Mahakumbh 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivanand shown chained and tied to the chair. He is in very bad state. The men come there and take him outside. Shivanand is with them since 12 years and he did not open his mouth after beating so much torture. They prepare him for sound torture, the frequencies are so high, that anyone’s mental state can go wrong, if he has to stay alive, he has to open his mouth. They make Shivanand bear the sound torture. They ask him to say whats the secret of Mahakumbh. He recalls Rudra’s childhood and the happy moments. He says Om Bhoor bhuvah swaha………… He does not tell anything else and chants this Gayatri Mantra.

They understand he is protecting himself by this mantras. Pandey recalls Swami ji’s anger. His brother in law talks to some client on phone and says he will get the Jungli jawaani video delivered to him at his home. He asks Pandey why is he silent. He says its clear and dog’s tail can’t get straight. He says that kid has ruined your respect, if you say, I will kill him. Pandey asks will he do this. He says yes, I will do it, I got sharp running the video parlor. Pandey says don’t kill, just catch and bring him here. He asks him to be careful, else his sister will be reminding this all the life.

Shivanand is brought outside in light. He sees many guards him with guns. He is taken back to the cell. Rudra combs his hair and sees his back sign. Maai says how can they tie so tough chains to a kid’s hand. She asks him to say who were they and why did they do this, how will she catch them. He says we were on bridge, dad and I, blast happened and I got separated, and they caught Baba, and after Udiya Baba left, some goons caught me and put me in chains. She asks why. He says because of this sign, Baba used to say no one should see this sign. In FB, little Rudra runs and his mum stops him. Shivanand sees him running with bare back and covers his back sign with a cloth. Rudra says he wants to see Mahakumbh. Shivanand says not today and tells his wife that he told her not to let anyone see his sign. She says he ran when I was changing his clothes.

He says the sign should not be seen. She asks what is he hiding. He asks her to leave. Rudra stands at the balcony and sees river bank. Shivanand asks do you want to see Mahakumbh today? He takes him to show. Rudra waves bye to her mum and leaves. He says mum asks me about Baba daily in my dream, I see the same thing, that they took Baba by putting a cloth on his face, all this happened because of me. He leaves.

Shivanand is put in jail again, and left alone. He recalls how he has taken something from the wall. The priest/boss says we have to save our traditions. He says the time has come to take the Amrit at any cost. Grierson says I will get all answers from Shivanand before next Mahakumbh. A guard says Shivanand has run away. He slaps him. Shivanand frees himself and runs. The boss scolds Grierson. Grierson says he can’t be saved from us for long time. Shivanand runs into the jungle and falls. He gets hit by the car on the road, and faints. A lady and her son see him. The boy says we should help him. The lady says we should leave. He says you tell us we should help people. She says fine. The boy goes to Shivanand and he sees Rudra in him.

Rudra thinks it happened because of him, and this sign, Baba akways told no one should see this sign. He takes a dry rope, pulls it, and all wood sticks fall. He recalls the blast and tries to erase the sign. The climate changes, the sea level gets tides, wind blows, sky gets dark, lightning strucks….. Maai comes there and see the storm type weather change. She sees Rudra peeling off the signed skin by the rope.

Maai runs to him. She calls him, and he stops. The weather becomes fine, as Rudra stops. She sees the blood and skin flakes out, and is shocked. She asks whats this madness, and calls someone for medical help. Rudra’s wound heals on its own, and she is shocked seeing his back fine. She touches the sign and sees its perfect healed. She gets mystified.

Maai wants to make Rudra’s kundli, but its next to impossible, as she comes to know Rudra will have dangers around him all the time. She gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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