Mahakumbh 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dansh driving. An old man comes infront of his car. He presses the horn and asks the old man to move. He gets angry and says he will help him to die. The car stops when he hits the man and does not move ahead. Dansh gets down the car and goes to him. He is shocked seeing his face. Balivesh and Devesh come to meet some saint. Devesh asks for help. They ask him to open eyes, they have come from Sreesanth. The man opens his eyes and holds Balivesh’s neck. Devesh apologizes and says we did not wish to disturb you, but no one else can make us solve this problem. The man asks them to leave. Devesh says Naags have controlled us and misusing their powers, if you don’t help us, everything will be ruined. He asks Balivesh to apologize. Balivesh apologizes. The man says some Vidhi and they look on.

Rudra says I know it won’t be any ordinary sacrifice, but I m ready, tell me what is it. Bhairavi says Garuda’s half strength is within them and half of it in their weapon, like my stick and your sword, they come in use when we need it the most, now you have to give away your weapon to this problem, to end it, that’s sacrificing your half strength, but you can’t stop this forever, this will calm for sometime. She says we have to stop this danger before Shiv ratri, my aim is to protect Amrit, I can’t give this stick, only we two have the power and weapon, tell me what will you do.

He says for me to protect Amrit means, I have to keep humanity alive, if I don’t sacrifice today, I will lose the fight today itself. She says he will never get it back, even in final war. He says he does not have fight or victory important Thapadiya Maai. Thapadiya Maai says I caught you, Naags has bitten you too, come with me. She stops the bus and takes Katherine. Katherine says let me go.

Shivanand asks for Rudra, he has to go soon. Tiwari asks him to sit. Charles asks about Katherine, he might have told her something. Shivanand says she understood, she will be saved, you are not understanding, you will die. Tiwari says no one can do anything. Shivanand says yes, death will come for them, but I can’t let anything happen to my son, where is he, I will go far. Tiwari says its just fear of death, it will have some solution. Shivanand says yes, we all should run before Maha Shivratri.

Charles says enough, you are being mad. They both hold him to make him sit. Shivanand says they are doing big mistake and firmly holds their shoulders. He holds their forehead and makes them visualize standing in fire. Shivanand’s head sign turns blue. Rudra comes near the Ganga and looks at the sky. He holds the Garuda weapon towards the sky and some light strikes the clouds. He gets weakened losing some powers and Bhairavi looks on.

The weapon disappears and Rudra sees the clouds getting cleared and good sunlight. His hand shakes up and he sits down. She blesses him and says you proved Rudra, that protector is one who ends the darkness and brings new morning of life. He greets Lord. Thapadiya Maai comes and says Katherins was running, and I caught her. Charles asks why, why did you not let her go. Thapadiya Maai says did she come to roam around, she is Garuda and has to protect Amrit. Katherine tells Shivanand that she ruined my plan. He says Charles and Tiwari will do, they are with us, we are 4 now and these three are remaining, now it will happen what we want. Dansh brings the old man to Naag tent and bows down to him. He cleans his feet and smiles. He apologizes to him. Devesh and Balivesh look on. Dansh presents the milk to that old man and he drinks it by his long tongue. Devesh and Balivesh get stunned.

Rudra comes to everyone. Shivanand says Rudra…. Thapadiya Maai asks is everything fine, is he fine. Charles asks did he get Maai Mui and found solution of the cloud. Rudra says its for just some time, the cloud has poison, which can rain poison, we have to stop it. Tiwari says we are ordinary people, and can’t do this without our powers, we will go outside of Mahakumbh and try to save our lives.

Rudra says he will activate their powers. Shivanand says powers will not be activated and asks him to hit his father to reach them. Rudra beats Charles and Tiwari…. Naag Guru asks Bhairavi about Leela.

Update Credit to: Amena

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