Mahakumbh 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Punnu giving sweets to everyone as Maya is getting well. Katherine says he is Punnu right, Maya told him. Punnu says yes, I m his best friend. Charles says I m his best friend and shows the half note. Rudra goes to meet Maya. Thapadiya Maai blesses Punnu in her style and Charles asks him not to get tensed. Shivanand works on his research. Tiwari and Rao come there and look on. Rao says it looks like you were here all night. Shivanand says yes, the matter is such, I have a new plan, you know the book we have, the maps looks incomplete.

He says I saw such book with Grierson, I felt its same, but its not such, the two books are not same, but sister books, since we don’t have knowledge of one, we can’t understand the other, we should have both books to get Amrit. Rao asks does he want to do himself. Shivanand says yes, I have an hint where will be Grierson, I will go there.

Thapadiya Maa tells Maya that she told her the thing which takes Rudra away, will make her get Rudra back. Charles asks her not to get senti. Maya thanks him for saying her address to Rudra. Charles says why thanks, have just one Bhabhi. They smile. He says I mean, to be Bhabhi, its my duty, my friend was becoming Devdas from Mahabli. He says we will go, get well soon. Thapadiya Maai blesses her and says I feel I will see you as bride soon. Rudra says I will come. Maya asks him not to go, as she can sleep peacefully when she sees him. He says you ask me to go, and you stop me, I m here, I will be here. He holds her hand to assure her.

Grierson talks to her boss and says he has kept Katherine with them. His boss says many things changed, he does not know whats happening in Mahakumbh, don’t trust anyone. Shivanand comes to him and asks how is his Kalpvaas going. Grierson is shocked. Shivanand sits to talk with him, and Grierson asks why did he come. Shivanand says by same reason, for which you took me to Poland 24 years ago, where is the book. Grierson says the one who has the vision can see it, no one else. Shivanand beats him and asks him about the book. Greirson says I don’t know, you have to keep me alive for the reason I kept you alive. Shivanand says I can get the amrit, tell me where is that book. Grierson signs and he checks for the book. Grierson sees his goons lying down, and Shivanand says the book is not here, who else knows it.

Swami’s men come there and Shivanand leaves. Dadi covers Ganga with a red dupatta and says people have done Kuldevi puja since ages and forgot the imp of their kuldevi, we got this chance in this Mahakumbh. She says you know Shivanand’s thinking and behavior, its your duty to stop him and unite our family. Ganga says I will not let our family break. Dadi gives her the mangalsutra, sindoor and blesses her. Shivanand comes there and is stunned seeing Ganga. Everyone leave and he walks to her, while she looks at him with happiness.

She touches his feet and he holds her. She cries and he wipes her tears. She says shall we go home. He says come and takes her to Brahmanisht camp. He says I can’t believe you are infront of me, is she fine. She says I got Rudra, you and my family after 24 years, you are asking am I fine, I had this hope that I will meet my family in this Mahakumbh, and I have one wish, will you fulfill it. She shows the sindoor box. He applies her sindoor and hugs her smiling.

He says everything is fine now, I would have got anything if I asked now. She asks can she ask anything. He says yes. She says you told me not to show his birthmark to anyone, I agreed, then you said his birth is for a imp aim, I did not ask anything, whatever I lost I got it back today, and so I want to ask something. She folds hands and requests him about Rudra, Maya, his friends and his happy family. She says don’t do anything, that your family comes in danger. He says are you asking this or my mum? She says Rudra’s mum is making this request. He holds her hand and looks at her.

Rudra is with Maya. Maya says she used to see his face when her eyes were closing, she thought will she get a chance to see him again. He asks her to rest. She says when I thought my life is ending, I just wished I could talk to you all these things, and tell you my dreams with you. She holds his hand and says you don’t know how many dreams a girl have for her marriage, I felt my dreams will be left incomplete, and now they will be fulfilled. He says yes surely, I felt since childhood that I m part of the world and yet alone, Maai Mui, Udiya Baba and Punnu were with me, even then I felt the same, after getting much love from them, I felt my life is incomplete, but after getting you, now I feel my life is complete, I m not lonely now, as you are with me Maya. She smiles.

The doctor asks Rudra to get medicines. She asks him not to go, as she is feeling scared. He says I will just go and come, don’t be scared. He smiles and leaves.

The doctor says Maya can’t survive now, she is dying slowly but surely, she has few hours. Everyone is shocked and think how to tell this to Rudra, he can’t bear this. Rudra spends time with Maya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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