his reason to live life starts with her and ends on her. He says you will not leave me, and I will not go leaving my home. She says she wants to hear him, he should talk on and she will listen to him. He says lets go home and she again hold his hand. He asks what happened. She says she did not see him smiling like this, when he smiles, she feels scared that is there anything else, is he hiding anything. He says I don’t have anything to hide from you, and to lose, but we have much work leaving from here, tell me will you come with me.

She leaves his hand and he gets puzzled. She removes her mask, glucose needles etc and he smiles. He makes her sit and covers her with a shawl. Thapadiya Maai comes and asks Dadi about Maya. Dadi says doctor said Maya has few hours. Charles and Thapadiya Maai are shocked. Maya says I can’t walk, will you lift me. Rudra wipes her tears and smiles, lifting her in his arms. She looks much weak and cries.

Shivanand thanks doctor for not saying about poison. Rudra says Maya and I are going to marry, and the marriage functions starts.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i think maya will die

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