Mahakumbh 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahakumbh’s Amrit Manthan story. Rahu and Ketu died because of that Amrit, and the devils are after it. Amrit is the belief and trust, and everyone hopes for a angel who saves the Amrit. They all wish that the good wins over evil. Jalmadhye Kumbh…………plays………. The scene shifts to Poland, Europe in 1989. Some archaeologists work and one man finds something in the soil. He takes it and goes out hiding it. He fools the guards and runs. The guard comes and run after him. The man runs out. A helicopter comes and the man gets shot. Grierson shoots him and says he will see about others but his death is destined. He takes the Mahakumbh Amrit signed box and leaves.

The question arises can we win over our death, can we stop our death, can we be immortal, the answer is yes. The secret society is working on this research since 50 years. They are finding the secret of human mortality and the time has come. The priest comes and Grierson presents the box infront of him. Grierson shows the MahaKumbh old historical box. The priest opens the box and gets a box. He lays his hands on the book, it’s the book which can solve the death mystery. The priest says I have waited for this moment for years and I hope yon won’t make me regret. The interpreter tells them about Mahakumbh and shows the pics on the projector.

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He tells about Karur who has saved Amrit and the Amrit drops falling in four places and Kumbh Mela is organized every 12 years, they feel the Kumbh’s sins gets washed by the years, and Maha Kumbh happens once in 144 years, and the Amrit is found there again, if anyone gets it, he becomes Amar/immortal. The priest thanks Professor Shastri and asks him to leave. He says he agrees with this, he can’t believe this, but we all know our secret society does not believe any religion, we will make death our slave, so we have to reach Amrit. He asks Grierson whats his next plan. Grierson shows a map.

He says we are researching in Mahakumbh for 15 years and got to know about Shivanand who knows about Amrit and Mahakumbh secrets. He shows his pic. The priest says then bring this Shivanand here. The scene shifts to Allahabad Mahakumbh in 1989…. Many people are seen and many sadhu/saints. A little boy sees them chanting Mahakumbh and goes with his dad. He sees a man with gun and gets scared. He holds his dad’s hand, and his dad Shivanand has the sign of Mahakumbh. His dad asks is he scared, I have names you such that fear stays away from you always. He says we will reach across the bridge soon. The local goons try finding Shivanand.

Shivanand makes his son sit on his shoulder and holds him. They see him and hide. They say we are doing what Swami ji is telling us. They see the time and wait. The goon uses a remote and hits the bomb trigger. Many people die and fall into the river. Shivanand runs taking his son. The boy sees all fire around. Shivanand loses his balance and his son falls in the river. He calls for help. The people run over Shivanand. The boy says Baba and holds a rope. Shivanand gets hand and the men kidnap him by putting black cloth on his face.

A lady shouts for help who is also drowning. He holds the boy and they both get inside the river, as the boy does not know swimming either. He gets drowned inside. A saint holds his hand and brings him to the surface. The saint brings the boy and covers him. He asks his name. The boy says Rudra. The saint asks about his parents. He sees the chaos and understands he lost his parents. He takes his baggage and goes to police. Rudra looks on for his dad and sees many dead bodies. The saint tells the inspector to take care of the kid and leaves. The inspector says sure, we will.

The saint turns and sees the little boy/Rudra sitting sad and shivering. He says I have left loving the world and came in this Kumbh and Lord tied me in this new relation. He gives his hand to Rudra. Rudra holds his hand. The saint takes him along in the boat to a new place. Kuch bhi na kaho………….plays………. Rudra sees the blast fire. They travel by bus, train and car. The saint tells Rudra that he does not have any home, he is a traveler. He says he stays in graveyard and there is a Maai, she will keep you if she wants.

Maai’s intro is shown, as Chandrabhaan ki Aurat (Chandrabhaan’s wife). She looks a tough lady. She sees foreigner clicking pics. She bargains with him to show him magic to make the dead body stand. He runs seeing the ghost. She says its not black magic, its science. She asks him to pay money. He gives the money.

The saint comes to her and asks how long will she do these things. She says why should we not take money from foreigners who have looted us since 300 years. She says even I give you money. She says she sells wood for last rites and earns living. She sees Rudra and asks who is he. He says this is Maai I told you. He says she will decide you will stay here or not. She asks hhow can he get a boy in graveyard, will he stay here. Maai says she is not his mum. Rudra calls her Maai. She says I m no one’s Maai, I m Bui. Rudra calls her Maai Bui again. She laughs and says he is good.

She asks the saint where did he get Rudra. He says Kumbh, many people dies in blast and I got him. Its night, Rudra sleeps and recalls about his dad and those people with guns. He shouts saying Baba and runs. Maai gives food to the saint and asks abut Rudra. Rudra comes and hugs Maai. She gets tears in her eyes by his love warmth and true affection. Days passes and Maai takes care of Rudra. EK taraf jeevan kahe saath chalre………..plays…………..Even the saint becomes his caretaker. After 12 years, in Banaras 2001. Maai is surprised to know about Rudra leaving. The saint says Swami ji will unite Rudra with his father, someone will be finding him, if his dad comes here, what will he tell him, so I wrote a letter and got a reply. She says I have kept him, you did not ask me before writing letter to them. She says I have taken care of him since 12 years. She says she is his mum now. He asks her to understand. She argues with him.

She asks him to go and give the good news to his Rudra, as she is ready to send him. Rudra grows up post 12 years time leap and stands on the high bridge. The train passes and someone throws a coin in the river. Rudra jumps into the river and picks all the coins from the river bed. His friends look on and say he has won the bet again. His friends ake some money from him. Maai gets upset seeing Rudra’s pic. He comes home. She asks where was he, she told him not to go here and there. She shows her negative side to him to make him leave from her home, and go back to his parents. Rudra leaves the food.

She scolds him and asks him to food, till when will she bear his expenses. Rudra gets angry and leaves. Maai cries. Rudra brings a bag and pours the coins. Maai looks on surprised. The saint says think about him, his wound is deeper than you, but still he does not shout. Rudra does some exercises. Maai comes out and sees him circling about a pole in full speed. He turns seeing her. She comes to him and says funeral’s light does not bring light in life, everyone has to go one day and you also have to go, its for your betterment.

She asks him not to worry, as its good time, his new life will start, she will send him with band bajaa. She hugs him and cries. She dresses Rudra well and plays band. She dances along and hides her tears, saying she is very happy. He says why is she crying is she is happy. She wears sunglasses and says she is not crying. Rudra looks at her and she dances to show him. She breaks down seeing him leave. She hugs him for the final time and waves bye. The saint tells Rudra that he is lucky to meet his mum and Baba. Rudra says Baba…. Shivanand is physically tortured in Poland.

Grierson asks him about the Amrit Manthan secret. Shivanand bears much tortures but does not tell anything to him. Grierson asks how will they get Amrit, who will see it. Shivanand tells in Sanskrit and Grierson slaps the interpreter. He tells about Indian religions and says the mantras. He says Shivanand called him fool, only the man who can see it can find it, and I still have time, the real event will be in 144 years later Mahakumbh and we will keep Shivanand till then. The same Mahakumbh – Amrit sign is on Rudra’s back. He recalls about his father.

Rudra tries to swipe the sign off his body. His back bleeds and Maai stops him. Rudra is captured by some people, from whom he easily escapes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. arex wow yaar saras ka gautum rode is back on screen as our fav rudra.welcome back to my fav hero saras.may be ur rudra now but for me ur always saras humara saras.i glad to here first to comment here yaar.iam so happy to c saras back in show.waise first day scenes r good.i wish the serial successed well.thanks forupdate.

    1. Amena

      Welcome priya.

  2. interesting !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Where is todays episode??

  4. This is a never like before serial

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